Sunday, December 01, 2013


A couple of days ago I saw an article on a news site that caught my eye.  It was advertising a TV programme about 'older ladies' and their attitudes to fashion.
I am just gutted that it's not likely to make it to our TV Screens... cos I think the women rocked!

ABOVE:  a YouTube advert about the programme.

 ABOVE:  some of the lovely ladies on Fabulous Fashionistas.  I want to look like them when I'm in me 80's, thank you very much!

Our neighbour over our back fence is subdividing his property.  So we will have another house on our western boundary.

At the moment they are doing ground work, for what I don't know. 

But what we do know is it is impacting on our property.
Not good. They have dug down right beside our boundary fence, and in fact have encroached into OUR property.
Also, the integrity of the fence is now in doubt as they have undermined the posts holding the fence up.

Steve said what they have done is actually illegal, as they should have consulted with us before doing what they have done... as in encroached into our property.

Well.... the guys can talk to him (the neighbour) about it when they see him next.  He's not home at the moment.

Now, how about a darling photo of the pups?
Yeah, I though so.... 

ABOVE:  can you tell who is who?  I can.
I will find a bigger food dish for them shortly.

Finally, for now:

ABOVE:  I had all these blocks made, they just needed the batting/backing fabric cut out, then quilting and binding done.  I did all of them yesterday!

I think I only have about 6 more place mats to do the binding on, then I should have almost all the Xmas Presents DONE!

But maybe not today.

Today I am going to play with Keera!
and ... 

HELLS BELLS!  It's freakin DECEMBER already.


Kinda tired.  Stew is even worse.  Miss Keera like to wake up and talk... and talk... and talk.  

At 5 am.  

I didn't hear her at 5 am, but Stew did.
I hope Lacy gets back today as planned cos I really don't want Stew going back to work bone tired.  *hint hint* Lacy.

I'm heading down to the mall for a little while, on my own ... to get a few jobs done before tomorrow.  
Cos ... as Bex isn't here, I will be staying home all week keeping an eye on the pups.  I'm massively over protective, I know.

ABOVE:  just in... this photo of Dante meeting his Uncle's big dog!  Scary for me... it looks big enough to eat my grandson!
But, I think it looks like a lab, so should be OK with baby, I hope.

I just finished editing photos from today of the pups and Keera.  Will post them tomorrow, and send them to the new families via email too.

End of Day:  a quiet day spent doing nothing much at all.  Just chillin.
Miss Keera has gone home now, so we are a house with NO BABIES (well no human ones!).
It's going to be a quiet week for me.
nite nite


  1. Have seen that programme, it's pretty good - you can download it :)

  2. I would love to see that program. I'll have to see if it is on here or if I can find it on line.

  3. That show looks really good! I wonder if they will show it here?

    Holy cow I'd be pissed about the fence!

  4. That programme looks fabulous, love the clothes and glasses, I would be super pissy about the fence ring your local council and get someone out there pronto!!! and issue them with a stop work order. Cutie cutie puppies...... gorgeous mug rugs.

  5. OH WOW. They'd better fix that. I don't know who you need to contact but I'd be nervous about the foundation of my house and everything.

  6. You need to deal with the neighbours issue asap. Hopefully he will be reasonable but you need to protect your property.

    Enjoy your baby free evening - I bet Steve is missing Bex & Dante.

  7. I think 4.9kg is the go for this month :) And if you lose more then i am very envious!!! I need to get my arse into gear and jfdi!!


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