Saturday, November 24, 2018


Well, today Stew is hell bent and determined to get the pool construction completed.

I will be very surprised if he does get it done to be honest!

I've looked at the instructions and OMG talk about complicated!  Just getting the filter put together and fitted to the pool is several pages long!!!

Then of course, there's the hard sides to put on too.

So, let's see how he goes with that.

While he's doing that job, I will do some washing.  There's a big pile of linen waiting to be washed and hung out.  Been looking at it in the garage for the past few days.  *sigh*

Griffin is at work today, and I'm pretty sure Brylee has work today too... from lunchtime till tonight anyway.

A new girl started at Brylee's work last night, and after her FIRST 4 hour shift, she resigned!
Said she was not working somewhere that treated her so badly!?
Brylee is always bitching about the place too... and I kinda thought she was just being a misery guts.  Maybe it really is a shocking place to work!

So anyway, Brylee is looking for another job, and as soon as she finds one she will be leaving her current place of employment.

(I won't say where Brylee works on here, as that is her business.)

Not much else to talk about right now... I suppose I should get outta bed?
Or curl up and doze some more.... hmmmm....

What to do .. what to do?


Hee hee... I stayed in bed for AGES.  Just enjoying the warmth, cos it's wet and cold again today.

 ABOVE:  Meanwhile... poor Stewy is out there in the pouring rain!

ABOVE:  There is a 'silver lining' to the rain though!   FREE WATER in the pool!  Yep, it may not amount for much, but it will certainly help.  We have to pay for water, so might as well be thankful for the free stuff coming from the sky.  *smiles*

I'm going into town at midday to drop Brylee off at work, then post some parcels to Australia.   I gave one to Stew to post a couple of weeks ago and just found it in his car!  The bugger forgot to post it!  Freaking men!

*slightly miffed*   I got to the Post Office ate 12.00.33 seconds... and it was closed.  They close at 12.00.00 ... so I was exactly 33 seconds too late!
Grrrrr.   Now my parcels will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday.

Stew is still out there in the rain, slaving away.  I feel so guilty... but he really is determined to get it done today.  

Finally got our Christmas plans sorted out ... we are having Christmas Day/Boxing Day up in Auckland with Steve, Bex and their kids.
I want to 'do' the Boxing Day Sales at Sylvia Park!

CRAZY I know.  Boxing Day is CRAAAAAZY at Sylvia Park!  But, it's all part of the Christmas vibe, and the kids will want to spend their Christmas money no doubt.

So, glad that's sorted now.  And it means I don't have to cook Christmas lunch.  EVEN BETTER.

JUST HEARD: the father of all our puppies, MAC, has passed away.

ABOVE:  Fly high sweet Mac, you were a darling boy.  Condolences to Paula and Kevin. ♥

 ABOVE:  Starting to put the side panels together...

 ABOVE:  Side panels on...

 ABOVE:  Reading up on the next step...

 ABOVE: Banging the LAST little screw cap on!

ABOVE:  AND.... it's done!  And it's only 3.30 pm.
The pool is still filling.... so we still have to test the filter and it's connections, but it SHOULD all work!

I'm thrilled with it, and can't wait to jump in and start enjoying it.  Just as soon as it's warmed up again!   Far too cold right now, and it's half empty.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Another photo, I wanted to show just how high the sides are, and how difficult it would be for a small child to 'fall' into it, or climb into it too for that matter. 
AND it's going to be a really good depth for most of us!  Maybe a little shallow for Stew and Griffin, but oh well... at least it will be awesome for cooling off in.

Whelp... the pool has been filling for most of the day, and it's about 2/3rds full.  So, turning the hose off for the day.

Been watching movies on Netflix... well kinda.
We have started watching three, but didn't like the first two.  Onto 'Hope Floats' now... more of a chick flick.  So I expect Stew to head off to bed shortly, it's not his cuppa tea.


  1. Hey Chris LOVE the pool assembly line that Stew worked out and did it step by step/.

    Remember the saying "when all else fails, read the fine print" (smiles you 2 obviously have been caught before like us, and thats why it went so well..
    Sheer Grit and determination goes a long way too (smiles

    Summers nearly here,,, and you will then reap the benefits of it ,and be able to sit back and enjoy the garden in extra time now as well as doing "cooldowns"!!!

    Love the colour of your top ..

    Take care

    1. *smiles* That top is about 3 years old, and for the first two years I was too big to fit it... and now it's too damn big. It will be off to the hospice shop pretty soon.

  2. You will love having a pool - I know you've always wanted one. Did you have one in any of your previous homes? What happens to that ground cover sheet now, does it get trimmed off? Well done Stew.

    1. We had a pool in our home in Hamilton (18 years ago). The ground cover sheet will become part of the 'weedmat' for the garden around the pool. I have to work out what I'm doing with the garden first though. A work in progress obviously.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Well done Stew!


  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Sleep well Mac George's Mum

  5. Maria4:53 PM

    My sister inlaw had a circle of smooth river stones around her pool, so when water was sloshed out it drained away and there was no mud. Was about a foot wide all around the pool. You can put a large concrete paver where the ladder will go.

    1. Yeah I would love that! Will have to suss out how much it would cost for the stones... not too flush with cash this time of year!

  6. Wahoo to getting the pool up. U can cool off in it soon. Sorry to here of Mac passing :(

  7. ugggg.... so jelly of that awesome pool. xxx Christy

  8. I love Hope Floats but the part where she's chasing after her dad just breaks my heart.


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