Monday, December 16, 2013


HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY DANTE! Hard to believe a whole year has gone already.  

The kids finish school TOMORROW!  So, while I know 6-7 weeks holiday would normally fill me with dread, I'm not that fussed any more.

Brylee and Griffin are great at sleeping in!  I have been living for the day they don't wake me up bright and early in the morning like littlies do.

Now, I took a heap of photos yesterday, so let's share:

ABOVE:  I started adding stuff to my felted leaf.  I had never done those knots before... or daisy's.  This is purely a learning curve!

ABOVE:  Puppy blankets for Puppy A and Puppy E.  I love making them for our puppies to take home.

 ABOVE:  Both pups just lay there perfectly still for AGES... then one moved her head a fraction and they both jumped up and shot off in different directions!  Silly little things.  But oh so entertaining!

ABOVE:  Ruby was stalking.......... an ant!  AND she caught it and ate it in one lick.  So cute.

ABOVE:  Little Puppy E. (Jet).  He's such a little love, by my word he's developed some back bone in the last couple of weeks!  He sure stands up for himself now.  LOUDLY.

 ABOVE:  My Diet Coke bottle had condensation on the outside... and all the pups kept licking it until it fell over, then they got a little taste of my Diet Coke cos it spilt out the top.  (the lid is buggered).  They liked it, I mean to say, what is there NOT to like about Diet coke???

ABOVE: My garden ain't gunna be the same in this corner!  They have all but flattened one of the succulent plants.

Right, last but not least, a little video of BUBBLES:

I thought it was ingenious of Steve to think of it.  Keera squealed with delight to begin with.

OK, that's me for now... catch ya later.


WOW, I didn't realise I'd not been on here all day!
It's been a busy day, I've been doing housework, minding puppies, doing washing, starting another round of mug rugs, going out to get Birthday Cake etc for tonight's little 'Party' at home for Dante and a few other things thrown in for luck.

When I got home from the supermarket I read the latest school Bulletin which comes here via email.


ABOVE:  I am a very proud Mum, and I'm sure Stew will be thrilled to bits with Griffin too.

Just because I can... here's a few more photos for the day:

 ABOVE:  Now the puppies have teeth, Dante isn't that keen on them.  Funny that.

ABOVE: Flash new sneakers from  his Uncle and Aunty in Invercargill.  It took Bex a while to get them on his chubby feet, but it can be done!

DOGSTARS:  Now why can't you do the stitchery like me?  I've got a little book that shows me how to do it... you should go find one too.

DEBBIE: I have always made puppy blankets for them to take home, it's just something I like to do.

End of Day:  well we had a lovely family dinner/party for wee Dante.  His nibs loved his cake, but has no idea about blowing out candles yet.
Tired, it's been a very hot, humid day again.
nite nite


  1. I just bought a cool new book called "Felt Happy" by Elizabeth Armstrong. I had to have it shipped from Australia as it's not available here in the U.S. It's a really neat and unique book. Super inspiring! Maybe you should check it out. It's kind of expensive and shipping was killer for me, but it's really an awesome book. And it was self published by the Author. Your leaf is starting out so cool. You can do so much with the stitching, that I could not do. The book has a lot of "stitched" work.

  2. Lorraine H.12:55 PM

    Happy Birthday Dante.Where oh where has that year gone.

    Southgirl x

  3. Happy Birthday to Dante is it today? Love love love the puppy the bubbles and squealing.......

  4. That is such a sweet and thoughtful idea to make a blanket for the pups and their new home. I just helped Girl 11(a working guide dog for the blind) write an email to her human. I am not sure what his vision level is but I do know he has email. She flew in with him from an outback town for her medical reasons and she will stay with me for a month. He had to fly home the next day without her so I was worried about him missing that's why the photos and email to him. xx debbie

  5. Happy Birthday to your darling Dante. I love reading your blog and seeing how much joy he has bought to your family. You and Stew make very good looking grandkids! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Dante! The puppies are adorable and way to go Griffin!!

  7. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Happy Birthday Dante.

    Well done Griffin.


  8. Yay for Griffin. So well deserved.

    And happy birthday to the wee man!

  9. WOW Griffin how awesome!!!!!

  10. Big ups to Griffin! Congratulations.

  11. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Happy Birthday Dante Boy how different he looks from this time last year. Well done Griffin you the man and never let anyone tell you otherwise. MaryH

  12. Well done Griffin. Nice to see your efforts paying off.

  13. Absolutely love your little video clip of Keera and the bubbles Chris ... that's just delightful! What a great use of the fan - must remember that one! Happy birthday to Dante :)

  14. Love the bubble video. WELL DNE Griffin splendid effort young man
    And belated birthday snuggle to master Dante

  15. Anonymous12:01 AM


    Happy Birthday to Dante, I love all the pics, your sewing etc....



  16. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Happy Birthday Dante, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Griffin and you and Stew for raising such a fine boy.

  17. Happy birthday to Dante...what a cutie he his.
    Kudos to Griffin....sounds like another celebration cake may be in order for him. I know you are proud of him.


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