Thursday, December 26, 2013


BOXING DAY SALES... and finding the best place to buy my camera!

OMGosh, I'm rather excited to know I shall be getting it today!!!

I just hope it's not an anti-climax once I've got it!  Something tells me I shall just be drooling over it for a few hours.  *smiles*

The kids have Christmas money to spend, so I think we will be going to the mall, along with THOUSANDS of other people.  Oh well... it's to be expected.

ABOVE:  Dante has already warmed up to his Uncle Mike.  I knew he would.  

Right ... I'm off to do the ring around to get firm prices for the camera, len's, Memory cards etc!
Wish me luck, 'COS I DO have a budget.


ABOVE:  Miss Paisley and her 'dog' family.  She is happy as a pig in mud!  Her Mum Denise and family are thrilled to bits with her and love her to pieces.  

We have been out for hours and hours!  We ended up going to Camera & Camera in Queen Street for my camera and all the bits 'n' bobs I wanted ... the only other place that I had seriously considered going to was J B HiFi, but they didn't have any left, except for the display model, AND it was $500 more expensive!  I couldn't get over that... after the guy in the shop telling me they would "match and better" any competitor's price a few weeks ago.

I'm so glad I did do my homework.
After getting the camera, we met up with Steve, Bex, Mike, Joyce and Dante at Sylvia Park.

It was PACKED... cars were parked all over the place, including ON the middle of round-abouts, on the footpaths, on double yellow lines... it was MADNESS.

After struggling in the mall to even MOVE, we gave up and came home.

Now I have to sit down and read up on all the gizmo's and gadgets.  It could take me WEEKS to figure it all out.  


-  Carmen text'd me yesterday, she got Puppy E (Jet) for her little boy.  They were really struggling to find a name for him, so Carmen told her little boy that we had called him 'Jet'.... so the little boy decided he wanted to call him Jet too... only with a different spelling!

So JET has become JHETT.  How cool is that!  I am really chuffed.  And the little boy LOVES his puppy.

-  Puppy A (Jasper) had a whale of a time yesterday 'helping' his family open presents.  They are already in love with him.

- Paisley is doing well.... the whole family love her to bits.  She has turned into a little whirlwind like Polly, and is forcing Denise to take an afternoon 'Nana Nap' just to keep up with her!  Too funny. 

- Polly's MUM text'd me yesterday asking if there was 'A Money Back Guarantee?'  It would appear Polly is running them ragged.  

She nipped Robyn on the boob to wake her up, and she ripped some chest hair off her hubby Guy!!!

Nice.  I told her she was stuck with her, cos she got her knowing Polly was an absolute nutter!  lol...  They adore her, and have enjoyed taking her to the local pup to show her off!  Polly likes beer and wine, having dunked her face in both!

- Ruby... I havn't heard from her family for a couple of days, but I know she is just fine.  She has quite a few doting humans and her full sister Molly to play with.  And a cat.  Let's not forget the cat!  ha ha ha.

So...everything is honky dory everywhere!

TEDDY: Oh My God!  I took his bark collar off last night, I felt sorry for him.

I DON'T ANY MORE.  When we got home from town today we could hear him from the street... he was barking uncontrollably!
And he didn't stop when we got inside the house either, so that bloody bark collar is on again, and I vow to never take it off again!

There is NO WAY he can do that, he would end up getting complaints against him with 'Noise Control' and we would get in trouble. 

Killing time... waiting for the camera's battery to charge.... dumm dee dooo....

CHRISMAS WEIGH IN:  I Lost 2.45 kgs!  THAT is actually a miracle as I've been utterly evil.
But... IT'S A  LOSS and for that I am happy.
The closest guess was from Debbie M... so Debbie, get in touch with me via email ( and I will post you a little prize.

End of Day: Well... a good day, a thrilling day really.  Love my new camera, wish I could operate it with confidence!  That will come I'm sure.
nite nite


  1. www. pricespy. co. nz. Gives you comparison prices online.

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Did you do your Christmas Day weigh in? Waiting... waiting... That traffic at the shops looks crazy!!

  3. Lorraine H3:48 PM

    Love the new camera.You are going to have fun with it.
    Enjoy the rest of your day "trying to relax"

    Southgirl x

  4. Well done with the weigh in Chris. I am losing weight a lot slower than you, BUT I have put om 1.2kg since Dec 23rd. I did allow myself to over indulge slightly over Xmas so back to watching what I eat now.

  5. ohhhhh nice camera and great weightloss good on you. Glad to hear all the puppies are doing well, If any of the boisterous puppies come back I am sure you will have no problem finding a home for them lol. We did a BBQ fundraiser at our local warehouse was CHAOS and I am very tired!!!!

  6. Well done on for weigh in.
    Enjoy your new camera, once you learn how to "drive" it you will be using it with confidence.

  7. Haha camera (new and old) photos and car madness photos taken by me Lacy and my new Purple camera :)
    Thanks 'Santa'
    Night DCR

  8. Congrats on the new camera!

  9. Glad all the pups are doing well. Our Collie pup was born, now we have to wait until Febuary to get him. Can you explain Boxing Day? We don't have that here.


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