Sunday, December 29, 2013


First up, some photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  Mike took his time letting Dante get to know him. Lots of smiling, playing with him, 'accidentally' touching him on the arm or face ... and within a day or so Dante was best friends with his Uncle Mike.  So lovely to see them together.

ABOVE:  Mike & Joyce.  They are a gorgeous couple.  She doesn't like having her photo taken, but by the time she left she was used to it!  lol

ABOVE:  They are both twits.  Loveable ... but twits.

 ABOVE:  it only took him 1.5 hours to pick some presents!  This really is a minor miracle, as he took 45 minutes the other day to choose a pair of sunglasses!  He nearly drove Steve & Bex demented waiting for him!  We have a nickname for him:  "The Procrastination King".

 ABOVE: the time came to say goodbye... we were sad to see them leave.  BUT... they are coming back in March for the National Netball Tournament, so we will see them again soon!

 ABOVE:  Another Harvey Men comparison photo.

As I was scrolling through all the photos I'd taken over the past couple of days, I came across this one:

ABOVE:  Now there is only one person in this house with a monster foot like that, it being a size 14.  STEVE.  Trust him to take a photo of his own foot!  WHAT A DICK.  It looks like a Yeti's foot.
He doesn't need flippers for swimming .... obviously.

Right... that's me for now.  I'm off to make a start on the day.


Well... since arising this morning, I've pottered around getting odd jobs done around the house, tidied up my sewing 'room'  yet again, and generally kept myself busy.
The family are all doing their own thing... kids are outside on their scooters/skateboards and Stew is parking in front of the telly watching sports.
I might drag him out soon ... to get paint for the house.  We need to paint the windowsills and fill a few little holes in the plaster where kids have been too exuberant.  

After that I might just do some more sewing.

TRACY:  I suppose you are right.  Mike takes forever to commit to a purchase, whereas I am very much an impulse buyer.  

EXCEPT when it comes to big ticket items like my camera.
I researched which one to buy for about a year before settling on the one I bought.

Same with the garden shed we just bought.  We looked at all that were available, and hummed and haaa'ed over them for MONTHS.... until we were sure which one to get.

ABOVE:  hard to believe a good sized shed can fit into such a small, thin box.  We have to get a rivet gun now to put it together.
I'll leave that job up to the guys me thinks.

End of Day:  not a bad day at all.  Very happy we finally have a garden shed, even though it's got to be assembled ... which should happen tomorrow all going well.
nite nite


  1. And I say it every year Joyce is a beautiful woman, Mike is lucky and they are so cute, THE FOOT however not so cutey cutey!!! lol Dante prob looks at Mike and thinks I know this face but by another ( Grandad, or Daddy) lovely photos RAINING cats n dogs here so a clean out draws day me feels........

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Oh my gawd......smelly foot 😱

  3. someone needs to take his socks off every now and then haha!

    Must be so sad to have your kids leave and know you won't see them for a long while.

  4. I'm glad you had such a great Christmas, your visits went well and YAY! Most of your kids have flown the nest. Must be a nice feeling.

  5. Lovely pics, looks like a happy relaxing Chrissy for you all. Did you notice that Stew is wearing the same shirt in both pics lol!!
    Hugs x

  6. Amazing how much Steve and Mike look so similar, no wonder Dante is confused LOL. Good to hear you are enjoying your holidays with your family. xx Debbie ps that foot pic....ummmm!!

  7. Sooo on the shopping spectrum we have you at one end with Mike at the other & the rest of us in between the extremes :-)


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