Tuesday, December 31, 2013


And we don't have any plans.

We never do really... old farts we are.

Perhaps we will go and watch the fireworks from the Skytower?  Maybe I can read up on night photography today so I can try and get some photos with me new camera?
Hmmm... that's not a bad idea.

The guys are hoping it's not wet today so they can have a go at assembling the garden shed.

ABOVE:  This is how it's going to look, all going well.  Only, without the pretty pink border... lol.

We bought the straight zincalume model, as to get one that was either green or cream was going to cost another $100!  Ahhh nope, it won't be any bigger in colour eh?  And as it's going around the back of the house no one is going to see it anyway.

I can't wait to get all the gardening things out of the dungeon (under the house storage room).  Then we can tidy up down there and it won't be so crammed up with surplus household stuff like beds, chairs, dog crates and the like.

So... that's the plans for the day.  Shed building for the guys, and reading up on camera operation for me.  The kids are being really good, enjoying their new skateboard and scooter outside with other kids in our immediate area.

Oh and other thing I have to do today, and probably every day over summer... drink salty water!  I am getting cramps in me bloody toes of all places!  And I woke with a cramp in my calf the other day too.  I suppose sweating so much in the heat is causing the loss of natural salts in the body?  Most likely.  
So.  Water (IKKK) and salt.  Anyone else have any other solution to cramps???

I was looking back over photos taken in the last few days and found this one:

ABOVE:  I don't know how I missed it!  It's rather cute, see the look on Dante's face... precious.  It's a bit like he's thinking "Hmm, who is this dude who looks a lot like my Daddy and Granddad?"  He's such a cheeky little imp.

I'm so happy he came to like Mike in the short time Mike & Joyce were visiting us.

I know everyone says it, but really!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  I hope like hell 2014 is kinder to us.  I really don't want another year like 2013, with so many up's and down's.

I couldn't decide which image
I liked the most, so ya get 4!  

I hope you all have a good New Year's Eve tonight and tick over into 2014 in good health and a positive frame of mind.  I know we are trying to.


Coco seems to be perfectly fine this morning... no shits thank goodness.

We got a parcel this morning...

ABOVE:  WOW!!!  My dear friend Anne and her daughter Toni-Maree sent this lot over for us!!!
I love the bracelets!  The clothes for our bubs are just gorgeous... the crackers?  Ha ha, a private joke between us. 

THANK YOU so much girls, you so didn't have to do that!!!  But... PARCELS are so much fun to open.
I am going to really enjoy switching bracelets from day to day... and giving some to our kids too. 

Griffin has already picked one, and I'd not even thought to give him one!  Oh well... he gets one then.  *smiles*

Visitors arrived, so I just put these bottom  two photos on without words... but I can now:

ABOVE:  the Harvey Guys building the shed.  Fun photo of all the 'Builder's Cracks'!
This is NOT the first time I've taken such a photo, but the first time with all 3 of them showing their butts.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Brylee, Griffin and Bex showing off their bracelets.  We ♥LOVE THEM♥ Anne, thank you so much again.

End of Day:  well it's been a rather nice day.  I got 5 mug rugs finished for Joyce and the guys got the shed partly assembled.  They have to clear the area we want it to be in, which means moving my rhubarb patch, but it shouldn't be too hard.
Time to relax, and maybe see in the New Year.
Or go to bed... either way... I'm happy this year is ending.
nite nite


  1. Happy New Year Chris, I hope its kinder to you also :)

  2. A very Happy New Year to you and yours Chris:)

  3. I have high hopes for 2014, 2013 wasn't that fabulous for us .... I wish nothing but the best for you and yours :). Try magnesium tablets for the cramps. Darryl takes them for his and they seem to help.

  4. I feel I may have to have a nana nap today that's how old fartish I feel! Lovely photo of Dnate Grandad and Mike, We have sunshine wind and thank the lord NO hint of RAIN!! Heres to a new year too.... yay

  5. Hi Chris! Happy New Year to you! I haven't commented much this year, but am still an ever faithful reader :)
    Regarding your cramps, I was getting a lot of them in my toes and calves (especially in the middle of the night!), and was told to take a magnesium supplement. Once I started taking 1 tablet a day the cramps subsided after about a week. I continued to take them for a while, but find I can get enough magnesium from my vegies now. Not sure how salt water will work - haven't heard of that before. I do suggest that if you take them in the morning, that you have something to eat after it.
    Good luck with whatever you try!!
    Leanne xx

  6. Hehe so glad the parcel finally arrived and that you are all enjoying the bracelets etc, Griffin, that brown one looks great on you :) and Brylee, what is your fav colour?

    Can't wait to see if the clothes fit though :)

    Have a great New Years Eve to all your family Chris and to all your readers, I wish you all a happy fun NYE too where ever you all are


  7. Happy New Year's Eve Chris I will be having a quiet one too . A group of friends get together for New Year's Day every year for the last 10 years so will save myself for that lol......Then it's onward and downward like you this is the year for ME...... Love the pressie from Anne what a sweetie. Glad coco is better today too.

  8. Happy New year gorgeous lady and to your family too. I hope the coming year is more settled and there are less storms for you and your family to weather. Take care and have a nice evening. xxxxx

  9. Happy New Year mate. Hope it is a good one

  10. Happy New Year, hope 2014 is a fantastic year for you. I suffer from cramps, but take magnesium, its very good us middle age girls, good for nervous system too!

    Cheers and all that!

  11. Yay for more home improvement plans! Those cracks are begging for an ice cube drop lol.

    HEY what happened to the GIANT hole in the ground under your fence? Did I miss an update!??

    And. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)

  12. Gorgeous bracelets.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Be a very quiet one here too.

  13. Happy New Year to you and your family Chris - I haven't forgotten about the top - will get it to you within the next week if you like - text me your addy please

  14. I just heard on the TV here that the new year had arrived in New Zealand....I hope the new year starts well for you and brings many good things to you and your family.


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