Thursday, December 19, 2013


While I was outside yesterday with the remaining 4 pups, we got a little visitor.  He/she was very brave coming so close to me and the pups!...

ABOVE:  how cute is this little sparrow?  I've not seen many sparrows lately at all, so it was lovely to have one visit my 'lawn'.  

 ABOVE:  there was a battle over a LEAF!  Seriously, it was just a leaf!  Polly ended up with it in the end.

 ABOVE:  our gorgeous boys.  They fight a lot... trying to dominate each other.  Funnily enough, tiny Puppy E (Jet) usually wins!  

 ABOVE: Our MAD AS Polly.  She has earnt that title!  She is a right ratbag, if anyone is racing around like a mad thing, it's her.  Full of energy and sass... Robyn you are gunna have fun with her.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Puppy A (Jasper) trying to talk some sense into his sister Ruby.  He looks demented!  lol

ABOVE:  Puppy A and Polly, being nice and quiet for just a moment.  Quiet moments don't last long.  

ABOVE:  Ruby was shaking her head... and I got this shot of her.  Seriously, she looks a bit like a panda!  Or a Teddy bear.  Such a cute little fluff ball of fun.


Might have to go back to our human babies!  And sparrows!  lol

TODAY:  Not much on my agenda.  Housework.  Sewing.  Kids and pups.  Just the usual!


My back is killing me.  I woke up with a low backache, and it's just getting worse by the hour.  The only thing that stops it hurting is sitting perfectly still.
So really, I'm stuck in a chair for now!
Shit, I just hiccuped, and it hurt.  Grrrrrr.

FRUSTRATING.  I have NO IDEA why my back is hurting either.  I've not done anything to hurt it.  

Bex got home from Playcentre and has given me a Voltarin pain pill.  I hope it works, cos the two Panadol I took at 8 am did NOTHING.
She also told me to keep moving, as sitting still or lying down will make it worse.
Drat, I was perfectly happy to sit here and read blogs today!

LYNDA:  I can't get over how many sparrows you have on your lawn!  I was wrapt to see ONE!!!  lol

I quickly popped out to the Post Office and mailed Paisley's blanket to her... I hope it arrives down there sooner rather than later... though it sounds like Paisley is PERFECTLY happy in her home. That's awesome.

There was a Christmas Party at Playcentre today, Dante got to meet Santa:

ABOVE:  and like pretty much every baby, he did not like that hairy strange man AT ALL!

ABOVE:  he was a bit happier on his Mummy's knee.  

Well, Bex's Voltaren pain pill has worked tonight, I actually moved without pain for a while.
Being in pain all day sure is not good for one's mood!  

I took it out on Griffin, poor kid.  He really struggles to follow instructions if you ask him to do more than about 2 things at a time... and I overloaded him with 4 things to do ... then got mad cos he got it all wrong.  My BAD. 

Luckily he's stuck with me, so I've got time to make it up to him.  *smiles*

End of Day:  very hot day, very humid and draining.  Hopefully it's a bit cooler tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. All the sparrows live at my place! Seriously, sometimes there can be as many as 60 or 70 on the lawn. It's crazy. Sometimes I look at the kitchen window and freak out because the lawn is covered in birds! No idea why except I don't have a cat to scare them off and there are plenty of trees to nest in nearby.

  2. More on sparrows... look at my backyard! Only about 40 in shot but there's more to the right not photographed.

    I hope you back feels better :)

  3. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I have heaps of them as well and a one legged one I call Jack. I feed them as I felt sorry for Jack(who happens to be a lady) and now they are all turning up with there fluffy babies. God knows how Jack managed that but yep a little fluffy sparrow with 2 legs. Also have blackbirds and a thrush with their 2 each in tow. What do I feed them sunflower seeds unsalted peanuts and raisins for the big birds. I think your pups would hover up the raisins tho
    Sounds like you need a bit of manipulation for your back and a hot shower or bath to loosen it.
    Mary H

  4. beautiful puppy pics, just gorgeous, Samuel was freaked out at cookie bear!!!! Santa he was quiet and pensive but very wary.....

  5. Does anyone actually have photos of 1-2 year olds NOT crying at Santa? It is like a rite of passage.

  6. Jasper looks like he's ready to take a bite out of Ruby! (you pick very good names, btw)


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