Saturday, November 10, 2018


I am going to take NO CREDIT for last night's walk photo!

Our walk leader chose the backdrop, and insisted we all 'pose' somehow.  So ... well... this is our photo:

ABOVE:  Yep, a bloody horrible backdrop!   And I wasn't going to grab my nose, so I grabbed my .....! 

And hopefully that backdrop is never used again.

Today I need to make the last trestle table cover... it won't take too long.  Then I will be ready for market.  Thank goodness.
I've worked really hard to get my stock up again.
I just hope it was worth it... cos I am really knackered!


2.25 pm:  And we have had a busy morning.
I slept in a bit.  Then I felt guilty so got up and got some washing on... made the bed, bla bla bla.

Then Stew said he was dropping Brylee off at work and then going to Mitre 10.  So I went too... and we ended up having lunch together.  Just the two of us.

It's getting more often peeps!  So nice, just the two of us spending some nice time together.
We went to an eatery in town that we'd not been to before, it had been recommended to Stew.

ABOVE:  Paddock.  Very nice food, an excellent selection ... and super fast service!  

After lunch we came home and I've been getting my table arrangement sorted out for market tomorrow.
There is always some re-arranging to do!

ABOVE:  So this is the new arrangement.  I hope it works tomorrow.  The table runners will hang on the rack to the side, beside the path into Van Dykes shop... so hopefully it catches people's eye.
I'm really happy with my new trestle covers, I think the colours look nice together.

I have to admit, I'm so, so tired I am finding it hard to function!  All I want to do is sleep.
Maybe next week I will catch up on some sleep?

Lacy came out just now, I asked her to.  I was grooming Marley's ears and the bending over was just too much for my back.  So I have got her to come out and finish off the dogs ears and tails for me.

Well... a nice dinner cooked by Stew tonight.  Marinated pork steaks and veges.  Lacy went home after dinner.  It was good to see her.
Stew and I are now watching a movie on NETFLIX.... it's a bit shoot 'em up-ish, but quite good.
Law Abiding Citizen... a fairly good story line!

After it finishes I will be off to bed... market tomorrow!


  1. Love the photo!! 😆😆

  2. Just a bog standard photo I reckon :D lol

  3. Cute picture, what a great group you have there.

  4. Lacy Harvey8:03 PM

    I Love the drive, love the company 😊 and love the food hehe x
    Thanks guys xx

  5. I still remember my craft market days. So much work esp getting my stock up but I had a lot of fun. Hope you get good sales.


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