Thursday, November 15, 2018


Last night I took a few photos on my walk...

 ABOVE:  A funky fence made with old railway sleepers.  I love it!

 ABOVE: Sunset.

ABOVE:  A paddock full of young cows.  All of them ran away when we approached, except one.  She was GORGEOUS, and obviously had been a 'calf club' cow.  So, she was super friendly, and wanted to be patted.
I just loved her perfect heart shaped white patch!

Now... today?
*sigh*... sewing!
What else?
Some housework.
And I will assign a job or two to the teenagers too.

Once they get outta bed of course.  Which will be around lunchtime!


3.15 pm:  And it's been a quiet, do bugger all day!
I went into town and picked up Stew's medications, had a browse through the Op Shops (nothing worth buying, or grossly overprices shit)... got me float for Saturday and came home.

Then I decided I might just make 3 more Soup Bowl Cosy's... so that's what I'm doing right now.

Almost finished the 3rd one.

Griffin is cooking some chicken rissoles for his lunch, so I got him to do some for me too.
3.30 is kinda late for 'lunch', but oh well.

I need something in me belly before I go for my FBG walk at 7 pm.

Oh joy.  I have to sort out dinner too.

Brylee is working again tonight, so I will need to put her dinner in the microwave.  

So... a normal, boring sorta day here.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Gimme something interesting, cos I'm friggin bored shitless.

And no one is talking to me!  

ABOVE:  There ya go, the last three of them.
Now you don't have to see any more till I start to run out of them again!
Much relief abounds I'm sure.  *smiles*

I'm now gunna take an hour 'off' ... and then cook the bloody dinner.  So over cooking dinner, it's so damn hot in my kitchen/dining/family room this time of year. 

And YEAH... I'm gunna start bitching about being too hot now.  Can't win. 

Again, stinking hot evening INSIDE my house, but quite pleasant outside. So the walk was lovely, 3rd time I've done this particular section this year.  But who's counting?
As Stew says, I'm out walking with friends, and that's all that matters.

ABOVE:  One of the girls was completing the Urban Challenge tonight (on the right in the tutu).  Unfortunately her black lab tried to run after something and jerked her off her feet and she landed heavily on the road.  Right at the start of the walk too.

So she ended up with a nasty graze on her knee and her knuckles too.  But she bravely did the walk anyway.  I would have probably cried and gone home!

We had two nurses with us tonight, so 'M' cleaned her up with a medical kit from her car.  Handy having nurses in our group... I think we actually have several of them!

The man is ??? dunno!  He was tagging along with one of the girls.  We don't mind 'guests'.  *smiles*

And that is me for the day.  I'm done.  Time to relax and do NOTHING.



  1. Love the railway sleeper fence, very inventive :-).

  2. Quiet day here-some quilting, lady dropped off a quilt now it's time to mow lawns. Enjoy your walk tonight.

  3. Love the bowl warmers, but isn't it getting a bit warm for them now? They may not sell as fast as the other goodies. Personally, I'm in love with the cat materials you're using. If I had a life (yeah right!) I'd be sewing more. Ah well, maybe over christmas! :D

    1. It's weird but... I sold several of them last Sunday! And two people said they would be back for more ... for Christmas presents. So.. I am making more!

  4. hot tired and grumpy here...just home from grocery shopping ick

  5. I think you FBG walks sound great. Most people walk the same route day after day - so even if you repeat some walks, you still have plenty of differernt routes and walking friends!


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