Friday, December 20, 2013


At the end of today, Stew is on holiday for 3 weeks.  And he really needs it.  He has a lot on his plate at work, heaps going on in the background, and lots of changes happening.
So, I hope he can relax and unwind while he's on holiday, and not worry too much.

Time will sort everything out I'm sure.  One way or another.

PUPPIES... photos taken yesterday:

Have you noticed yet that there are very few photos of Polly on her own, or even good ones today?
Hmmm... that would be because that little madam NEVER KEEPS STILL long enough for me to get a good photo!  Seriously, she's a little dynamo. 
Robyn is gunna have to be faster than her... oh and Robyn, she LOVES biting feet, and will stalk you when you are walking and keep attacking your toes.  It makes walking ... difficult.

Today:  housework.  Lots of it.  I got next to nothing done yesterday due to me backache.  Hopefully my back is much better today.
I'm going to write a list of jobs that need to be done over summer too.
The BIG jobs like cleaning all the windows inside and out, cleaning ceilings,  washing the outside of the house, cobwebs, waterblasting the concrete, and so on.

As I said, all the big jobs that one doesn't do over winter.  I am determined to get everyone on board with getting these jobs done. 

So... it's only a few days now until A) we are puppy-less and B) it's CHRISTMAS!
I hope everyone is as prepared as me?
Not that I'm totally done with organising things, but it's close!

How much do you have left to do?


KATHY: nice idea.  Wonder who would be paying for it though???

Man am I getting heaps done this morning!
Bex and all the kids are at Playcentre, it's the big 'Tidy-Up' day before closing for the summer break.
I'm so thankful she took B & G with her, it's given me time to do a few things like wash floors without kids needing to go through the house.

I've possibly done a bit much ON MY OWN, but I get an idea in my head and that's it.  I've gotta do it.

KEN:  Yes, my back is way better today, thanks for asking.  

Lunch was a chance to sit and take a break, but I'm back into the jobs now.  Griffin did a good job of trimming the hydrangeas for me, now all we need to do is pick up all the clippings and get them into the bin.

Brylee is doing some vacuming for me, so that's one less 'backbreaking' job for me.
I just watched her 'do' the lounge!  And OMGod she's lazy!  She did the middle, not even the big rug in the middle, just a quick swish around the middle and she was DONE?  Like hell, I just told her to do it ALL ... sheesh some kids.

 ABOVE:  The pups this morning on the other side of the section.  They enjoyed eating the tomato leaves, a bit like the bugs. 

 ABOVE:  I kinda held Polly down so I could get a few cute face shots of her.  She rewarded me with:

Seriously, it bloody hurt!  She broke me skin and I almost bled.  
Ignore me fingernails, I'd just hacked them back.  I ain't one for pretty nails.... obviously.

ABOVE:  the hydrangeas getting chopped back.  The kids WERE working together well when I took the photo, but it didn't last.  Griffin's doing it on his own now.  And Brylee is polishing some furniture instead.

End of Day:  well another good day getting stuff tidied up and sorted ready for Christmas.
I've done 99.9% of the shopping/gift buying etc.  Just a couple of little things left to get, and fresh veges/lettuces etc for the 25th... then done and dusted.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Chris, why don't you employ a cleaner for all your heavy jobs? let me tell ya that you won't be complaining of a bad back, that's for sure! and in the long run, its probably cheaper coz you'll save on all that medication you'll have to buy.

  2. Puppies are so cute. Our Christmas is done, just waiting to get it all wrapped. The kids are older now, so they can wrap their own presents for each other. Hope your back is better.

  3. I do hope none of those big jobs have Stews name on them make all your adult children do them you have enough!!! lol Great puppy shots and great work Griffin. I am officially on holiday for 3 weeks, and IM loving it already although have offered my services to a local café VERY short of staff to just wipe tables and clear dishes!!!!!! for a couple of hours here and there.....

  4. Good job being so prepared for Christmas! With the size of your clan, I know that must not be an easy task! Sorry to hear your back is not great. Take care:)


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