Saturday, November 03, 2018


One of my friends here gave me a keyring for my birthday.
She does jewellery stamping... and she stamped a fairly 'common' saying on it for me.

ABOVE:  Now of course, I saw it and thought, oh that's weird!
It should say 'FUCK FUCKITY FUCK'... but instead it says 'FUCK FUCK FUCKITY'!!!

I really thought it was 'wrong'!  Until someone pointed out it was 'right', I was just reading it wrong.  Derrrr!

I certainly felt like a dick.

But now when I look at it all I see is FUCK FUCK FUCKITY!  LOL

Today we are going into Hamilton to get a box thingee so we can watch Netflix on our TV.  Our TV isn't a 'smart' TV apparently... so we need to get something to plug into it so we can do Netflix.

I only want Netflix so we can watch the odd movie on the weekends.  There is hardly ever anything worth watching on the TV or SKY in the weekends.

After we have been into town, I will be getting back to the sewing.  I only have three runners left to bind, then I can make some more placemats!  Yaaaa... I will have plenty of stock for the next two months markets now.


12.30 pm:  Our trip into Hamilton went well.. we got the Comcast thingee Steve our son recommended.  Griffin can set it up for us later on today.

SAD. After wearing my gorgeous birthday dress only 3 times, and not even for that long, the fabric started to go all weird. Like pilling and threads all coming out!!! I noticed it last night when we got home from dinner.

I was gutted.

And decided to return it to Farmers, where I got it from.

I wasn't sure if they would take it back? Or just say 'Hard Luck'.

But they took one look at it and gave me my money back.  

But I'm still really sad, cos I utterly LOVED that dress.

I'm now going to go on the hunt for a new dress.  Next week.

We went to the supermarket on our way home and Stew spied these:

ABOVE:  I have heard good and so-so reviews about them, but we decided to get them and try them out.

ABOVE:  You coat the inside with oil, I used a spray on oil.  Then pop them in boiling water for various time lengths, depending on how hard you want the yolks.  I did ours for about 12 minutes.
Then you pop them out.

PERFECT result!!!! And no bloody frustrating egg shells to peel off... which is FANTASTIC!

For once, a 'gadget' that works!  LOVE IT.

We have now had our lunch, and I'm going to get back to me sewing.

9 pm:  And I have finished all 7 Table Runners!  Thrilled about that.  They take a lot of work, but so worth it.

Since finishing them, I've started making placemats.  It took me a while to decide what ones to make, there's quite a choice of fabric to choose from.

I've made a few already, and have quite a few more to stitch.

That's me done for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Ironically, the one version of all that which isn't mentioned - is the one I say. "Fuckity Fuck Fuck".

  2. Just get a Chromecast - we have two (for two TVs) and they are amazing because you can also broadcast anything from your computer (via Chrome browser) to the TV. We watch lots of TV this way.

    1. Stu just said to get the Chromecast Ultra - it's a little more expensive but you get a better picture. Both of ours are the Ultra but I'm sure the shop staff will help you out. It's funny, when I read that key ring all I see is Fuckity, fuck fuck.

  3. I say fuckity fuck fuck and that's all I saw too lol

  4. I see "fuckety fuck fuck".

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    We have a Fetch TV box it is fantastic...we also have an Apple TV box


  6. I see fuckity fuck fuck too. If the hole for the ring were punched at 4 o'clock, it would have read fuck fuckity fuck, I think.

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Yep it's fuckity fuck fuck lol

  8. That would have been very disappointing about your dress ... hopefully the next dress you find you will love even more! Re the Egglettes, I'd never seen them or heard of them before, they look great. I've just checked them out on Ebay - super cheap, and free shipping, so I might buy myself some for the upcoming summer salad season. Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Bummer about the dress. At least it happened early enough that you were able to get your money back. I am cracking up at today's comments. So many potty mouths!

  10. A guy at work had those but I didn't really understand what they were about but I LOVE the idea of not having to peel the eggs lol.

  11. Can you move the key ring attachment so the hole is between the two Fucks then it will read Fuck Fickity Fuck!!
    Shame about the dress but Farmers have always been good at refunds with me.

    1. Thats probably the first time I've ever returned an item of clothing to a store after I'd worn it! I had no idea if they would take it back. So glad they did though.

  12. So gutted about your dress I really really liked it


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