Monday, December 09, 2013


This is the last full week the kids have at school! Next week they only go Monday and Tuesday, then they are off school till begining of February.

Next year is going to be very different, with them being at different schools.  Brylee at College and Griffin still at The Gardens School.

This could be great!  They won't come home arguing all the time.  BLISS is anticipated.  *smiles*

Today:  I am putting up the Christmas Tree.  I had planned on doing it last night, but by the end of the day I just wanted to relax.
Putting the tree up takes some effort, and I just couldn't be bothered last night.

I also had to nut out where to put it, and how to keep it away from Dante.

ABOVE:  the 'before' photo.  Next ...

ABOVE: our little Darling Miss Keera, turning into a real little girl... loves bags and all things girly.  Awwww.  Next...

 ABOVE:  Master Dante... wishing he could reach those funny little fluff balls!  Luckily ... he can't.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex before they went out last night.  Shocking photo quality... OMGosh I can't wait for my new camera!  Next...

 ABOVE:  my sneakers are rather popular things to play with, teethe on.  *sigh*  I didn't have the heart to take them away from them.

 ABOVE:  ever tried to take photos while not one, but two puppies are trying to eat the camera strap and lens cover?  Yeah, not that easy!  *smiles*  Next...

ABOVE:  me and our Darling Keera.  
THAT'S ALL for now!

I'm off to make a start on that freakin' Christmas Tree!  No more procrastination.
Once it's up I am going to start wrapping presents too.

Bex and Dante are off to Playcentre, so it will be a quiet morning for me.


DOGSTARS: WHOOPS!...  I mean JULIE:  The kids get a total of 12 weeks holidays over the year, and all the Statutory Holidays like Easter as well.
This is next years Dates:

Primary and intermediate schools

Start dateEnd date
Term 1Between Monday 27 January (at the earliest); and
Friday 7 February (at the latest)
Thursday 17 April
(100-116 half-days)
Term 2Monday 5 MayFriday 4 July
(88 half-days)
Term 3Monday 21 JulyFriday 26 September
(100 half-days)
Term 4Monday 13 OctoberNo later than Friday 19 December
(98 half-days)*
* Or to a day in December which ensures that the school has been open for instruction for 386 half-days in 2014.

Secondary and composite schools

Start dateEnd date
Term 1Between Monday 27 January (at the earliest); and
Friday 7 February (at the latest)
Thursday 17 April
(100-116 half-days)
Term 2Monday 5 MayFriday 4 July
(88 half-days)
Term 3Monday 21 JulyFriday 26 September
(100 half-days)
Term 4Monday 13 OctoberTuesday 16 December
(92 half-days)*
* Or to a day in December which ensures that the school has been open for instruction for 380 half-days in 2014. 

Right, off to carry on with me day...

First step in putting the tree up?  Untangle all the Chritstmas light wires.

And as Stew will happily attest, I GO MENTAL with tangled wires!
I pack a monumental shitty, swear my head off and usually throw them on the floor and walk away all hot and bothered.

Today was different!  Darling (Stew)  ... I DID IT!  And I didn't even swear!!!


ABOVE:  our Christmas Tree.  It's sitting on top of a small table... to keep his nibs (Dante) from wrecking it... and the puppies too!

ABOVE:  and yep, I put some bling on the screen.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I don't know how I missed this one last night!  Trust Steve to have his eyes 'elsewhere'.  lol

FREEDOM:  sorry to say it, from Forlongs of Frankton (Hamilton), and they only have one store country wide.

I just went out and bought more net for the family room.  I'm slowly going to do all the windows in the house.

It's been a busy afternoon, sewing up the net for the Family Room, getting dinner, giving puppies a run around, then dashing out to buy more Puppy food cos I forgot this morning!

End of Day:  watching the telly then finishing off the net.  Might even wrap a few Christmas presents too, instead of leaving that till the last minute like usual.
nite nite


  1. Amazing pic of you and Keera!

  2. How many days do kids go to school there? Seems like they are always on vacation lol. Our kids have to go 180 days. Keera sure is getting big, she's beautiful!

  3. Luv all the pics , Keera is a real lil cutie . Enjoy your day

  4. Hee hee - it actually wasn't me that asked about the dates. However, I just looked at your school schedule and it makes A LOT more sense than ours. It looks like your kids get 4 "shortish" breaks. Ours get ONE giant three month break during which they promptly lose 90% of their knowledge gained from the year before, then the first 1/4 of the new school year is spent "relearning" it. I would much rather have your schedule - it would also allow more time for families to take a little vacation together, at different times throughout the year.

  5. The kids must be so excited for summer to begin. Wheee!

  6. Where did you get your screen from please Chris ???
    Love the family shot of Steve Bec and Dante

  7. Lovely photos of Bex and Steve, puppies mischief little balls of fluff alright, BEAUTIFUL tree mine isn't up yet nor are my lights I have had 2 household lots of furniture in my house waiting for people to pick up, JUST went this Saturday Sunday I spent resorting tidying and vaccuming my tree and lights might go up this week.....

  8. The tree looks great! Miss Keera is a little beauty,I think she looks a bit look Griffin.

  9. Loving your Christmas bling!! xx

  10. Love the dress and shoes Bex is wearing, where did she get them from?

  11. You win, hands down, for the cutest babies and puppies on the internet. LOVE the picture of you and Keera. And that's a beauty of a tree! Now I just need to get my own butt into gear:)


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