Monday, December 02, 2013


Wow, 5 days without our little man Dante!
It's going to be so quiet.

I'm sure once him and Bex get back home I will be sick of the quietness... *smiles*

Now... let's have some photos from yesterday:

AND... how about a little video too?  OK...

ABOVE:  it's a bit longer than 'usual', but I'm sure the puppies families will enjoy watching them romping around on the grass.

TODAY:  housework first.  Then sewing.  I want to knock the Christmas gifts on the head this week while it's quiet during the day.

I'm not totally sure what else I need to make, so will go over my lists and get it all sorted.  It's getting late to be posting overseas, so I really need to get it done!

We can hand deliver parcels to Hamilton on the 22nd when we go down the line with Ruby and Polly.  So that's 2 less to post.


I just spoke to the workmen over my fence about the hole etc.  They are filling it in as we speak.  I just hope it doesn't cause any problems in the future.  It might pay to get their business name and phone number me thinks.

Well... all the blinds are out in the sun, it's a stunning day here!
I have also tidied up the Puppy's pen, and extended it.  Now Coco can't actually get in with them unless I put her in there.
This is Stage 1 of weaning.

I have to do it this way because Coco is not the sort of mother dog who weans her pups!  She just keeps on feeding them till the day they leave home!  That's not so good for the pups,  cos they take longer to settle in their new homes if they are still drinking from Coco.

BLONDIE:  that's why I'm doing them today!  And I can think of a whole host of shit jobs around the house:  cleaning loos, fridges, ceilings, skirting boards, under the washing machine... omgosh the list could go on and on!
But my No# 1 hate is.....  the windows of course!  I have to do them next.  *sigh*

It's been so hot today ... I've taken a 2nd shower for the day... and I think I now need ANOTHER one.  I'm re-hanging the blinds... but not screwing all of them back cos it's just too bloody hot.  I've got sweat pouring down my back... and a bright red face.  NOT pretty.
I think the guys will have to do it for me tonight.

Dinner.  I'd planned to make a meatloaf, but I've shelved THAT idea too.  It will have to be for tomorrow.  I'm too damn hot and bothered to do it now.

Well... a very quiet day.  Not sure if I like it!  I'm missing our wee man and Bex.  Thankfully they are only gone for a week.
Steve spoke to Bex over SKYPE tonight, so we got to see her.  Dante was asleep.  Drat.

End of Day: well I got a lot done around the house today, but no sewing.  I shall get more done on that tomorrow I hope.
nite nite


  1. cute pics of the puppies,Griffin and Keera!

  2. lovely pics of the puppies, Keera looks so nice in that outfit, Blinds along with windows are the stinkiest of jobs!!! The weather is meant to pack it in later on this week wed/thurs/fri yuck....

  3. YES! Get their names just in case. I can't believe their carelessness, though at least they are trying to rectify it.

    MY those pups are sweet! Enjoy your peace away from the baby. They're so fun, but so tiring, and it's good to get a break. God bless! :)

  4. The puppies are getting cuter by the minute but I beet they're a handful.

    I caught up on some of your posts and LOVE your sewing. You have a great eye for color and pattern. How lucky your family and friends are that you'll be making Christmas gifts for them :-)

    xo jj

  5. I love your little video clip Chris ... I can't believe how energetic the puppies have become in such a short time! They are so cute!

    I don't blame you for not liking cleaning the blinds ... I'm like that with my slimline blinds. I really must pull finger out and take them down and give them a good clean before Christmas.

  6. It horrible when you have to do housework and stuff when it is so blasted hot! Luckily you have a choice and can go cool off when you want to :)
    Back to work today was hard for me.. I struggled big time! Longest break I have had for a very long time :) Only get the public holidays off over Christmas too pooh... I was hoping for a few days in a row. Oh well maybe it will be quiet!

    Just ate a Peppy Chew I got for the kids at your Cadbury factory in Dunedin... omg yummoooo we dont have them here! (we have cadbury factory 2 hours from us :P) Boohoo! (Nathan didnt want his out of the multi pack I got them each... or his Perky Nana or his pineapple lumps... :P yummoo I will thoroughly enjoy them over the next few days. Space them out so not being a total piggy!

  7. Enjoy the quiet while you can!

  8. ick windows. I should do that, I hate doing windows.

    Pups are so cute :)


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