Friday, December 27, 2013


Before I got my new camera's battery charged, I got this cute video of Mike playing with Dante:

Dante was having a wonderful time!

Now, some photos from the new Canon:

ABOVE:  first photos, not too good...

... getting better.

ABOVE:  not bad...

HOW'S THAT!   Pretty awesome photos of Brylee!  Mind you, she is highly photogenic.

I took some videos too, but yikes, not good at all.  To be expected, I need to practice like mad to get the hang of it.

Today, Steve, Bex, Mike, Joyce and Dante are off to Onehunga to Dress Mart.  They love going there for some good bargins, things Mike and Joyce can't get in Palmerston North.

Stew and I are probably going to stay home and have a break from everyone.  Brylee & Griffin can entertain themselves for a while.

I'm gunna just sit and read camera stuff.


Well, it's been a very slow start for the day here, people are still taking showers and it's almost 11 am.  
Stew offered me Christmas Cake FOR BREAKFAST... but I said no.  Today I get back on track... I will get to my goal by end of 2014, I just have to remember that:

 It is so true too!
I have indulged in everything going these past few days, and I can honestly say that while it was all yummy, none of it made me feel HAPPIER.

Only getting more weight off will do that, weight and exercise!  I am going to make a concentrated effort and go back to my monthly weigh ins.  

Being accountable to myself ... cos it's only ME who I'm battling with after all.

ABOVE: Stephanie from Hamilton sent me this photo of Puppy A (Jasper) ... he went to the Vet's today for his 2nd immunisation, and he is just fine.  The family have named him TUMA... which is pretty funky and different.  
They are simply thrilled with him, he hasn't been crying overnight and is perfectly happy.  So good to know.  He looks like a toy on their sofa!

Right now I'm home alone!  Everyone is out, and I'm plodding along with some housework... vacuming, washing floors, hanging out washing.  We all know HOUSEWORK NEVER SLEEPS. 

Floors washed.  Washing out.  Lunch in. Sewing... getting some done.  I'm hoping to get a couple of mug rugs done for Mike and Joyce before they leave tomorrow.

Talking of Mike and Joyce, they bought me a gorgeous earring and necklace set today... late Christmas Present:

photo to come.... 

ABOVE:  bugger, ya can't see the earrings.  They are the same as the coloured Koru.  I love it!
Thanks kids.

I heard from Tracy, Molly & Ruby's Mum.  She's been a bit busy, but we did have a nice chat on the phone today.  Ruby is having fun, getting very boisterous, totally different from Miss Molly when she was a baby.  *smiles*  It looks like it won't be long until she's sleeping on their bed with them and Molly by the sound of it.  

End of Day: I have enjoyed today!  I got lots of housework done, which I like cos it means the house is TIDY!  Enjoyed doing some sewing... bugger!  I didn't get back to it either, ended up have a chat to our son Russell instead.
Oh well.. sewing can always wait I suppose.
Off to bed shortly.
nite nite


  1. Make sure you take some time to relax yourself. Get the others to help with the housework.

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy and safe new year from Richard Lucinda mikayla and sophie

  3. Awwwwww neat video of Dante, and nice photos too. YES housework never lets up here either!!! lol I am meant to be on holiday but I have been at work everyday this week except xmas day!!!

  4. That video brings back memories of my brothers zooming Jessica around in one of those at my moms house. She got so spoiled by them she wouldn't push it herself haha.

    Love the necklace, just gorgeous and you are looking fab!

  5. The photos you took with the new camera are really good! I'm thinking of getting a new camera myself.


  6. you can kind of see the earrings in the mirror,, very nice....don't your kids know you so well a blue necklace from me and now from mike and joyce.....

    love kelly


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