Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I can't believe it, but in one more sleep this little darling...

... is going to be flying away to Wellington to be met by her 'human' Mum and Dad!
It will be the start of all our puppies leaving home.  A big step for them, and a gorgeous new family member for 5 lucky families.

The only consolation is that on Christmas Eve Mike and Joyce (our son and his partner) will be here for a few days.  So, it will still be a full house!  I love Christmas with all our family around us.
Kelly, Gordon and Rena will be coming from Hamilton, and Lacy and Keera will be here too.
It's a shame Russell and his little family are so far away, but that can't be changed.

We will be having a lovely day I'm sure.  Lots of love to go around.  And Turkey ... And Ham! And maybe a wine or two as well. 

As for today... well getting lots of hugs from our puppies, doing a little sewing, and OMGosh!
I have a MOUNTAIN of washing to fold and put away!
I'm getting very 'bad' at hiding it in the spare bedroom ... if I can't see it, it isn't a problem... RIGHT???

ha ha ha!  Does anyone else 'hide' the washing?  Clean washing, not dirty!  I'd hate to think I was the only one.  *sniff*

Sheesh, just remembered... I've got a few more photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Dante in a really lovely singlet from his Aunty Kelly and Uncle Gordon, and playing with his new toy from Grandma and Granddad.

ABOVE:  the last photos of his First Birthday.  He went to bed pretty tired after his big day.  

So did everyone else I reckon.

I'm really hoping today is a bit cooler than yesterday!  I'm melting in the heat.  So is my temper. 

Oh yikes, I just remembered another thing I have to do today!  
Go to the kid's last school assembly for the year.  They finish school for the year at 12.30, and the assembly is right before they end the day.

Can't miss Griffin getting his Award presented to him.  Stew and I are just so proud of him.  He may be a monumental shit sometimes, but he has a heart of gold.


It's been a good morning.  I did some housework then worked on more mug rugs.  Then up to school to pick up the kids.
After dropping them home, I went down to Manukau to get cable ties to secure Paisley's travel case tomorrow, and got more puppy food.

The pups are really eating heaps now!  Every time I pick them up I can feel their fat little tummy's... it's so cute.

Lacy, Bex, all 4 kids, Teddy & Coco have gone for a walk down to the local shops, so it's really quiet at the moment.

I might just slip back down to the garage and continue with my applique mug rugs.

I just took the first step in getting my new camera. I emailed 4 major retailers to ask for their BEST PRICE on what I want, so I can buy my camera on BOXING DAY!  OMGosh, so excited.

ABOVE:  Me with Miss Paisley.    Trying to take lots of photos today, as it will be our last chance to get lots of ALL THE PUPS TOGETHER, before Paisley leaves home tomorrow.
The time has gone so fast, I know we are always saying that, but it's true!

End of Day:  well... starting to feel nervous about tomorrow!  I just hope Paisley has a safe journey and isn't stressed too much.
Time to go to bed for me... it's half past 11 already!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Oh my big birthday he had a lovely day :) at playcentre amd with the family xx bexs

  2. Sup frog eyed blow fish, epicall weather ant it, how's ya vag, pretty putties little bundles of joyfull fluff lol.............
    Right my job done lol xoxoxoxoxoxo
    Now make me a sandwich lol please or I'll thro my charger at you....
    Live ya Ma :)

  3. Paisley so cute, Dante and cake and Grandma photo so cute it is stinkin hot everywhere me thinks and body temp wise too!! I feel the LAKE calling ..... now to squeeze into me bathers....

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Bet someone in Wellington is getting excited. Love the pc of Dante focused on the cake candle with Steve and Bex blowing it out. MaryH

  5. It's bittersweet when the pups leave home.

  6. Awww so sweet and so hard to say goodbye I'm sure! Love little Dante's birthday pictures, such a cutie!


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