Monday, November 05, 2018


I love Mondays.  Usually.

But for the next ... I don't know how long... they ain't gunna be the same anymore.

Cos the big kids are home.  Both have exams in the next few weeks, so SHOULD be home studying.  But they won't be doing that 24/7.

I wonder if I can get them doing some odd jobs around here?

Like ... there isn't THAT much that needs doing of course, cos I do tend to keep on top of it, but cobwebs and dust never sleep.  

Dusting is probably the one job I don't get to much in fact.

So, maybe I will give them both a bottle of polish and make them dust a few things.

Won't kill them.

I'm dedicating this entire week to sewing placemats and maybe a couple more table runners.

And walking.

Talking of walking, I've got one on this morning!  9.30 in fact.  So that's top of me list for today.

When I get home from that, I will kick the kids out of their beds and make them help out around here.

Perhaps I shall make a list of things that need doing around here?  Yeah, that's a good idea.

catch ya later...


This mornings walk was lovely... and we followed it with a hot chocolate/coffee for morning tea.

ABOVE:  The things people keep on their doorsteps! Lol

ABOVE:  I'm still fat.  Should have stood in the back... would have looked a bit smaller.  *sigh*
Some days I just feel blah, ikkk and just FAT.  Today is one of those days.

The photo just confirmed it.

Since arriving home, I have had to get Griffin out of bed.  Brylee was actually already up!
The dogs were locked in the garage, I forgot to let them out before I left on my walk.

So they both shat in there... OMG the smell!!!
I asked Griffin to get it outside so I could wash the floor.
He literally tipped it right outside the back door!
On the pavers even.

I was not impressed, making him pick it up was like ... asking him to wallow in it. Such a grumpy boy.  Now he's just finished the vacuming.... and he has to starve cos I just washed the kitchen floor and he can't get in there and raid the cupboards.

So, most of today's jobs are now done and I can get on with some sewing.  Yaaaa.

10.55 pm:  WHOOPS!  Seems I got carried away in the sewing room ... right?

I've had a fine old time in there today.  First off, I plugged the Comcast thingee into the TV in me sewing room, and I've been watching 'The Crown', a TV series, all afternoon and evening on NETFLIX!

It's been WONDERFUL being able to watch tv in there, and not just the few DVD movies I've got!

As for the sewing, OMG I've gotten so much done!

ABOVE:  I now have TWENTY FIVE placemats finished!!!
And I have about 15 more on the go too. 
But I have to get more batting to do them.

For now, it's really late, my back is aching and I'm stopping for the day.

Sorry I've been so quiet all day, but well... I got busy.  *smiles*
And I like being busy.

Fireworks tonight, Coco went ape shit again, so she sat on Stew's lap trying to hide from the noise and flashing lights.  Poor girl, she's such a scaredy cat/dog.

And well... that's it from me for today.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Write a list of all the jobs you want done around the house & each time they cross one off, they get a small reward. Also a proviso that they have to do at least one job a day plus any general tidying/housework to assist with the general running of the household. My two started on the garden yesterday afternoon :-)

  2. fancy STARVING the poor lad

  3. Don't ya love children!!!! When I ask my lot to help bring in washing you would think I asked them to first wash it all by hand, at the river, with rocks agggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. I think you you look really good in that photo! Don't fret! You are doing great!

  5. Compare yourself with earlier photos. You can't help but see the difference

  6. Who likes Mondays? What is wrong with you?
    Yeah, put them kids to work! What doesn't kill them, makes them stronger.
    Love the placemats. My wife bought some placemats that I really liked, video game screen placemats. She put them under the pets bowls. I didn't tell her I was disappointed..
    I think you're doing good and look great, just keep doing what you're doing and try not to worry so much. I've always admired you, you seem to have it together much more than I. Just have fun.

  7. So, The Crown is your first Netflix selection. That's a good show - I still haven't seen Season 2. Keep us posted on your shows - I am always looking for good Netflix Fare!

  8. Rusty HATES fire works too. And thunder. Very stressful. I spent Sunday sewing like you lol. When I wasn't working I loved Mondays because everyone left the house but me!


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