Saturday, December 14, 2013


I feel really guilty.

I'm missing yet another grandchild's first birthday party.

Dante is having his 1st Birthday Party in Hamilton today.  Everyone from here is going, except me and Keera.

I am not going to leave the puppies ALONE for the bulk of a day, nope, just can't do it.

So, Keera and I will stay home and just have a quiet day while everyone else heads off to Hamilton.  

Fingers crossed it remains fine and does not rain, as the party is in the Hamilton Gardens, by Turtle Lake.

As Dante's actual Birthday is on Monday, I at least will be with him for that.

ABOVE: our little man outside yesterday.  He spends a lot of time pulling the grass out, and daisy's.  So cute.

 ABOVE: Hmmm... what can I say about this photo?  She's flexible?  She likes sucking her big toe?  She's a hard case!

 ABOVE:  here she is feeding/sharing her snack with her cousin Dante.  She's a little darling is our Keera.

ABOVE: this is what kept me up until after midnight last night!  I have been reading up on it's functions and features, etc.  It is mind boggling.
I don't know if I'm more excited or scared of getting it after Christmas.
Excited because I've always wanted a really good Canon.
Scared because I'm worried I won't know how to use it!

Seriously, this thing is like a computer, only harder to understand.  I will need to attend a class or three before I will feel confident with all it's functions and features me thinks.

Until last night I didn't fully understand just how complicated it is.  You see all these numbers and letters... IOS, CMOS, AF, 5.6 fpm and so on.  And it's got Wi-fi?  And a touch screen?
Shit I'm gunna be one confused woman.

So, while it's quiet with just me, Keera and the dogs/puppies I shall do some more reading.


MARK:  maybe not?  I'm getting an 18-135 lens, so that should cover the bases for a while!
I DO want a really good Macro lens, but that will have to wait cos it's about $1,000.  I have a tripod ...  A strobe?  Don't even know what that is!

It is bedlam here this morning.  Bex and Steve are getting ready to leave for Hamilton, and trying to remember everything they have to take.
Stew is pretty laid back, he's only got to worry about himself and B & G.

Me?  I'm going to do heaps of housework while they are out.

OMGosh!!!  Dante just let go of the fireguard and walked to Steve!  It was only 3-4 steps, but he did it perfectly and didn't falter at all.  Our wee man is going to be walking all around the place before we know it.

DISAPPOINTED.  Some plans I had made today fell through.  OMGosh there is a person I'd really, really like to BITCH SLAP over and over again!  And NO, it isn't the person I was talking to today, in case you think it is  ... *smiles*

I'm making inroads into several areas in the house that were bothering me.  It feels good.

ABOVE:  You too can look this fetching.... just lie on the floor and let 5 boisterous puppies romp all over you, and smother you in kisses!!!  They like 'doing' ya hair too.  NICE.  I've been licked to within an inch of me life I swear!

End of Day: I spent hours today getting the house tidy, my kitchen tidy and Stew and the kids get home and BOOM.  Mess again.  *sigh*
Time to tidy up yet again.  
nite nite


  1. Oh yeah, buy that camera and you'll always need another lens or strobe or tripod.... You'll be insatable.

  2. Oh that wee man is growing so fast. Love the pic with the dandilon so cute.
    Make the most of your quiet day hugs

  3. Enjoy your quiet day with you an Kiera.
    Dante is growing so fast. 12 months have flown by. Steps lead to trotting around everywhere so as. Hugs

  4. ahhhh how clever of Dante to do that he be walking by Monday for sure!! Those puppies yep heaven knows what mischief they would get up to unsupervised! Hope you and Keera get heaps achieved or nothing whichever enjoy the peace.

  5. Oh Keera get you dam toe out of your mouth lol, I no I have been stoping you from sucking your thumb but that doesn't mean you can put your toe in instead lol
    Man I Miss You xoxo

  6. haha puppy hair!!!! that's too funny.

  7. Yay - Dante walked! So glad you were all there to see it.

    Love Keera sucking her toe, I used to bite my toenails - sadly I am no longer that flexible :-)

  8. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Oh Dante is so so cute! He also has biteable cheeks. I would just bite them to bits!

  9. Yep, cleaning is never done. It's frustrating. Love the puppy loved look :)

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