Sunday, November 18, 2018


Well another birthday rolls around.

This time it's Griffin's.

He's 17 today.

And no doubt he will spend at least half of his birthday asleep.

If he follows his usual .... oh hang on!

He's got work today!  So... NO, he won't be in bed will he?

I'm pretty sure he will be up and heading off to work by 7.45 this morning!

That means poor Stew won't be getting a sleep in either. 

If I remember correctly, Griffin will be home just after lunchtime.  We might just end up going into Hamilton for a nice birthday lunch.

That's a good idea.  Let's get outta the house and spend some time together.  All four of us.

I might text the girls and see if they want to meet up for a late lunch too?  

It feels weird not doing any sewing for the past couple of days!  I have been flat out sewing for so long ... and now I don't have to!  

I wish we lived on a busy main road now... so I could sell from home.  *sigh*  But we don't, our road is really quiet, and a dead end.  So we simply don't get much traffic down here.

And yeah, that's me for now... I'll update again later on.  Maybe even have some photos!


Quiet morning.  Then Amanda popped out for a visit.

ABOVE:  funny... she brought out a canvas I gave her for her birthday way, way back in 2006!  I remember making it too, when we lived in Palmerston North.
Tempting to make some more, I enjoyed making them.

But just how much crafty shit do I want to be doing?  lol

Griffin got dropped home a bit earlier than we expected, so we will be heading into Hamilton soon for a nice lunch somewhere.

 ABOVE:  Well we met up with Lacy and Kelly and then had a lovely lunch at The Foundation at The Base, Hamilton.  They give consistently good food and service.  They were very busy today!

After that we all did a bit of shopping.  I got more Christmas presents for grandkids, Griffin got 'stuff' for his birthday, and Stew?

ABOVE: Stewy got two new pairs of shorts... he went from a size men's 42 to.... 36!   Sexy beast.  *smiles*  Isn't he doing well too!

It's been a lovely day, seeing all three of our girls AND Dude's birthday too.  

Stew and I got up to something this afternoon, something that's not been done in a while!  Will show you tomorrow.

Time to end my day.... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday to Griffin. I hope that you all have a lovely day

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Maybe set up a trademe shop to sell your stock. Bee

  3. Lacy Harvey11:56 AM

    Happy Birthday Dude 😊 🎂
    See you guys soon

  4. Selling online might be a good option for you? Either create an online shop yourself or join an existing group like, ebay, etsy etc, not sure what else there is in NZ

    Happy birthday to a very handsome young man, Griffin you have grown up so fast!

    1. OH ANNE! I have more labrador placemats!!!! I forgot you did ask about them last time I made some. I only have the brown and yellow lab ones left at the moment (one of each), if you are interested? They are $10 each.

    2. Yellow one plz and if u get more black and yellow, gimme lol I’ll pass this into Toni to deal with as I’m not in good space to deal with stuff right now, u have Toni’s FB Chris?

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin. You're an awesome guy and a great son and brother. Enjoy your day.

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Happy Birthday to Griffin!!!



  7. Happy birthday Griffin lovely pics.

  8. great job Stew - lovley birthday lunch photo shame u not in it Chris - does Griffin have that in his ear all the time Happy Birthday

    1. Yes! He has ear phones in ALL THE TIME... to drown us all out.

  9. You are so lucky that you have a man who will shop!!! I can't get Stu to go shopping at all. He almost has a phobia which makes it almost impossible to get him nice stuff. He will on rare occasions go to just one shop, in and out in a flash, if I've already scouted out something for him. It's so bloody annoying because he needs new clothes!! He never, ever, ever goes to the mall and I can't even remember shopping with him. Ridiculous but that's just the way he is.

    1. LOL... My Stew LOVES shopping! I am a lucky girl indeed. *smiles*

  10. Happy Birthday Griffin. Hope you enjoyed your day. Well done to you and Stew Chris. Y.ou are both doing amazingly

  11. Well done to Stew, he looks awesome.

    Happy Birthday to the Dude, hope Griffin had a great day

  12. Happy Birthday to Griffin! Stew is doing great!


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