Friday, December 13, 2013


I made Dante cry yesterday.

And it was the best feeling in ages!

I know... you are wondering why eh?

Well it goes a bit like this:

If Dante sees Stew heading down the stairs for work in the morning, he crawls over to the stair guard and cries his eyes out because Stew is leaving him behind!  He gets really upset.

This is noted because he hasn't done that to me at all.

Until yesterday!  He saw me leaving to take Griffin to the Dr's yesterday afternoon, and he started crying and crawled up to the stair guard and cried.  Awwww... I went back up the stairs and gave him a hug and thanked him for crying at me!  It was so lovely to know he wanted to go with me too.  *smiles*

It kinda made my day I can tell ya.

Today:  well the kids are having a fun day at the local pool with their school.  And I am seeing them out the door, and then heading back to bed!
I am feeling really tired lately.  I'm sure it's the heat starting to affect me.  I have not lost as much weight as I wanted before summer arrived, and now I'm paying the price.

I've had a few nasty heat rashes appear on and off in the last few weeks, reminding me that I really do want to move more weight.  If only it would hurry up and come off me boobs!

They are me biggest 'problem' when it gets hot.  Imagine where I get heat rashes...  *sigh*

Guys are just so lucky they don't suffer like that.... unless they get heat rashes under there 'b**ls?   I. WOULDN'T. KNOW!  And I ain't gunna ask!

Puppies are all doing really well... eating puppy food with gusto, and they are totally weaned from Coco too.  This is the first time I've managed to get them weaned by 6 weeks old!  

Coco didn't actually WANT to stop feeding them, I had to literally force her to stop.  But it's better that they go to their homes fully weaned.  It's been a hard struggle for Coco, but it's better for her in the long run too.

Right, I don't have anything else to waffle on about right now... so catch ya later... post sleep in.


ABOVE: The pups checking out Paisley's Travel Case.  Paisley is actually in it!  She kept trying to drag her blanket out of it.

ABOVE:  The pups trying to catch their mother for a sneaky feed.  I'm sure by now Coco has no milk for them anyway.  She doesn't keep still long enough for them to latch on either.

Right, I mentioned having a nap eh?  Might even do that now my morning jobs are done.

ABOVE:  Awww look at that!  Crocheted Hexies from 'Cottonreel' in England.  Now Bex can have a go at copying them.  THANKS KATHLEEN!

Bex is in baking mode.  She's making Birthday Cakes for Dante.  He will be ONE on Monday, having his Party in Hamilton Tomorrow.  I will just sit back and watch me thinks!

Miss Keera is here for the weekend too.  And right now I better go and get her lunch.

ABOVE:  some gorgeous photos of ALL OUR BABIES today.

End of Day: well a lovely day.  Babies have been delightful... both human and puppies.
I got side tracked late tonight reading up on my new camera, so I have SOME idea of how to use it when I get it.
Now I'm about to go to bed.
nite nite


  1. yes heat and weight don't mix and me wanting to wear me lava lava (sarong) everywhere is just too tempting!!!!!! Awwww Dante and tears he misses Grandma! glad it's Friday too, probably knowing all your jobs are caught up will me you are stress dumping and relaxing down YOU DO lead a very busy life ya know just saying!!! lol

  2. It's hard to believe that darling Dante is turning one. His first year has just gone by way too fast.

  3. LOVE those pictures of the kids with the puppies. So dang cute!!

  4. Wow Dante's nearly one where did that year go lol....luv the pics very cute. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  5. Oh MY! Your babies are gorgeous! And I can't believe how quickly your human babies have grown! Dante is going to be 1 already??? Where has the time gone?

  6. Keera gets prettier , Dante looks enchanting . They are really going to miss the puppies .
    I'm so pleased the hexies arrived. Tell Bex, power to her elbow

  7. It's nice to be missed!


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