Saturday, December 28, 2013


First up for today... something that we have all been waiting for.
Dante walking.
He actually walked for me yesterday morning, but I've not been able to catch him on camera until today.

He just needed more confidence, and to SLOW DOWN.  He tried going too fast, and that's why he kept falling down.

Now he knows he has to do it slowly:

ABOVE:  His nibs walking.  So thrilled to see him making huge leaps in his development.  

He is also saying 'Ta' and a word Mike has introduced him to:

It's 'BAKA', which is a Japanese word which means 'stupid, idiot or fool'.  Dante can say it, only his version sounds like 'buggar' !

Nice one Mike.  Teach the baby bad words.

Talking of Mike, he and Joyce are leaving today, probably late morning.  We are following them to Hamilton to do some Christmas shopping with them, then coming home again, while they continue on to Palmerston North.

It has been WONDERFUL having them here, I am going to miss them something rotten.  
This coming year I vow it will NOT be another whole year before we see them again.
I shall try and go down sometime mid-year for a visit, and also a catch up with my girlfriends down there.  

Miss my girlfriends so much too.  "Hi" Chris D, Sandra, Anne, Janene, Jenny, Janine, and whoever else I've forgotten!  Lois! *smiles*

I took a series of photos last time Mike was here, of him, Steve, Stew and Dante.  I've tried to replicate them as it's almost a year since the first ones were taken.

I got this one done last night:

 ABOVE:  the Harvey men.

ABOVE:  a few lovely ones of Steve, Bex and Dante.

Right, time to get a move on, help the kids get ready to leave.  Hopefully get some more photos of the 'Harvey Men' before Mike goes again.

I hate that they are leaving.  I wish they could stay here.  
Maybe one day I will get my way and get them to move up here?  I would love that.
*hint hint* when ya read this Mike and Joyce!


 Can you tell I'm having lots of fun with my new camera?  *smiles*

Hi there, thanks for pointing out I'd done the dates wrong on me photos.  I have been editing photos for too long... and started to get confused.

I did the same thing with the Christmas presents, and gave the wrong ones to a couple of people!  Sorry Kelly and Steve!

So, our trip down to Hamilton went well... Mike only took 1.5 hours to choose his presents!  And I say ONLY because he is a MASTER PROCRASTINATOR, and can take an hour to decide what to wear for the day, let alone actually leave the house.  *sigh*

Some things never change.  lol

I did take a 'few' photos, but editing them and getting them on the blog will have to wait.  I'm tired and need to just relax for a little while.

I managed to find out how to get the camera onto 'Scene Mode'... so now I can take photos of Sports, Macro, Portrait etc.  Yaaaa.  Hopefully no more blurry photos!

End of Day:  Mike and Joyce are safely back in Palmerston North, we have all had dinner and us adults have had a coffee made by Steve. Mine was a half strength coffee/caramel mix.  Quite nice.

I'm going to try and get an early night tonight... and get back into my sewing and 'normal' activities tomorrow.
More photos of today will be one the blog tomorrow... as per usual.  *smiles*
nite nite 


  1. Awwwwww that's so cool Dante you clever clogs! Grandad and Dante so special Smauel used to rub nuzzle and nudge my dads beard too he so loved his Grandad.....
    Lovely lovely photos.

  2. Yay Dante!!!!! Beautiful family Chris:) Best of the holidays to you and yours!

  3. That second photo is that meant to show 28/12/2013? and boy you can clearly see the difference in clothes on you well done!!!!! Heaven if we thought you photo bombed BEFORE look out now!!!!! lol

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Wrong date on the photos! I know you mean December 2013 not January 2013.

    Ann B, NZ

  5. Chris you can really see the huge difference between you last year and this year ... but you need to change the date on the later photo's you have them down as January rather than December ... however to reiterate you have done a fantastic job this year.

  6. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Haha! Got the same top on as the beginning of the year!

  7. Look look great a year on Chris, looking younger and more stylish ( the bun so suites you) :)

  8. Yeah that you got your new toy (camera)! :) I love the rendition of previous photos you've done - that is so cool! Nice to see you got to spend time with Mike and Joyce, as well as other family members at Christmas. I can't believe how quickly Keera and Dante are growing up!

  9. Glad all travels were safe. Love Dante walking, no stopping him now.


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