Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So... would you be happy having a 2 meter deep hole right over your fence?  And one that has a significant amount of water in it too boot?

Well.. I'm NOT.  So, because the contractor who has been doing the work has not been on site for 4 days, I did something about it.

I reported them to OSH.  (Occupational Health and Safety).
Now I wait and see how long it takes for that bloody hole to be filled in AGAIN.  

There is nothing to stop a small child wandering onto that property and falling in that bloody hole and drowning.  NOT ON.

Now that I know it's there, with water in it, I'm going to worry myself sick.

ABOVE:  you can't tell just how deep that hole is from my photos, but if I were to fall in it, I would NEVER be able to climb out!  It's wet, slippery clay.

Somehow I don't think I'm going to be winning any prizes for neighbour of the year.  *sigh*

Onto something else... would you believe in ONE WEEK Paisley flys down to Wellington to meet her Forever Family?  OMGosh, the time has flown by.

Then they will all go over the next week, so by Christmas Eve we will be puppy free.  *sad face*.

I'm going to try and get a really lovely facial shot of each puppy today.  Wish me luck, they sure don't keep still for long now days!


Interesting... the contractors are back working on 'that hole' first thing this morning... and one of them came over and told me they would be working on it all day, and it would be safer if I kept the kids and dogs away from that section of our boundary all day.   Hmmmm.
I wonder what state they will leave their hole in tonight?

Dumm dee dooo.... off to have me shower.  The kids are at school and Bex and Dante just left for Playcentre, so the house is quiet... time to have a shower and get presentable!  I was in me jammas when the contractor came to me door, lol.

JUDITH:  I was stressed about it yesterday, but now they are back on site I'm just relieved more than anything else.

***NEW PUPPY OWNERS!!!  So sorry, you need to go to a pet shop like Animates to get Pro Plan Puppy food.  AND you need to get the food for SMALL BREEDS.  It does not matter what flavour you get, as long as it's Pro Plan Puppy, small breeds.***

Bex went to David's Emporium yesterday, and came home with a fat quater (small piece of fabric) so I went there after lunch today and came home with:

8 FAT QUARTERS.  They actually don't have many at all... so I took about 1/4 of what they had.  For $4.50 each, they are dead cheap.  I'm happy!

Griffin had a Dr's appointment this afternoon at 4pm.  So, off we go, get there a good 10 minutes early too.
And we report to the reception desk, where the girl behind the counter says...

"Hi Chris.  Ummm, your appointment is for TOMORROW!"
So out of me mouth comes "Well... I hate being late for an appointment!"

But yeah, 24 hrs early is a bit much eh?  lol  I felt a right dick.  

I hope I don't FORGET tomorrow now.  *sigh*

TRACY from Hawera:  Whoops!  Expensive trip to the pet shop then.  lol

Sorry Puppy Owners, taking face shots was a big flop today.  They were all blurry.  I'll try again tomorrow I promise.

End of Day:  well the nasty hole over the fence has been filled in totally.  Worry over.
I got some photos of the pups tonight... will post them tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I'd say the neighbors who allowed their contractor to leave the hole or the contractor if that is where the responsibility is are the ones who deserve the bad neighbor award.

  2. Neighbors like that are why God gave us nuclear weapons

  3. keep taking photos of said hole, keep ringing emailing and harassing others cause believe me if something awful happens peoples heads will roll..... email so you have a paper trail and attach photos.

    Puppyless soon waaaaaaaa that has gone fast.

  4. Don't think for a moment that you are a bad neighbour, I reckon your neighbours win the bad neighbour award, no contest. That is just outrageous! The hole couldn't be any closer to your boundary, they must be breaking all manner of council rules. What a worry for you. Blondie is right, keep on documenting everything and jumping up and down about it. And try not to get too stressed.

  5. I am GLAD they are fixing this and SO RELIEVED they'll be liable if they don't do it right the first time. So here's hoping they fix it right the first time. The neighbour from hell would go over with his pistol. YOU ARE NOT a neighbour from hell. You are perfectly reasonable, rational and sane. My parents had a neighbour from hell once who was senile and broke their windows with his broom and was screaming about my mom being a spy from the KGB and stuff like that. The cops came over and he asked for their guns so he could finish the job. Later the old man finally went into the nursing home and at the estate sale, they bought Old Man Al's broom. Just because.

  6. There is no way that hole should have been left as it was. It is dangerous and a Health & Safety nightmare. Keep at them and I would also se if you can find out from the council exactly what the neighbours plan to do next door, if it affects your property in anyway, you are supposed to be notified so you have the opportunity to object if necessary.

    Can't believe the puppies will all be gone to their new homes soon.

  7. Already bought Pro Plan puppy boss ;-) and kids picked out some new toys for Molly and Ruby to put under the Christmas tree! $159 later!!! LOL


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