Thursday, November 22, 2018


So... after thinking I would only have one market in December... I now have THREE!

One in Tamahere on the 8th, my regular one in Cambridge on the 9th and now... one in Pirongia on the 16th.  FUN!

Here's the progress photos on our pool from yesterday:

ABOVE: Stew mowed the lawn down as low as he could.

 ABOVE: Then the guys laid out the ground cover, and set out the liner and framing.  This was all done in the pouring rain I might add, and it was FREEZING!

 ABOVE:  Step one almost compete...

ABOVE:  Griffin got in it to try and get rid of all the wrinkles... but he wimped out cos it was too damn cold.
So Stew got in there and did it.  Then we could start filling it with water.

It continued raining all evening, so we left it filling till I went to bed.  It was by no means even half full after several hours!

Once we fit the filter and so on, we can continue to fill it to the top, then put the solid sides up around it.

I really don't think it will be done till the weekend at the earliest.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make something different for a change.  I found a Teddy Bear panel and made a Cot Quilt with it.
I needed one more block to make up the 9th one, so I did the heart for the center.

ABOVE:  I think it's come out really nice.
AND for the first time EVER, I decided to try Free Motion Quilting around the bears... and I did it!  OMG talk about so much easier than having to turn the fabric around and around!!!
Before I was a bit scared to even attempt doing free motion quilting, it seemed so hard.  It is a bit tricky, but with practise I'm sure I will get better at it.

I have no plans today really, just hanging around the house. I might do some sewing, maybe make something else that's different?

I think both the kids are home all day. I doubt I will see them before their bellies start grumbling, or they are busting for a pee!

I had a hunt back on my blog for photos of how Brylee's teeth used to look, before we had her first round of orthodontic work done, and found them:

ABOVE:  she was only about 10 when she had her first brace!  But man it worked:

ABOVE:  see how much her  teeth straightened up!  
Now though, she has serious crowding on the bottom row, and her front, top teeth are overlapping.  She has a narrow jaw... runs in the family.  

Lacy and Russell had the same problems.

That was very interesting to look back and find I must say!  Now though... it's time to get moving.  Stuff to do somewhere in the house I'm sure.

Catch ya later.


So I went out and got a few groceries for dinner... then to The Warehouse where I spent $50 on Christmas wrapping paper and labels!

Then I popped into the local Nissan dealership, to ask if they knew how to change the time on my dashboard.  After a wasted half an hour... the answer was NO.  *sigh*
I will ring the dealership where I bought it and ask them if they know?  My car clock is now 4 hours behind.

Home now and just had some cheese sauce over broccoli for my lunch.  Was so yum.

Now I'm watching Home and Away before doing something constructive.

WEll... I just spent two hours re-checking YouTube videos on how to change the time on my car's clock.  All wasted effort, cos none of them relate to MY CAR'S dashboard/controls.  So back to the dealer in Hamilton we will go.  They have said they can do it for me.  AND I will video them doing it so I can do it myself when daylight saving switches again.

I'm getting one hell of a neck/headache!  I moved my chair laptop, so now instead of turning my head to the right to look at my computer, I have to turn to the left.  It hurts!

I wonder how long it will take for my neck to get used to it?

It's not even a 'big' head turn, just a fraction really!  Crazy.

I've made something totally NOT DINNER-ISH tonight!  And not very healthy either.   I will show you later.
Just felt like something different.

And... this is what I made:

ABOVE:  I made TWO Cob Loaves!  And OMG they were delicious.  But I certainly made too much.  One would have been plenty for the 4 of us.
Stew is taking some to work tomorrow for his lunch.  Brylee will be having the rest of her portion for lunch tomorrow too.

It got a very big tick from the family.  My work is done.  *smiles*

I didn't do any sewing today.  In fact I can hardly remember just what I did do today!
Tired as... I am going to TRY and go to bed before midnight tonight!


  1. You will be busy with three markets to go to...hope they all go well for you. The cot quilt is lovely.

  2. Well by the weekend pool will be complete its not easy to put together but when its full of water then the FUN starts .. Good for you guys ,,and its a gr8 team effort as well .

    . Loving the teddies on the wee cot blanket . What a difference the braces have made for Brylee The younger thats done the better they work I have heard..

    Nice you have got markets so close together gets a flow going and will reduce your stock by Heaps .

    Love your home and grounds Looks lovely and all ready for your summer there for R&R ...


  3. Wow they did a great job of bringing those in. I've been reading your blog forever, probably even back then lol.

  4. Try YouTube - everything you want to know how to do is there. Are any of these the same as yours? If not I'm sure it will be on there.

    1. Thanks Lynda. I have already spent hours looking at YouTube videos to no avail! Now I'm going into Hamilton (in the next day or two), to the dealers I bought it off, they can sort it out apparently.

  5. Was the handbook for the car not helpful with clock instructions? I know sometimes though they're different. Good luck.

    1. Bloody thing didn't come with a manual... 2nd hand car from Japan. Would have been in Japanese too... just like the dashboard buttons! All gobbily gook to me.

  6. That's a great idea to video them fixing your clock!!

  7. So glad that you now have extra market spaces after all that hard work making things.

  8. Cob loaves look yum... what did you put in them?

  9. Those cobs look good, what did you fill them with?


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