Sunday, December 15, 2013


This time next week we will be heading to Te Kuiti to drop off Ruby and Polly.  Then we will only have Puppy A (Jasper) left!
Hard to imagine life around here without them all.  We have gotten so used to having them scampering around all over the place. 

But... I am sure it won't take long to settle back into a puppy-free routine.
I for one won't miss the cleaning up duties.

It has been so quiet in the house ... Steve, Bex and Dante stayed over in Hamilton last night, so no Dante announcing he's awake from the kitchen/family room this morning.

Miss Keera is a fairly quiet little girl in the morning, she wakes, has a bottle and is happy as Larry just playing with the toys. 

ABOVE: kisses for her big brother.  Awwww.

Today?  Hopefully it's a fairly quiet day.  I got lots done yesterday, and felt wrung out last night.  How can you seem to do bugger all ... that takes all day?  Weird.

Stew is hoping it doesn't rain today, our lawns are getting ikky with paspalum all over the place, so he wants to mow it. 

What else?  We are going to tackle the 'Dungeon' today. The dungeon is a good sized storage room under the house.  I need to get some of our linen out of the linen cupboard... it's bursting out the bloody door!

Everything that is not needed right now can go in those vacum bags and be stored in the Dungeon.

'Modern' houses these days! They just don't have much storage at all.  We at least do have the Dungeon.
If I had my way an entire bedroom would have shelving for storage.  I can dream... *sigh*

Right, I'm off to feed the toddler, the puppies and Teddy and Coco.  Once that's done I can relax sort of.  Must get them all fed eh?  It's always first on me list of to-do's.


Steve, Bex and Dante arrived home.  

And I am 3/4ers of the way done with the two Boy Puppy's blankets.
They have paw prints on them, looking very cute.

Stew and B & G have gone down to the mall for a while.  I'm off to the garage to finish the puppy blankets.

BELLA:  good spotting!  Yes, Griffin got sunburnt on Friday when their school went to the local pool for the day.  He had sunblock on too!

We have had two sets of visitors this afternoon, which was lovely.
Stew's sister Khady and a family friend (Ally)... they stopped in on the way to Bucklands Beach.  It was nice to see them, and they loved our puppies.  *smiles*
They right after they left we had Jacqui, her hubby Marty and their two kids arrived.  So we've been a bit spoilt for company today.  

ABOVE:  We had a snap thunderstorm this afternoon!  It clouded over, looked like it was going to miss us... then thunder/lightening/and torrential rain and hail!   It was WONDERFUL!  

If we didn't have visitors I would have been seriously tempted to go and stand outside in it!
It has been so very humid today, drainingly so.

ABOVE:  Stew's sister Khady (pronounced Huddy) with the puppies.  I am going to get some photos taken of ME and our puppies soon.
Bex did take some today, but I looked dreadful, with sweat dripping off me face.   NOT a good look I can assure you! 

End of Day: Well it's been a funny sorta day really.  Had it's up's and down's as per usual.  I like the 'ups'.
nite nite


  1. Just like a walk in closet yes I could do with a walk in linnen room so much stuff. Sad to hear the puppies are going. Have a great day love you. Kelly.

  2. Griffin looks as if he has a bit of sunburn.

  3. Awww! I'm glad Stew's sis got to see the puppies. I hope their new homes are able to very happily adjust. :)

  4. Gee I wish it would rain down here it HAS BEEN stinkin hot and thunder claps all around us heavy clouds BUT NO RAIN!!! Gosh the puppies going so soon awwwwww stiny lala no more daily photos...

  5. here in the East Midlands of England , really cold wet and miserable . LOVE THOSE PUPPY PICS,.


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