Monday, December 30, 2013


I think I mentioned us getting a new fan the other day?
Anyway, I must show you how big it is! ... 

ABOVE: See?  It really is a monster.
It is perfect for in the garage... it will make being down there bearable in the heat of summer.
It has three speeds...

1) a very windy day
2) gale force winds
3) a jet plane taking off!   ha ha ha.

It really is amazing!  I am going to be able to get on the treadmill  now... as it will keep me cool.

I can't stand getting too hot now days... thanks to having Hot Flushes for about 8-9 years now.

I had planned on sewing last night, but ended up watching some TV instead.
I took my 'nite nite' pills a bit too early in the evening and really struggled to stay awake.
So, maybe I will get some done today.

What else can I blither on about?
Onward For Life?  I'm back on track at last.  I even threw out the last of the Christmas Cake last night, and fought off the craving for something to eat after dinner.

I know it's going to be hard (again), but determination is going to kick in again... I just know it.  

I have a 'number' in my head for the end of  January... and it's not only 2.5 kgs.  Wish me luck.


WELL.... this morning has not gone to 'plan' at all.
Two days ago Coco was sick, she didn't want any food all day and just lay down and slept.  She also had the shits.

Then yesterday she was back to her usual mad self, eating and racing around the house like a mad thing (that's where Polly gets it from!), so I thought she was over whatever was ailing her.

Until this morning... yep she was starving like usual, but OMG she has the shits again!  It was in the laundry and out on their grass area... heaps of it.

So, I cleaned her and the laundry up and starting thinking WHAT could be upsetting her tummy?

She has had no different food at all.

Then I looked outside at her 'environment' and wondered.... is she eating the tomatoes?  Or any of the other vegetables, like the lettuce, chives or spring onions?

So, as that is highly likely, I have moved all the pots over to where the tomatoes are, and have fences off that area completely.  It means they have a little less run around room... but she can't eat the tomatoes, chives or spring onions, they are toxic to dogs.

So now we wait, and see if she stops with the shits!  If she doesn't, she will have to go to the Vets.

It is now 10.21 and I'm off to finally have my shower and get out of my PJ's... YES... I was outside in me PJ's till now!
No one could see me anyway, so it didn't matter.

Hi!  I've been sewing.  It's great for stress... maybe not so good for me butt though! I think I was down in me room sewing for about 3 hours... time just flies doesn't it!

Anyway, I am working on some mug rugs for Mike and Joyce, and I've only got to bindings to go ...

 ABOVE:  doesn't look like I've done much for 3 hours work!  But... I worked non-stop, lots of applique' work with fiddly little pieces does take time.

Stew has lamb chops in the oven for dinner... so that's something to look forward to.  I can smell the mint sauce... *drool*...

End of Day:  dinner was lovely.  So was just relaxing in the evening watching some mindless TV.  Chill out time.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. hells bells that's a fan alright you could dry washing with that!!! Good on you for persevering hope the rain holds off for shed building....

  2. Love the fan speeds lol

  3. Good luck Chris. You are doing so great with your Onward for Life plan. Time to really go for it xx

  4. I am another that potters around in my pi's till I am ready to get dressed.

    And those fans are just the best...

  5. Poor Coco. I hope she feels better soon.

  6. I hope Coco is better now!


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