Saturday, November 30, 2013


Bex and Dante are flying to Invercargill today.
Sadly Steve has to stay here and work.

Bex is going down to attend her Dad's internment at their home town of Invercargill. AND catch up with all of her family, show off Dante etc.
I am sure she will have a lovely week... and I hope Dante isn't too disgruntled with travelling and being in strange places.

We will miss them both very much.

Now I think I mentioned taking heaps of photos of the pups last night, so here's the results:

Ruby, the biggest girl, but only just.
She's playful and likes to get in on any of the action.  Loves cuddles.  Very playful and will ALWAYS join in on a playfight.

Polly, the smallest girl but my gosh she makes up for it with ATTITUDE.  She is always starting a playfight with someone.
Sure can stand up for herself!
She is always on the go, and will only stay still if you flip her on her back and rub her tummy!
She likes that!

 Paisley, our other big girl.  There's not much in it between her and Ruby.  Paisley is a bit more reserved, but certainly loves to join in on any playfight that's going on.
LOVES biting feet and toes.  And licking them too... Seriously.  Who needs a foot bath when she's around!  Loves cuddles too.

 'Puppy A' (Jasper) is just so sweet.  He is a real cuddly boy, but loves having playfights with Polly.  If anyone is having a playfight, it's HIM and POLLY! 
He was the leanest of the pups, until yesterday!  Yesterday he gained 78 grams in a day!!!  That is the biggest gain in a day by any of the pups.
Why?  Simple.  He loves the puppy food!  He's the first to get his nose in the bowl and the last to leave!

 Puppy E (Jet)... omgosh he is just the cutest little boy ever!  He's the smallest of all the pups, shy and very cuddly.  BUT... when all the other pups are having a playfight, he's the one who holds back... all innocent like.  Then, when he sees his chance he very quietly sneaks up and bites someone on the bum/leg/tail!
Then our clever boy slinks backwards and pretends it wasn't him.  lol

I dearly love all my pups. It will be hard to see them leave home.  BUT... I know that in another 3 weeks I will be rather tired of having to get up early every morning to crying babies (5 of them!) all screaming for their breakfast!
And let's not even think about the number of times I will have cleaned up puppy poop in the next 3 weeks!

At least this year it's so much warmer outside, they can spend longer periods of time on the grass and do their 'business' out there!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaa   *smiles*

Right, gotta go.  Puppies to feed.  Washing to get on.  Bid the travellers farewell.  bla bla bla


Today I am working on Paisley's blankie... you can see a snippet of it above.

Bex and Dante have left, Stew is dropping them off at the airport.  I hope she manages OK, she has a large suitcase, two 'day' bags and of course Dante to keep a hold of too.

Good news from Bex.  Jet Star have been really, really helpful.  They took her bags and put them on the plane right away, so she only has to deal with her day bag and Dante.  
This is unusual as Jet Star have a very bad reputation for being useless!  Maybe they are pulling up their socks?

ABOVE: Denise the travel case arrived for Paisley.  Very impressed with how prompt the seller was.  Sorry it's not PINK.  lol

 ABOVE:  Our little man Dante.  Sound asleep in his Uncle's truck.  Bex said he slept on the plane, and he's asleep again!  So, as Bex said, he will be a little live wire once he wakes up!

I reckon that will be good, cos he's got lots of family to meet and greet.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I just finished Paisley's blanket.  It's LONG... cos her name is LONG.  Here's hoping neither of the boys end up with a very long name like Washington!  Nah, I shall just shrink the letters down... silly me, I should have done that with Paisley's,  but didn't think of it in time.  Derrrr.

Right, I'm off to continue Christmas presents.

I got mail!  Yep, it's a big deal... the only mail that usually arrives is bills...

 ABOVE:  first up... Felicity down in Christchurch sent me these totally cute 'nautical' bits 'n' bobs.  Most are for sewing onto projects, and there is a cute little anchor and blingy thing that is going on my key ring.  AND a nautical brooch.  So cute.  THANK YOU Felicity!   YOU ROCK.

ABOVE:  2nd item in the post today:  a Belated Birthday card, with gift inside.  Thank You so much Sandi in Washington USA.  You know what I am doing with your gift... I sent you an email about it.  THANK YOU!!!

Gosh people are so lovely!  

I just took all the puppies outside for a play, but they didn't like being outside today.  It's blowing a gale and threatening to bucket down any moment now.  The sky has gone really black...oooo  thunder and lightening would be neat.

ABOVE:  just talked with Lacy.... and she pointed out that I'd not put any photos of Miss Muppet on the blog today.  WHOOPS.  I did have this collage ready to go up, but fogot. 
So, here they are Lacy... just for you.  Miss Muppet having fun.

Some days I think I overdo it.  Today is one of those days.  I've been sewing every minute I could.  My shoulders and back are killing me!
Time to stop.  I accomplished heaps today... so it was worth it.

End of Day:  knackered.  Time to take a pill for the pain in me back and go to bed.
nite nite


  1. Great photos Chris. Love how you have put all their personalities down also. Yes it will be sad... but you will get to meet me and Molly ;-) and know that Ruby is going to be spoilt rotten like Mizz Molly. Ohhh and by the way,,,,I have more buttons!!!! not risking sending them again!!! LOL

  2. Have a good weekend! Glad they're not going away permanently! (That's what I thought from the title)

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Safe travels bex and dante, enjoy your visit with family and friends.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Looking forward to the video (as per last year) of Coco and puppies play time in the back yard Cannot be far away Mary H

  5. Wow a big trip for Dante, glad Bex had friendly helpful staff how cool. Puppies are sooooooooo cute love love love all the photos. Have a great day.

  6. What a cute photo of Dante!! Ooooh he's lovely. And of Keera of course! Very cute kidlets. And puppies... nothing but cuteness at your house!

  7. Mmmm.... I seem to have seen that orange outfit that Keera is wearing before? Hehe... I couldn't resist - she looks very cute and is coming along so well. Lacy is doing a wonderful job :)

  8. I cannot believe how big those babies are getting!!!!

  9. Chris you need to get a Sew Ezi table from Whangarei, check out the website. I used to have sore shoulders and neck. After an hours sewing but since the first time using the table I have sewn all day and no pain. It is awesome and portable too.

  10. Those puppies are so cute , but the babies ,meaning Dante and Keera are cuter by far


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