Sunday, December 08, 2013


Now that Bex and Dante are home, it's time to settle back into our 'normal' routine.

Well... as normal as it can be with the run up to Christmas!

I am going out today to buy Christmas wrapping paper, I've got a lot of stuff to wrap up!

Steve and Bex have a work Christmas 'do' to go to tonight, so Bex wants to go out and find a dress to wear. 

Come to think of it, we have a work Christmas 'do' this week too... it's getting hard to remember what's happening WHEN... there's quite a bit going on in the next two weeks.
Puppies leaving home is one of the 'BIGGEST' things happening!

My biggest fear is I send the wrong puppy to it's new home!  MUST. NOT. STUFF. THAT. UP!!!

1st: PAISLEY is flying to Wellington, to be picked up and taken home to Featherson on Wednesday 18th.

2nd: Puppy E (Jet) is going home to Pukekohe, pick up from here on Friday 20th or Saturday 21st.

3rd: Ruby is going to HAWERA and Polly is going to NAPIER ... We are taking both of them to Te Kuiti to hand them over.  It's 'half way' for us and them. That is on Sunday 22nd.

4th: Puppy A (Jasper) is going to Hamilton on Christmas Eve.

So, by Christmas Day we will be totally puppy free again.  *sad face*

Now, last night I took some photos of Dante after he and Bex got home... :

 ABOVE:  he seemed to be very happy to be home.  
He was FIXATED on chasing the dogs though.  Down in Invercargill he was playing with a couple of really large dogs, and they didn't mind him at all. 

Not Teddy and Coco!  They don't want a bar of him!  He pulls their tails and hair, and they don't like that.  Hopefully Dante gets the message real fast and leaves them alone.

ABOVE:  This has got to be one of my most favourite photos of Steve and his baby boy!  They were running up and down the lounge, Dante just loves it!
The photo is a bit blurry cos they were on the move, but it's still gorgeous.

I shall now show you what I got yesterday for my computer nook:

ABOVE:  Yaaa!  A lovely screen.  It's perfect.
It keeps all the wires and what-have-you out of sight... and out of reach from little fingers!
We also got a new lamp for the lounge, it has an 'up light' and a smaller poseable downlight.  If I remember I will show you later.

Right, that's about 'it' for now... off to feed those puppies, get some washing on... bla bla bla!


LEIGH:  Forlongs. 

ABOVE:  Dante playing with Ruby.  He's fairly rough, so contact with puppies is monitored very carefully.

WEANING: this is how I do it!

 ABOVE:  some very confused puppies!  One happy Coco, she gets to play with them, but they can't force her onto her back to feed them anymore!

She is only in the baby suit while the pups are with her.  It won't be long before the pups stop even trying to nurse from her.

ABOVE:  kisses for Granddad.  

Like every other man and his dog... we went grocery shopping.  And spent a shit load of money ... *sigh*... necessary though.  

Now we are off to Lacy's to get our Christmas decorations which are in storage at her place.

Christmas tree should be up by tonight.  I am actually looking forward to it being up for once.

End of Day: well... Steve and Bex just got home after spending a lovely evening with the staff from Southern Traders, where he still works on a part-time basis.  I'm so glad they had a nice evening out... it doesn't happen much for them, or us actually.
Our turn next I think.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. WOW! It looks great!

    Dante has changed into a little boy since being away. Not baby baby any more. :(

  2. That screen is perfect. I was envisioning one that would have to sit "zig zag" on the floor and would take up more space. This one is ideal. Also love the pic of baby and dad.

  3. Leigh9:43 AM

    Wow where did you do your shopping to get all the freebies yesterday?

  4. Love the photos of Dante and Dad....and Dante and Grandad cute! Those poor puppies they look confused alright. The screen is perfect now to tart it up and bling it out......

  5. That is one cute boy and is he ever growing! Sounds like your Christmas season is as busy as ours! Then in six weeks we leave for our holiday in Hawaii. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I think Dante is looking more and more like his mommy what do you think?

  7. The screen looks really good.
    Great pics of Dante with Dad and Granddad.

  8. Oh my he only been away a week but Dante has grown so much and changed he's a wee boy where has our wee baby boy gone

  9. Coco's outfit. Oh how funny! How brilliant!

    Hey, how goes it with the GIANT HOLE in your backyard? Your house is still standing I hope?


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