Monday, December 23, 2013


Puppy A (Jasper) does NOT like being on his own!  I'm up before 6 am because he is howling his head off.  *yawn*, why am I not surprised?

Can you believe I already have photos of Ruby at her forever home?
It sure looks like she has settled in amazingly well aready!

ABOVE:  see?  She looks like she's perfectly happy, and by the look of it Molly has welcomed her little sister into her home.  Awesome.  I don't have to worry about Ruby at all!

I also heard from Robyn late yesterday, and it sounds like Polly is perfectly happy too.  I wonder how she was overnight?  I bet I find out soon... lol!

ABOVE:  the last photo of me with Polly (L) and Ruby (R).  Little bundles of fluffiness.  Gorgeous wee girls.

When you start a comment with "Don't get upset with me..." (on yesterday's post), you must know I'm going to.
Otherwise, why do it?

I love my pups.  AND my dogs.  Coco is an amazing little mother to her pups.  I always consider the quality of life for my dogs, even though I breed with Coco.  Coco is my PET.  She is not treated like 'livestock'.  I am not operating a PUPPY MILL.

My Vet has said she has virtually never known a 'breeder' like me, who cares so much for her dog/puppies.  I take huge pride in that.

My Coco, (& Teddy), get fed top quality natural and delicious food, she is provided with room to run, walk, exercise, and have fun, and I spend virtually HOURS with her every day.  She is kept clean and groomed, up to date with Vet checks, and she has had no issues with birthing pups or caring for them.

So, as to whether I shall breed from her again is my decision, made in consultation with my vet.  It won't be made because someone thinks I shouldn't.

Moving right along now... Stew and I are popping out this morning to do the grocery shopping, and to get a few food items we shall need for Christmas Day.  Sheesh, I better make a list!
Getting very excited as Mike and Joyce arrive late on Christmas Eve!  We have not seen them in a year. OMGosh a whole year!  

Can't wait.


I just heard from Robyn in Napier.  Polly was a good girl all night, but is now a ball of Trouble with a capital 'T'.  She's hooning around the place like a whirlwind, leaving havoc in her wake.  LOL... Robyn was thinking Polly was such a quiet little girl yesterday... but I did warn her she wasn't!
Apparently there's a Yukka plant being demolished this morning.  Ha ha ha!  Polly is showing her true colours.

I reckon Robyn is going to get VERY FIT running around after Miss Polly.

I've been nutting over a little 'problem' for weeks now.  How to let the dogs come and go from the laundry, and get their food and water WITHOUT Dante getting in the laundry too.
I came up with this:

ABOVE:  the hole is just the right size for Teddy and Coco to get through, I enticed them through it with some cheese.

Then I wanted to see if Dante could get through it...

 ABOVE:  Stew measured the baby before he cut the hole...

Ahhh... NOPE.  He can't get through... he got stuck and cried.  EXCELLENT.

Now I can leave the dogs food and water down in the laundry and Dante can't get it.  AND the dogs can come and go the bathroom outside too.

Very happy to have that little 'problem' sorted.

Really enjoying the day today... it's very laid back and relaxed ... something we all need in the lead up to Christmas and all the excitement that entails.

JACKIE:  Coco is in PERFECT health, and is not worn out or anything like it in relation to her having pups.  There are MANY, MANY differing opinions when it comes to how often a dog can be bred.  

I know that if Coco showed ANY signs of being worn down I would NEVER force her to have another litter.  She does NOT need you to be her 'voice'... who died and made you my dog's protector?

I do not remember at any time saying I would only breed Coco every 2nd year... pray tell me where that is on my blog?

I would LOVE to see your email inbox... simply because I do not believe you at all.  You are shit stirring Jackie, and that is not nice.

You knew I would take your comment and run with it... because you do know me and you knew I would not take that sort of comment without reacting.  Particularly from someone who actually knows NOTHING about my dog and how I care for her.

I find it INTERESTING that you only comment on my blog when you have something to say that is likely to upset me.  

Until next time Jackie.  I wonder what your next 'comment' will be about?

Steve and Bex are out Christmas shopping.  Young Dante is sound asleep, as is little Puppy A (Jasper).  He's been a bit unhappy today, missing his siblings for sure.  Even though he's in the lounge with us, he is still unsettled.   I'm sure his Hamilton family will give him heaps of love when he gets home to them, and he settles in quickly.
All the other pups have been doing so well, it's so nice to know that.

End of Day:  apart from the 'blip' with Jackie, it's been a lovley day.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!!  MIKE & JOYCE are coming!!!  
nite nite

ANON (@ 9.30 pm):  Awww thank you.


  1. Good early morning Chris. 'm lying here in bed contemplating hitting Pak 'n Save at 8am for the Christmas shop *sigh*. Hopefully we'll be in and out before the madness starts!

  2. Wow a whole year! That's so long not to see your kids :(

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Cannot get over how much Molly looks like Coco Amazing. MaryH

  4. Have a happy Christmas... we are off away for a night or two to Rotorua - can't WAIT!! Hopefully we'll catch up in the new year.

  5. Oh wow. I must have missed that little comment. There are so, so many other things to be upset about in this world than what someone who cares for her pets does with them. *shrug* Looks like you are bringing a lot of happiness to some nice families and earning a little money in the process. Coco is well-loved and if you were a horrid breeder we wouldn't get the constant pics and fussing over the puppies. You're the last person I'd be worried about. ((hugs))

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    AW look at little Jasper all on his lonesome. Sounds like Polly will be visiting puppy school Mary H

  7. If I was ever going to get a dog I would get one from you because I can see how much you care for your pets. Some people :-). The same person will probably be upset because Dante got stuck in the doggy door and cried - I thought it was hilarious and he will not suffer any long term psychological or physical effects apart from lots of conversations that start with "I remember when …".

  8. Loving the photo of Dante with just the arm through the doggie door!

  9. Brilliant idea!! The pictures are awesome with Dante. Thanks for sharing your family both the 2 footed and 4 footed ones.

  10. Awwww poor puppy lonesome not good probably thinking where have all my brothers and sisters gone!!!!! lol Dante and that door what A GREAT solution I did some minor shopping at 7.30am 2 stores petrol then warehouse and home by 8.40am!!!!! then back into town at 9.30am drop son off to work, do 2 jobs and made the mistake of going to sons work DID dishes for 2 hours!!!!! lol went to my own work did 2 hours finish off jobs now home feet up THATS me IF I have forgotten anything TOO BAD!

  11. I made the comment, not once did I say Chris was a bad person, or that she doesn't look after the puppies, she does and loves those puppies. I was saying it on behalf of Coco, who is going through childbirth every year, that would wear any dog out, for 3-4 months of a year she is pregnant or looking after puppies, so only gets 8 months a year to be a dog and catch up. I do remember Chris saying herself after the first litter she was going to only have a litter every 2 years. And if my email box is to go buy, I am not the only one thinking that, who have said they agree with my comment, but don't want to put it on here because of the backlash they get. Tracey I have no issue with Dante getting stuck in the door, but I do have issues with any dog going through a pregnancy 3 years in a row, and possibly 4. But like she said it is none of my business, but also being a public blog I am also allowed to voice my opinion.

    1. Anonymous10:35 PM

      Jackie......well upon reading your comment above it has made me think...If Chris wants to breed Coco (and make beautiful puppies) shouldn't that be up to her and Coco. As Chris has stated if she wants to breed Coco she consults Cocos vet to make sure she is prime is a normal thing to get pregnant once a year for both Human and Animal...if you are prepared to do it..and if you did have an issue with Dante getting stuck in the door you would have seen the photo of Stew Measuring Dante and I don't think he would be left unattended long enough to get stuck.....yes this is a public blog and yes you are allowed to have an opinion....but be sure of this if you say anything to upset Chris expect a BIG write up...

  12. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I read but never comment, however, this nonsense about Coco breeding has my blood boiling. We are built to breed, humans and animals and as others have said, you are a wonderful pet owner. Those darling little puppies have given many families so much joy, how can that be a bad thing? Merry Christmas to you and your lovely (and normal) family. And Dante makes me smile every time I see his sweet little face. It's been lovely for this old lonely girl to see him and Keera as they grow, so thanks for that.


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