Tuesday, December 03, 2013


When I was in Spotlight last week, I walked past the curtaining department, and some GORGEOUS net caught my eye.
And it was dead cheap!

And I got to thinking... I might put net on our windows.  But I'm not sure about it.... cos we have some really nice views of Totara Park from the lounge windows, ... BUT we also have some crap views of all the other houses and their roofs too... particularly when you are just sitting down.

I like the idea of the added privacy having net would give us.  I have never liked the feeling that neighbours could just see into our home through the windows.   

So, to net... or not?  Dumm deee doooo.... probably will.

I might just see if Lacy can come over and babysit the pups for me so I can go check out the net.

And that is all I have for today so far!   If Lacy can come over, I will do some housework before she gets here, then maybe the rest of the day will be devoted to hanging net?


MARKD: to net or not?  Will do Net.

WANNA:  I will work on that sometime today for ya.

ABOVE:  they are starting to howl to be let out of the pen.  *sigh*  It's too early for them to be outside, and I'm still in me pj's!  Might just go get dressed...

Well... I got heaps done while Lacy babysat the pups.  Very happy with my morning.
I did get some net, but not the gorgeous one that caught my eye the other day... it was all gone.  Typical.
So I went for a very plain net that I may 'tart up'.  We will see.

Lacy and I had some St Pierre's Sushi for lunch, so yum.  And so filling!  OMG you really only need a few pieces and you are satisfied.

I asked Lacy to straighten my hair while she was here, and so she did.  AND that is when I found out my last haircut was crap!
Lacy was gobsmacked at how crooked my hair was.  I didn't even know.  *sigh*

Looks like I will be looking for a new hairdresser.  I wasn't happy with the colour either, so definitely a change is in order.

ABOVE:  Mrs Swan, this is what we call 'net'.  What do you call it in your country?

HAPPY ELF'S MOM:  Would you believe $25 for the cut, $120 for the colour?  Wasn't thrilled with the colour when I left the salon, and now that Lacy has pointed out how bad the cut is.. I'm sure not going back there again.

Tis sad cos they were the best priced salon near me.  Obviously you pay for it by getting a crap haircut!  Lesson learnt. 

The net is all cut out, and I've edged two and sewn some heavy detailed 'lace' to the bottom hem and hung them.  2 down, 5 to go.

For now anyway. 
I will,  at some point next year,  do all the bedrooms with net too.  And maybe the ranch sliders in the lounge and dining/family room too.

End of Day:  rather tired I must say.  I went all day long without a hot flush, then boom!  All evening I have had them NON-BLOODY STOP.  I wanted to kill someone, I was that annoyed and crabby!
Better go to bed before I do rip, shit, and bust at someone.
nite nite


  1. To net or not to net, that is the question.

  2. I would love to see a picture of net if you do it because I have no idea what your taking about. I wanna hear the howls though. Let them babies OUT! LOL

  3. Lacy looks go happy and healthy!

  4. Oo, and HOW MUCH did you pay for that crooked cut? Lacy could do better fer absolutely free. :)

    1. Haha yea lol dam *straight lol, :)

  5. I love nets always have and fancy nancy ones too, oh those puppies "wheres our mudder!!!!" look on their cute faces Lacy on the other hand has "Mum and her jobs on her face!!! lol" and she is a great multitasker by the look of that. and with your sewing skills they will be up in a shot.

    1. Hahahahhahahahhaah pisss myself laughing lol.....yea about that aye 'blondie 1' lol you crack me up :)

  6. Oh and I say "Let there be net!"

  7. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Chris - over here in the USA your Nets are called Shears.

    The pups are adorable!!

    Happy day,

    Ky Girl

  8. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Actually - that would be Sheer not Shear....it is only 5:53 a.m. over here right now. LOL

    Ky Girl

  9. Glad Ky Girl had the answer because I sure didn't. But she is 100% correct. :) I think your hair looks fine myself. I have seen and gotten that style myself before. Just instead of straight across it is a big curve. Look at it as curvy, not crooked. :P


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