Wednesday, November 07, 2018


I'm utterly shattered from sewing for days on end... I need to get some exercise.

So, there's an FBG walk on at 9.30 am this morning, and I'm doing it.
I might even drag Brylee along too.  She expressed an interest in joining us last night, so let's see if I can get her outta bed.

I forgot to show you Griffin's freakin' shoes eh?


 ABOVE:  See!  Just outright HOLES.  So, he got some new ones yesterday.
He got the exact same shoes cos... well he likes them. And he reckons they last about a let's see if that happens.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  These are the 9 placemats I got finished last night.  I love the cows.  There's about 9 cow ones altogether.

If my fluid retention settles during the day, I MIGHT get the next 7 done by tonight.  But we will see.  

And that's all for now... catch ya after me walk.


OH!  Can you please give me suggestions on what I can watch on Netflix please?
I am loving The Crown.  I enjoy all sorts of things!  eg:  Broadchurch.  Murder/Mysteries. Comedy, particularly British comedy. Chick flicks...  and heaps more stuff.

Actually about the only things I don't like are action/shoot 'em up bang bangs and sports!

10.25 am:  And I didn't go on the walk.  If you could of seen my face and legs this morning you'd know why.
Instead, I took a Furosemide pill and am waiting for the non-stop piddling to take place!
Summer is coming, so is fluid retention obviously.

I have booked myself into a 7 pm walk tonight instead.  NOT going to stop walking.  Just not.

So... I'm going to do some sewing, but not as much as yesterday or prior days.  Just want to finish the last 7 placemats.  That's not gunna take too long, it's only the top stitching needing doing.

Then I'm going to put me feet UP.

FRIGGIN HELL... I had to go grocery shopping.... I'm sitting outside the supermarket, about to go in. Hope I don't end up all hot and crabby.


I am getting a nice list of things to watch over Netflux! Thanks so much for your suggestions.

So, Brylee had a girlfriend over today.  They have been watching Netflix while I've been out.

And it's taken me ALL DAY to realise that Danielle is actually the daughter of one of my cousins!  So, she's freakin' family.  

A bit funny.  But then, I've got a lot of cousins!

ABOVE: Brylee and Danielle hanging out together.

They helped me put the groceries away, which was nice.  And now, I've actually got me feet up.  

Well I had an awesome walk this evening... it was a long one at 5.64 km... throw in a steep hill and then a long slow incline and it was a tough one too.  But, it's better to do it and feel good about yourself, than pike out!

I'm signing off for the day now, time to chill out and relax till bedtime.


  1. IF you like Broadchurch you'd probably like The Fall and Hinterland. I started watching an Australian mystery series called Deep Water last night. Making of Murderer is interesting and shows how inept the US justice system is.

    Call the Midwife and Downtown Abbey are also great.

  2. Ozarks and the sinner are good. Joyce and I love Korean dramas, misaeng and Korean odyssey being 2 fav's on Netflix.

  3. Maria9:30 AM

    Shetland's good

  4. My two favourites - Ozark and The Sinner! I also love "Queer Eye". We have watched so much on Netflix that I'm now struggling to find something I love but strangely have been enjoying "Anne with an E" which is an updated version of Anne of Green Gables. While still for kids it has a definite adult feel - nothing violent or X rated of course but quite enjoyable.

  5. Oh and Marcella is excellent and Line of Duty as well. Both British crime series much like Happy Valley.

    1. Oh yes both of these too and Rake if you get it.

  6. My favourites are Breaking Bad, it's offshoot Better Call Saul and, of course, Orange is the New Black. Christy xxxxxx

  7. Call The Midwife ....and for a movie The Lovely Bones

  8. Hinterland is good series. Series I watch with Ngaire its bit tom seleck in think its called Jessie James he's a cop but has a drinking problem so on "leave"

  9. Anonymous1:04 PM

    The Haunting of Hill House is really good it has just come out it is 10 episodes...I also agree with Christy Breaking Bad and Better call Saul..I really liked Madmen about the 1960's and The Americans is fantastic...that lot will keep you going for a long time


  10. Anonymous1:09 PM

    You need to watch Breaking Bad before Better call Saul...if you are interested in those programmes


  11. Is the top stitching hand sewing? if so do it in the couch with your feet up!

    1. Nope, it's done on the machine. Which I'm thankful for I can assure you! Hand stitching sucks.

  12. For a comedy Grace & Frankie is good (it is American but has Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin who are fantastic). Samyson & I rewatched the old 9-5 movie on Sunday with Dolly Parton, actually better than I remembered.

    I am watching Hinterland at the moment - a fun drinking game if you don't want to get drunk - take a mouthful overtime someone smiles and skull when anyone laughs, you will be lucky to finish the glass.

  13. I just made a list of the shows mentioned here that I have not seen. Every show on here that I HAVE seen are ALL GOOD. So you definitely have a good bunch of recommendations.

  14. hazel5:24 PM

    For comedy, try gavin and stacey, its a few years old but very funny.
    For a drama, try innocent, it's very good.
    I see a few people have recommended breaking bad, I just couldn't get into that despite my friend telling me to persevere, I gave up after a few episodes

  15. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I really enjoyed The Sopranos as well


  16. Trevor's shoes last about 3 months and he doesn't skateboard that much lol.

  17. Last Tango in Halifax

  18. Jack Irish is great, Mystery Road & Rake (all Aussie shows), Harlots, The White Princess, Outlander, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Call the Midwife, ORange is the New Black & The Americans. All of these are fantastic!


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