Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Sorry, another boring day on here.

I'm sewing Soup Bowl Cosy's again today.

I got 6 done yesterday, not bad going if ya ask me.

ABOVE:  These were the 2nd lot of three I got done. 

Sadly, we never get to see him on his birthday... he lives in Palmerston North.   With any luck he MIGHT get up here for Christmas.

And that is all I have for now... I will be back later.


I haven't mentioned my weight lately... well not the numbers.

I've been staying the same mostly.... shit on it.
Eating too much obviously.

But happy to say I lost a kilo this week.

ABOVE: Slow and steady...I will get there eventually. 

ABOVE: Lost 25.2 kilos.... got about 15 to go.  That's my MAIN GOAL. 
If I lose more...well that would just be a bonus.

Now.... I might just get outta bed! Lol

Right, it's now 2.45 pm and I've been sewing friggin Soup Bowl Cosy's ALL. DAY. LONG.
And I'm done.

Taking a break.

ABOVE:  I have made 15 in the past couple of days.  And that should be all I need, for now anyway.

I will have a go at making some larger ones later on today.  But for now, I'm putting me feet up before they bloody well swell up!

So it's 6.05 pm, and it's STINKING HOT!  And I'm going on an FBG walk in half an hour.  Horrible time of day, just as bad as walking at midday really!  The day has just gotten hotter and hotter.  

ABOVE:  Well... thankfully it wasn't as hot outside for the walk!
Clearly our house is like an oven in the afternoon and early evening!

I enjoyed tonight's walk... it was 5.2 kms long and nice company.

I'm now cooling down and then I shall be cooking some dinner for myself.


  1. Great to see u r 'losing ya marbles' chick

  2. Lacy Harvey9:26 AM

    Happy Birthday Mike xxx

  3. OMG,you are amazing! That's a lot of weight lost, and it shows on your pics :)

  4. Wow, so you are well over halfway there - the marbles really show how much you've lost. Well done and keep going.

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Good going with the weight loss!!! you are doing so well..


  6. Well done, 1kg is awesome. It will be slower going because your body has already shed 25+ kilos. Keep up the good work :-).

  7. Anonymous9:15 PM

    You may think your days are boring but some days your posts can be what keeps me going.

  8. Those soup bowl cosy's look like they'd make cool hats!

  9. Well done on your losses! The graph is great!


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