Sunday, December 22, 2013


As I said last night, today we head down to Te Kuiti to hand over Ruby and Polly.
I can't wait to meet Tracy and Robyn!
AND... AND... we get to see MOLLY again!
Molly was a little girl from our litter of pups last year, and Tracy is her Mum.

We always knew Tracy was going to be getting another little girl from us, so taking Ruby down to her is like ... something we have been dying to do for months!

Hopefully she falls in love with her baby sister and they get on famously.

Here's a few photos I took yesterday, the last day the final three will be together at home...

 ABOVE:  they were arguing over the stick, so I made a funny noise and they were all startled!  Hee hee... can ya tell?

I have really enjoyed this litter of pups.  I'm got it down to a fine art now, and it's been much easier to care for them this time.
Experience sure helps.  

If/when we have another litter, I know I must NOT get so exhausted in the first week, it helps no one!  And I must try not to panic over every little thing.  Sometimes what will be will be, and nothing I do can change nature.

Lessons learnt.  Heart semi-protected.

Now... how about something different?

Stew.  And.  Dante.

When Stew is home that baby wants his Granddad.  Full Stop. End of Story!
He cries to be picked up and he cries if Stew puts him down.
He SCREAMS if his Granddad leaves the room, or heaven forbid... walks out the front door!!!

So, Stew is home for 3 weeks.  And this is how he has to make his breakfast:

ONE HANDED.  Cos Dante is on the other arm.
Like a limpet.  That baby does not hold on at all!  You have to support his considerable weight totally.  So glad he's got a 'thing' for his Granddad and not me.  I simply could not carry him around for long.

We have never had a grandchild so attached to Stew.  Maybe they are kindred spirits?  Or they simply have a special bond?  Whatever it is, it's pretty powerful.

So... I've got a list of things we need to take today.

Puppies!  Food and Water. Drinks for us. Puppy Info packs, immunisation books, puppy blankets, pen and blanket for the ground, newspaper... and goodness knows what else!

I'm pretty sure I have remembered everything.

Hopefully the pups travel well, this will be their longest car trip.  We are taking Puppy A (Jasper) with us today too... that way no one left at home is stuck at home to babysit him.  
Right, time to get off here and gather up everything and hit the road.

Catch ya all when we get home, with just ONE puppy left!


3 pm and we are safely home again after a lovely trip down the line.

We arrived bang on time, as did Robyn and her husband, and Tracy and her friends and daughter.

It was lovely to get the pups out of the car and onto a blanket on the ground, surrounded by the puppy pen and all of us.

The girls loved finally getting their puppy.  And we enjoyed meeting them all so much.
AND...  we got to see Molly again.  She is the spitting image of Coco!  

She quite liked her sisters and brother, but did bark at them once, which made them jump outta their skins! 

ABOVE:  The pups meeting their families.  Robyn cried when I handed Polly over for the last time... she's as big a sook as me!

I got spoilt too!  Both families gave me a little gift:

ABOVE:  Cheese, chocolate and BUTTONS from Tracy.  Totally cool! 

ABOVE:  a gorgeous wind chime and an angel/bling ornament from Robyn and hubby ... which is going on my big clock with my other treasures.

THANK YOU SO MUCH GIRLS... you didn't have to do that... but... thank you, gifts are very nice! *smiles*

Leaving wasn't as hard as I thought it would be either.  That was a relief as me blubbing would not be a good look at all!  lol

Both the girls, Polly and Ruby, traveled down well.  Jasper ... not so much.  He was very restless and did lots of panting, so on the return journey I held him on my shoulder and he liked that.

It's good to be home again, now we start the countdown to Puppy A (Jasper) leaving.  Two more sleeps is all.

End of Day:  well it's been an eventful day, but lovely in a way because it was really nice to meet Polly & Ruby's families.
Time to go to bed, early for once!
nite nite


  1. Cute pic of Stew and Dante.. How is Coco coping with her pups leaving?

  2. I have to say those dogs are pretty cute! It's so great that they have that special bond going. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  3. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Dante is adorable, he loves his papa cute little chap. Farewell Ruby and Polly enjoyed watching you grow.

  4. Don't get upset with me please as I say this, but I really hope you have no more puppies from Coco as all the research and my vet friend says 2-3 litters max, and they should be minimum every 2nd year. So I hope you are not talking about Coco having another litter. Hope you have a great Christmas and 2014 is kind to you :)

  5. Travel safe…and enjoy your time with the puppies and Miss Molly.

    Love the pic of Stew and Dante.

  6. Have a safe trip.

  7. ohhhhh that Dante is too cute for Grandad, Stew could get a front pack or back pack for Dante and him. You are such a good puppy mummy and all those lucky families getting puppies..... wish it was me.

  8. Good you had a safe trip. I can relate to how hard it is to say goodbye to much loved pups. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long this time for my next foster pup to arrive. She is Girl 11 for me!! I love your new windchimes, so very pretty! xx debbie


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