Friday, November 23, 2018


Well... I have pretty much decided I will be breeding with Marley.
So last night I put an 'ad' on Facebook, asking if anyone in our area had a Bichon Frise boy dog that could breed with her.

And within minutes I had several people 'react' to my post with sad faces and angry faces!

And I'm like, what the hell?  Where do they get off acting all sad and angry about me asking for a male to breed with my dog?

One of them actually has Bichon Frise dogs.... I wonder how she got them?  Immaculate conception?  Stork delivery?  

So many people are jumping on the bandwagon and harping on about 'adopting from a shelter or the SPCA', instead of buying from a breeder.   
If you do adopt a dog from a shelter or the SPCA, you have NO IDEA what sort of dog you are getting.  You won't have a history of that dog, or how it's been brought up or treated!  In what way is that 'better' than buying from someone like me, who has bred carefully, and made sure the pups are 100% healthy and happy?

Feeling rather cross right now.  I am almost afraid to check Facebook this morning to see how many others have got their tits in a knot!

OH and if YOU feel the need to have a go at me, remember... I won't publish any nasty comments.  EVER.  

Now that I've had me little rant... on to my day.
I've got a walk at 9.30 am, then I will probably go to morning tea with the girls.

Then home to do some housework.  
And goodness knows what else.
Time will tell.


GLORIOUS day out there I must say.
Very hot.  Total change from a couple of days ago, when it was bloody cold as!

Anyway... I went on the walk and had a nice time.

ABOVE:  One of our girls finishing the Urban Challenge.

ABOVE:  And another one celebrating her 50th Wedding Anniversary today.  'R' is a lovely chick, I really enjoy walking with her.

Since arriving home I've started wrapping Christmas Presents.  What a SHIT JOB.  I utterly loath wrapping presents, but this year I'm determined to have it all done before December!

If I manage it, it will be a record.... I usually leave it till the last week before Christmas then spend hours literally crying while doing it.  Well OK, not crying. More like bitching and moaning.

It's 1 pm.  I'm taking a break to have some lunch.

Well that was a long break!  lol
Done bugger all this afternoon.  Like.  Nothing.
Feeling a bit down. Don't know why.  

I've got yet another blister under my right foot too.  So damn annoying.

It's a quiet evening here.  Nothing happening.
Signing off for the day.


  1. Vickie7:10 AM

    I understand people who think “saving” a dog is always the way to go, and I agree if you can know the total history (puppy, older dog who’s owners can no longer take care of it, etc.) .

    I get there are great dogs out there, to adopt, but there are also dogs with terrible histories who should not be in neighborhoods.

    Our neighbors (3 different houses) who have taken on/saved dogs (who turned out to have terrible problems) have created problems for the whole area.

    Three different dogs, about a block apart each, where the people who live next to these dogs cannot be out in their own yards. And I cannot walk past the houses. Not even across the street. (In our area it has to be a bad attack or three different bites with blood drawn to have something done. One of the dogs bit the family’s own grandchild and they kept it.)

    It is a terrible problem.

    Bonus issue - these (3) people have electric fences and not real fences. And no matter how high the setting, if a dog really wants something on the other side, it will go. Absolutely cannot fully trust an electric fence.

    I was never pro-breeder before, but if it is a good breeder who takes care of the animals, I am now.

  2. HI!!!!!!
    I know it has been ages since I visited so I had a huge catch up. You are looking amazing! All that walking has made a big difference.
    Don't let the haters get you down, stupid people do stupid things!

  3. I wonder if you can become a registered breeder? That's better than being a so-called "backyard breeder". We all know how much you care for your puppies, but the general public wouldn't know. And they are really cracking down and trying to stop "puppy farming" now - breeding for money. In the end, some people just do it for money. And that's terribly sad. However, if you were able to get registered as a breeder, get a good reputation, people would be more likely to come to you for good quality pups and less likely to judge you for breeding for money. Good luck chick x

  4. Gotta love the anonymous armchair keyboard warriors who think they know everything and have the right to force their opinions where they're not wanted or asked for. This is one of the things I really hate about social media and the damage it causes.

    Hopefully you will find a mate for Marley.

  5. Go for it Chris. You know what you're doing and you do it well. Dont listen to crazy people who dont understand and never think you need to defend yourself. You're the best dog breeder I know you give so much time and caring to these pups.

  6. What happened to the bags that you were going to give for gifts in stead of wrapping them all. Or make pillow cases that become part of the gift ( but not in the peak of your market time

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    You've made some decent points there. I looked on the net to learn more about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this

  8. Good luck with the gift wrapping. Have a relaxing weekend.

  9. You are a responsible dog owner and breeder. I'm always amazed how many people are so judgemental. There lives must be beyond reproach.... I think not! I'm right there with you on wrapping gifts. UGH! One of my least favorite tasks, and I'm not very good at it It always looks like a child did it.

  10. lol on the married 50 years and he's still alive! Looks like fun walking pics!


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