Saturday, December 07, 2013


After all the rain we've had in the past few days, I thought it would pay for me to check out the hole on our fence line again.

The contractors had filled it in, but then dug it up again to connect the sewer line on the other side of our fence, for the new house that will be built there.

They had shored up the hole by our fence... but I kinda thought it wouldn't hold after all the rain.....

ABOVE:  there is no comfort in being right.  Now we will have to wait and see what they do next.

 ABOVE:  the tomato plants are going crazy...

So are all our potted vege plants.  We have been eating lettuce, spring onions, chives and spinach from our pots for a couple of weeks now.

 ABOVE:  the rain has battered my hydrangeas... and I forgot to put sulphate of aluminium in the soil before they flowered, so they are not as blue as they should be.  They look really dismal.

ABOVE:  a win here!  This grapevine is finally growing well.   One day I hope it produces heaps of grapes for us.  OMGosh I love grapes.

Today:  BEX AND DANTE come home.  They will be home by dinnertime (evening).  I am sure they will be happy to get home again.

Not sure what is on the agenda for the day yet... but I do have to go out and post a parcel to me Mum in Australia.  I've left it a bit late for her to get it by Christmas I think.  *sigh*


We had a quick visit from Kelly, Gordon and Rena this morning... then once they had gone... 

We went out.  To Hamilton.  
And did our Christmas shopping, plus got a couple of things for us too.

ABOVE:  it was a tight fit, but Stew got it all in.
We did all our shopping in the one place, and got rewarded with a FREE Turkey, two FREE Half Hams and a FREE Chicken too!   
Now that sort of shopping I like.

Now we are home again, and Steve is about to head off to the airport to pick up Bex and Dante.
I can't wait to see your wee man... yeah, yeah... and Bex too!  *smiles*

End of Day: lots of loves tonight from master Dante.  Lovely to see them home again. Photos tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Terrible! Outrageous! They need to fix this AND give you something for your time and trouble! Good luck!

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Garden is looking gorgeous by the way.... puppies ALSO looking gorgeous! Busy times ahead... you'll be looking forward to Dante and Bex being back I'm sure. Have a great weekend even though the weather is blah... quite muggy this morning huh!!


  3. Oh joy building contractors noise and work IF I were you I would make a cake or two get them on side and they will do anything you ask!!! especially that ginger cake! Ye gads your veges are mutating fast !!!!! lol

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I think your hydrangeas look amazing. Wish mine looked as good

  5. Our vege garden has gone mad too. Can't wait for homegrown tomatoes. I bet Steve is missing Bex & Dante.

  6. Looks like the wet weather has done your garden a lot of good although it also looks like it's caused some extra work for the contractors! Thanks for your comments on my site. Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Wow that's great to get all that free food! The veggie garden looks like it's doing great too!


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