Thursday, December 05, 2013


First up for the day, a few photos from last night's romp in the lounge:

 ABOVE:  OK, clearly Teddy wasn't having a romp!  He keeps right away from the pups, or risk getting growled at by Coco!  He's not silly.

ABOVE:  a couple of collages of puppy's having fun in the lounge.  
As the weather is still bad, they will be having 'run around time' in the lounge again today by the look of it.

Today?  The only thing on my agenda is to read some blogs and do a bit more sewing.
I have two placemats for me Mum to finish, and I want to post them off tonight, in the hope she gets them in time for Christmas.
Mail is notoriously slow getting to Australia at this time of year.  I sometimes think I could fly there and hand deliver it faster!

Right, off to make a proper start on the day...


ABOVE:  another video of the pups ... running around last night.

Yesterday we had drizzle/light rain all day.  Today?  It's bucketing down!  Good for the garden and the farmers, not so good it ya have washing on the clothes line.
I have washing on the clothes line.  


The puppies are having their first immunisations tomorrow.  Bang on 6 weeks old.
Then they will be due for their next immunisation as soon as they go home with their new families.
So girls... make a note of that.

I just finished the placemats for my Mum... ya!
Almost finished the Christmas sewing now.


There comes a time when the smell of puppy poop/piddle just gets too much.

Because it's been raining all day the smell has just gotten too much for me.
So I did something about it.

More to come...

ABOVE:  I put all the pups in the porta-cot, then made the laundry spic 'n' span, then moved them into there.  I've locked the dog door so they can't get outside.  
It just means I have to let Teddy and Coco out regularly for bathroom.  But that's fine.  They only need to go out 2-3 times a day, if that.

They all seem to be perfectly happy in there too...they had a sniff around, them promptly went to sleep.  SCORE.

Once I'd done that, I washed the floors and got the kids to vacum the lounge for me.  Now I just hope the smell goes fast!  It should do, it's finally stopped raining ... for the moment anyway, and all me windows and doors are open to air the house.

TRACY:  there was no puppy 'mess' ON the carpet, I had a thick plastic sheet down, then their bedding and newspaper.  So now I'm left wondering if I need to do the baking soda thing or not?
Maybe I will just in case it helps.  

End of Day:  I don't feel I got much done today.
I did read about 100 blog posts from various bloggers.  Not nearly enough but ... it's now after 10 pm and I still have a few things to do before going to bed, so I'm stopping now.
nite nite


  1. ahhhhhh a puppy fix for the day, totally rainy and stink down here not nice at all......... and apparently a wet weekend ahead nice NOT.

  2. The pudgy little puppies are so cute. They are still kind of clumsy when they totter around, so darling. And they reach their little paws out when you reach for them. So cute. I am now waiting for a collie puppy. Should be born in three days and ready to bring home the first week of February.

  3. Sprinkle baking soda over the caroet before you go to bed then get the kids to vacuum it up in the morning. It should absorb some of the smell.

  4. I meant carpet - stupid iphone would not let me go back & correct.

  5. Frog eyed blow fish

    1. Sorry all that was just a random comment to see if what I had sorted had worked, cos I wasn't able to leave a comment from my iPhone before :)

  6. Oh I so want a puppy....but yea I'm not allowed on were I live so yea hmmmm, got thinking and came up with.... Don't tell Ma but the last time I was over I gave one of the puppy's a wee hair cut so you see by the time I have learnt to clone one, me and Keera will have moved and have a mansion and won't need to buy one ill just clone them lol......oh gosh I'm anyone wanting a gorgeous puppy in a few years and yea lol HIT ME UP......
    Good enough Ma :) xoxo

    1. Anonymous12:16 AM

      Too funny Lacey! Love it!

  7. Try the baking soda anyway, it is more for the odour so might help a bit :-)

  8. I think for you, every day is all about the dogs!!

  9. You are amazing with everything that goes on in your day. They puppies are so cute.

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Love the footage of the puppies!!!! Their scampering cheers me up every day :0) thank you!!!!!


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