Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Funny how I've gone from being every so slightly bored and having not much to do... to being really busy!

I've got that really LONG table runner to get made asap, all the Christmas presents to wrap, the Christmas Tree and Decorations to put up... and now, on top of all that?

I have to find/make an outfit to wear to the ABBA concert on the 15th of December!

A small group of us FBG's are going to this:

ABOVE:  It's supposed to be VERY GOOD.  I am sure we are going to have a blast!

There is talk of flared trousers... but I'm thinking it might to too hot to wear anything long?  So I need to get my thinking cap on and sort out something to wear... and soon!

But for now... I'm gunna get outta bed and start me day.


*sigh*.... been sewing for over 6 hours... 

ABOVE:  And I'm about half way through edging the trees.  It's one part of the process I really love, choosing what stitches to use and watching the trees 'come alive' sorta.  Yes, I'm a bit weird.

Meanwhile, in the background, this is happening:

 ABOVE:  There's a different car in the driveway.


Yep, things have not worked out at the house she was living in in Hamilton.  NOT her fault for a change either!!!

It was a large house, with many people living there, and lots of them were doing shift work... so coming and going at all times of the day and night.  Lacy's bedroom was right beside the kitchen, and she was getting NEXT TO NO sleep every night.   Slamming doors, people cooking at 2 am, talking and so on.

So, Lacy's been trying to find another place to live, but until she finds somewhere, she's back here.

Lucky for her we never say NO FUCKING WAY to her coming back.  In fact, I hope all my kids know that.  Our door is always open.  

She ain't getting a free ride though, I am collecting board, and she will be expected to do a few jobs around here.  Might as well make use of her while she's here... it will give her an added incentive to find a new place quicker.  lol

ABOVE:  This lazy little arse didn't get outta bed until ONE THIRTY this afternoon!  
Like, what the hell?

So, I've given him some jobs to do... cos when he's not in bed, he's out and about with his mates or 'at work'.  

And now that I've had a bitch... I'm gunna go sew again.

I remembered at 6.30 pm that I had Cards on tonight!  AND that I'd not done anything about feeding the family!

So I quickly put some chicken steaks in the oven and asked Stew to heat up some Spaghetti to go with them!

And then I shot out the door!

ABOVE: And for about the fourth time IN A ROW... I 'won' the LOSER'S TROPHY!

It's the luck of the cards people... I'm not a bad player, really I'm not!

Tired as now.  Got a walk in the morning, so will be going to bed early tonight. 

I ended up getting 3/4's of the stitching done around the trees on that runner, so not bad for one day's work!  

Signing off now... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. You need a massive sparkly cape! I know you could make one!

  2. I would love to do the ABBA concert...I believe it is FABULOUS. I am sure you'll think of something to wear.

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    White satin dress with sparkly blue cat on it!

    1. OH MY GOD!! ABBA!!! So cool, it will be amazing :-)

  4. Welcome Back, Lacy!

  5. lol not a lot of energy exerted in that vacuming leaning on the wall and foot on the cord hehehe

  6. Anonymous7:02 PM



  7. Love the photo of Griffin!! House full again. The runner is looking great.

  8. I love your runners. Love, love, love.


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