Wednesday, December 18, 2013


There is this funny 'lump' in me gut.  I'm sure it's from the nerves I'm feeling about Paisley flying!

I'm sure she will be OK, it's not a long flight and before she knows it she will be in the arms of Denise and her new family.

I've got photos to share (again!):

ABOVE:  all our puppies for one of the last times romping in the sunshine together.

ABOVE:  a production line of mug rugs!  I love making them.

ABOVE: our stunning little Keera with butterfly wings.  This photo is a bit blurred due to her moving, but I think it looks gorgeous!

I'm off now to make a start on the day, and get Paisley ready for her big trip down the country.


DENISE:  Make sure you have a pair of scissors or knife with you as you will need to cut the cable ties that the puppy's crate is secured with.
Air New Zealand insist that the door be secured with 4 cable ties!

I'm running around making sure I have everything of Paisley's.  I think I've got everything!

Paisley is at the airport now, waiting for her flight.  I didn't cry, but it was close!  I am cross with myself though.  I forgot to send her BLANKET!!!
In the last minute rush to get all the pups in the crate, I forgot to grab it.

So Denise, I shall post it this afternoon.  Do I have your address?  I might just go look for it!... AND DOUBLE check I put the right puppy in the crate!  lol
I DID.  Phew!

DOGSTARS:  I am anxiously awaiting any sort of communication from Paisley's family!  I don't have a cell phone number for them, just their land line one.  As they probably aren't home yet, I shall just have to wait!

PAISLEY IS HOME!  And perfectly happy by the sound of it.  Denise said the plane was a little late, so she was a bit worried, as I was from this end.  But, all is good.  Apparently the resident cat is sitting on the bench looking at the new bundle of fluff who's invaded the house!  So cute.

I can almost visualise the household... all fussing over darling Paisley!  And so they should, she is gorgeous of course!  We don't make ugly babies in this house.  *smiles*

I am now so happy.  Big *sigh* of relief she is home and happy.

Dinner.  I've got lamb chops in the oven with onions, potatoes and lashings of Thick Mint Sauce.  OMGosh dinner is going to be yum.

I put a loaf of bread on this morning... and it just finished... so I excitedly opened the lid...

ABOVE:  there should be a loaf popping out the top... but instead... we have this!  Dry ingredients... WHAT THE?  Oops, I forgot to add the water didn't I!
Bex is now laughing her head off... cos I stuffed up too... it's not just her.
In my DEFENSE, I've stuffed up less times than her.  pffffft!

So sorry Steve, but no lovely fresh bread for your lunch tomorrow.  
I blame it on 'puppy brain'... I was rather distracted this morning...

End of Day:  well it's been a funny old day.  I already miss Paisley, she is such a little love.
Stinkin hot here in the house... doesn't help when I get a hot flush too.  Got a nasty headache developing.  Dante is cutting molars, so he's out of sorts too.  
Time to hit the sack (bed).
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Good bye Paisley, I have enjoyed watching you grow these past 7 weeks also.

  2. Aww, I'm sure it is hard to see the first puppy go, especially going off in an airplane. I will look forward to seeing later that she arrived just fine.
    That is a precious picture of Keera.

  3. Ohhhhh *tear Good Bye Paisley...I'm so happy I got the chance to meet you and have cuddles and play with you, all you puppies are just so adorable.
    Keera and I wish you all the best with you'r new human family.
    Safe Travels wee puppy xoxoxox

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    See you in an update Paisley (hopefully) Grown so fast looking so so cute. Have a great life with your forever family.
    Beautiful picture of Keera Well done Lacy she is a credit to you
    Mary H

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Good luck with your flight Paisley!!!! Your Mumma is gonna miss you!!!! (that'd be you Chris!!)

  6. Has Paisley arrived yet? This is totally a day when we need another puppy update.

  7. Lorraine H5:27 PM

    Oh Chris that is a new way of making the stuffing for the Turkey on Xmas.Forgeting the water in the breadmaker.
    Great to hear your little baby has arrived safe and sound in her new home.

    Southgirl x

  8. Awwww. Bye, Paisley!! :(

  9. gorgeous photos of paisley yay glad her flight went ok...... mmmmm puppy brain loaf making not your best effort..... oh well.

  10. Can't believe the puppies are leaving home, they grow up so fast "sniff sniff".

  11. Aww first one to leave the nest. Belated Happy Birthday to Dante. Enjoy the summer break. Take care.

  12. LOL cracking up at the bread maker!! I'd so do that! I need to get one although I don't know where I would put it. All the ingredients in the bread here are scary!


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