Friday, November 30, 2018


I quite enjoyed doing the little video yesterday, and I even made another one.
It probably won't happen too often ... cos if you add videos it kinda becomes a 'VLOG' eh?

And they get done via YouTube, not blogger.

Anyway, I'm blithering, here's the other one I did yesterday:

ABOVE:  it really does freak me out looking at how much my fabric stash has gone down.

Today I'm going to concentrate on finishing the table runner, then getting all the Christmas wrapping done.

This afternoon I am joining a few of the FGB girlfriends and going to the movies!  I've never been to the little movie theatre here in Cambridge.  We are going to see 'A Star is Born'... which I am dying to see.

We are expecting visitors tonight.  Jacqui and her son Joel are staying for the weekend.  Joel is rowing out at Lake Karapiro all weekend with his school.

It will be nice having them here.  Lacy will have to share the room with Jacqui, while Joel will be in the lounge on the bed settee. 

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


11.45 am.... and the runner is finished and delivered into Hamilton.
AND I forgot to take a photo of it! So I will get Stew to take a photo of it before he leaves work. 

We are now going to meet Stew for lunch before heading out to Para Rubber for a leaf scoop and water testing strips.

Then home in time for the movie. *smiles*

2.45 pm:  Home in time to bind the little bit of the Red and Silver runner that wasn't needed. (I had made it too long)...

ABOVE: Last minute thought, so I added some snow drops!  I think it's really cute.  Probably going to keep it for myself, hang it on the wall at Christmas time?  

Not long till I leave for the movies... so looking forward to it.

A Star Is Born:  Lovely movie.  Awesome music.  Wonderful acting.  Wish there had been more music!  We had a neat time, a few tears at the end!  Certainly going to do that again, so nice going to a movie with friends in the daytime!

Got home at the same time as Stew, so that was good.
I think it will be a silly bugger dinner tonight though, no time to do anything 'proper'! lol

Well our visitors arrived and are now safe in bed, they have an early start in the morning... poor buggers.

Time to sign off for the day.


  1. Patricia in Canada7:34 AM

    You will love "A Star is Born" it is a great movie. We enjoyed it here in Canada a couple of weeks ago. Going to see "Green Book" it has had a good rating.
    By the way, I read your blog every day, you are doing so well loosing your weight and getting healthy. Way to go.
    As mentioned I am in London, Ontario Canada. Patricia

  2. Wow that is super tidy.

  3. Loved hearing your voice!
    Love your blog even more. Love the kiwi tones!

  4. Isn't it amazing how busy life can be?
    I know you are tickled to get the Christmas wrapping done. Congrats.

  5. Love your wall hanging.The red and silver look great. Glad you had a nice time at the movies. I often go to the movies in the daytime and on my own if I want to see something and no one else does.

  6. Everyone says that was a good movie, I'm waiting for Netflix lol


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