Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Probably not much.

Gift wrapping is high on my agenda now.
And I have a few parcels to post... to the Grandkids in Australia.

I'm not posting any others, if they are wanted they can be picked up from here.  I'm done doing the running around.

Just so it's OUT THERE... every single member of our family is invited to Christmas Lunch.  EVERYONE.  RSVP by 24th December ta.

Now, some puppy photos, sorry I didn't get more individual photos this time:

ABOVE:  Dante used to chase the pups around, but now that they are mobile and have TEETH, he's not so keen on them!

I've got a darling little video of him and the pups from yesterday:

It's worth watching!

I'm off to do said gift wrapping...


ABOVE:  DONE!!!  90% done that is.  Still got a few little ones to wrap.   But so happy to have done this much already.
And it's perfect with the tree on top of the table as it gives me more room for the presents.  

I'm now popping out to post parcels to Australian grandkids.

Parcel posted, chin waxed, home to Lacy, Bex and the two bubs.
Lacy is having a go at grooming Teddy for me.
OH and I trimmed around all the puppies eyes too... they didn't like it much... well that's putting it mildly !  They hated it.  But, needs must.
Can't have them getting sore eyes from hair poking into them.

Dinner tonight will be stir fried beef with noodles, should be nice.

CHRISTINE: the house is fine, the hole is a bit away from the house.  We are waiting to see if we have any subsidence issues once they are finished doing whatever it is they are doing.  If we do have a problem, they will be easy to contact, as they will be on the contract with the City Council.  AND they will be libel is there is a problem.

Lacy and Keera are heading home, and I need to make a start on dinner I suppose...

End of Day: what can I say about today?  It had it's ups and downs.
nite nite


  1. Hope you get your gift wrapping done. Im off to NP to watch prize giving and pick up two girls from boarding school with all their bedding, clothes, books and kitchen sinks... which reminds me.. better clean car out otherwise there wont be any room left for them!!

  2. Squeee that's just so adorable!

  3. nawww that video is so cute….love the little kisses Ruby gave Dante

  4. ahhhhhhh cute cute cute, that's so darn cute!!! I am thrilled to say my tree is up!!! my lights are up!!!! yay.

  5. Ut ohhh. Nothing about the hole. Could that mean you have to be really quiet so you can get legal? They need to fix this. Am worried for your house and foundation. :(

  6. Love the pic of Dante surrounded by puppies. I really need to get my Christmas sorted, not even sure what pressies I still need to get. One I know has been ordered and I just hope it arrives in time.

  7. yup their hair grows fast.. molly is getting groomed on Thursday so she will be nice and short for the car drive in a couple weeks.

  8. Gorgeous wee video Chris. I'm envious with how organised you are for Christmas ... I haven't wrapped any presents, written Christmas cards, nor put my tree up ... *sigh* ... yip, I'm as disorganised as ever!

  9. Ha very cute video. The pups have grown so quickly. Good for you getting Christmas presents bought and wrapped. Enjoy that lovely sunshine.

  10. I believe every child should be disciplined with the family attack dogs! Great video!

  11. PS: end of the day, what can I say? It's had it's PUPS and downs!


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