Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Morning... it's supposed to be a crap, wet day.  Perfect for staying indoors and sewing net curtains eh?

The net I bought was not a really expensive one... I didn't want to spend a small fortune, so figured if I bought a cheaper net and then tarted it up with some lace or what-have-you, it could look nice?

What do you think of it?...

ABOVE:  I had this stuff from a whole lot I was given. It used to belong to my grandmother.  It was twice as deep,  but I cut it so it's only three rows deep.  That way I had enough for all the windows in the lounge.

I am putting net on the small kitchen window and the large one in the family room too... hopefully I have enough of the edging for those windows too.

That is pretty much all I have on my list for today.  I'm over doing housework every morning.  I'm taking a break.
I might even read some blogs, catch up on what's going on in your world.  *smiles*


Going great on the net curtains this morning... should have them all sewn and hung in the next couple of hours I hope.

As it's raining, I've had to keep all the windows and doors closed, now me house smells like a dirty kennel.  Ikkk.... even with all the puppy poop/pee taken away it still stinks.  THIS is the part of puppies I don't like for sure.  

Scrap the "2 hours" to get the nets done.  OMGosh it's taking soooo long to get the edging lace on straight, and at the right length!
It's going to take double that time I reckon. *sigh*

Dumm  dee  doooo ....

BELLA:  I only added a little 'bling' to the two at the end of the lounge.  You can hardly tell I've done it, that is why I ain't doing all the other ones.  It's a waste of crystals.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  See?  Totally insignificant.   

Kids just got home, so there goes me peace and quiet.

I'm making Butter Chicken for dinner... so I can relax for a little while now.

I just resorted to the big jug to weigh them in.   All the bowls I've been using are no good now as the pups can climb out.  ....

Too cute!

So much for taking a break.  Now I need to start preparing dinner.  

I just sent each new puppy owner a copy of the photo of their puppy in a jug.  *smiles*  AND freaky, just got a comment from Tracy, Ruby's MUM.  

TRACY:  I am always trying to add bling to things.  I love bling!

It's been a lovely evening.  As the pups couldn't go outside today (too wet), we let them out in the lounge.  3 piddles and 2 poops later... they had a great time!
Steve even got in on the act and played with them too.

End of Day:  It's been a good day, happy to have the nets up.  They make the lounge feel more 'cosy' and bright.
nite nite


  1. I love what you have done with the nets. They will look lovely. As for the housework, well it's not going anywhere so it can wait. Happy net hanging

  2. That is very pretty you are so clever you should do interior decorating!!! ( haha you do already I know at your own place). I forgot to say yesterday Lacy dress/top was really nice. We have rain already and it is set to worsen ....

  3. the nets with lace look good.

  4. The nets look wonderful as they are. They DO NOT need any Bling.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Puppies in a jug - cutest photos to date!!! Made me smile and laugh. Thanks! Liz

  6. The pups look so cute in the jug!!!!!!

  7. Oh you are so crafty.. adding bling to the nets, great idea!

  8. windows look great! Pups in the pitcher are to friggen cute!

  9. wow, loving your new curtains! OMG, I can't get over how you can practically turn your hand to any crafty thing - clever! xxxx

  10. The curtains look nice :) The puppies are adorable in the pitcher!

  11. Awww! Those puppies are just so adorable! Yes, I can only imagine the smell. But they're growing so fast. :)

    The curtains are a great idea! I don't know how you were able to line everything up so well, practice I suppose.


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