Monday, November 26, 2018


Just cos I can, I have a couple more photos from yesterday's FBG gathering:

 ABOVE:  lol, in this photo it looks like 'B' and I got all the presents!
But no... everyone got something.   I got some lovely hand and body cream and a little 2019 notebook, perfect for tracking my walks next year.

ABOVE: Aside from the girl taking the photo, this was all of us FBG's who could make it to the Christmas event.  So, about half of us.  I'm so proud of this group of girls!  We walk, we talk and we SUPPORT one another.

ABOVE:  Just remembered these too.  Anyone who had finished the Urban Challenge as of last Friday got a certificate (on left), and some of us got a little certificate for various things.  I got the one on the right.
A nice little touch and much appreciated by everyone who received one.

Today I'm going to Patchwork again.  I will work on my little hexagons... that's just simple handwork while I'm there.  No lugging my sewing machine out and about.

When I get home again I'm going to make a couple of hanging owls (or 6)... I've only got one left.  So... maybe I need more?

Tonight I have an FBG walk... this week and next will probably be the last weeks for walks involving the Urban Challenge.  Then we will switch to 'summer mode' and only be doing social walks.
I hope there are a few organised, cos LAST summer there were virtually none and I slipped right off the exercise wagon and gained 8 kgs!

I sure in hell don't intend for that to happen again!  I'm going to walk, and swim around in little circles in me pool, do some aquafit exercise in the pool... ANYTHING to keep moving.

Right, I'm off to start the day.  Catch ya later.


lol... best laid plans and all that!!!

I went to Patchwork to cut out ... DUCKS!

And half way through doing that Stew contacts me with an order for a 2.5 metre long Tree Table Runner!

Seems one of the ladies in his office saw the Red and Gold one I made for our friend Jacqui and she wants one too.

Only, her's is to be in Red and Silver.  So, I'm now going into Hamilton to get some Silver fabric.  Cos, OF COURSE, I don't have any! 

Well... Brylee and I went into Hamilton where I bought some silver fabrics, then we had lunch and came home.

Lacy popped out for a visit too.

She helped cut out trees with me, which was nice.

She's left now, and I am about to get the dinner started.

I've got an FBG walk on at 7 pm... as long as it doesn't pour down with rain!
We ran into a pretty heavy thunderstorm while in Hamilton! 

ABOVE:  A sneek peek at the new runner... that's not even half it's length!

I got bloody hot on tonight's walk!  Damn summer is coming and I'm going to melt.

ABOVE:  We found a really cute painted camper to pose in front of.  I was glad when this walk was over I can tell you.
I'm still roasting, and I've been home half an hour already.

Getting late, been a quiet evening.  Signing off for the day.


  1. I love the idea of FBG! It is so awesome that you have such a thing!

  2. You're one of the skinny bottom girls now!
    You're so lucky to have such a wonderful social/support group. Hope you do keep on walking through the the cool hours
    But you've got a pool to dive into now after a sweaty walk. Awesome

  3. The FBG group is awesome, having that friendship & support is amazing & exercise is a bonus. Even if there are not many walks over summer, you can always rope Stew, Brylee & Griffin into going with you. Search out some "off road" tracks and walks for variety. Our usual Committee has an offshoot called Committee Walkers, several of them have done a few half marathons, I have done some shower walks with them, 2 of us are doing the 12km in the Auckland Marathon next year (others will do the half) but the 12 gets us to walk over the Harbour Bridge. They have also just come back from Queenstown after doing the half there and I got a call on my birthday to say they are going to go back next year and they are paying my airfares down so I can go too!!!! I will probably do the 10km.

    1. That is so neat! I might even join you for the Auckland Marathon... walking over the harbour bridge sounds like fun! Can you give me more info on it please?

  4. That's a neat turnout and my dietician said if watching TV or stting every ad break or half hour get up and move walk lunges sit down stand up etc off seat.

  5. Runner looks fantastic.

  6. It's a lovely post.Keep on inspiring us.

  7. Vickie4:16 AM

    The beauty of owning your own pool - all summer you will be able to walk, take off your shoes and get in pool however you like. Swimming suit, sports bra and shorts, clothes, whatever.

  8. Cute Trailer. So - was it YOUR idea to take a group photo at each walk? It sounds like you! haha. Love them. They are cute, memorable, and inspiration to keep it up!


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