Tuesday, December 24, 2013


HERE HE IS, our last remaining puppy... isn't he just gorgeous?  His eyes look blue, but they ain't.  It's just the flash on me camera making them reflect blue.  
He is a darling, darling little boy... and I am going to really miss him.  He's been such a little love to raise and having him for a few more days on his own has been lovely.

What wasn't lovely was sleeping on the lounge floor beside him last night so he wouldn't howl all night!  I am so tired, I will need a 'nana nap' later on!

 He was a rather timid little boy for ages, but now he's full of spunk.  

ABOVE: this would have to be his 'signature' pose.  He's always right by me munching on my fingers or trying to pull me top off!  The 'demented' look suits him.  ha ha ha!

ABOVE:  Dante is enjoying being near the puppy without getting bowled over or nibbled at.

JACKIE:  just so you can stop looking back through my blog for where YOU SAY I said I was only going to breed Coco every 2nd year... I said I would be breeding her every 2nd SEASON... as in once every 14 months.  Coco has a 7 month 'cycle' so IF I breed from her again it will be next OCTOBER... and that means she will have not been pregnant or nursing pups for almost 12 months, and any new pups would be born in 2015.

ABOVE:  sorry Bex!  It's a crap photo of you, but it's the first time I've managed to get a photo of Dante standing on his own!  He's gunna be walking so soon!  

ABOVE:  looking out the window at Granddad ... crying cos he wants to be with him.  Poor kid has it bad for his Granddad.

Stew is home for 3 whole weeks... plenty of time for them to spend some lovely times together.

Lacy and Keera are coming over this afternoon, so that they are here on Christmas morning with us.  How lovely is that! 

Puppy A is leaving us late, late tonight... but that's fine with us as we will be up until Mike and Joyce get here from Palmerston North.  We don't expect them before midnight.  I hope they have a safe trip... I can't wait to see them.

Today:  last minute stuff to get/do.
Make the dessert for tomorrow (Ambrosia), wrap the last minute gifts, vacum the house, get the spare bedroom ready for Mike & Joyce, bla bla bla.

I'm sure nearly everyone is going to be busy today!

Have fun.... take care on the road, and be safe.


JANINE:  I use one of the biggest pots of yogurt you can buy... usually  a Berry flavour.  I add whipped cream, drained fruit salad, and marshmallows, stir it all together and put in fridge.  Just before serving I add mini meringues on the top and a crushed chocolate flake.  You can add whatever you like basically!  I love Brandy Snaps, so they get shoved on the top too!

I went down to the local mall to get a few last minute things... OMG it's madness out there!  What was I thinking?
I'm home after being out for over 3 hours, and incredibly hot and CRABBY!
Time to go downstairs and just chill out for a while I think.


He is such a happy little boy.

Guess what?   I'm starting to feel really sad... verging on tears.  Our last puppy is going in about 5 hours.  And our son Mike is due here not long after Puppy A leaves... so I'm not sure if my mood is down to the puppy leaving home,  or my son coming home.  Weird.

Feeling exhausted too.  Sleeping on the floor is not exactly fun.  *smiles*  I might just have a little power nap after dinner so I'm feeling a bit better later on.

It's 10 pm.  Not long now until little Jasper leaves us.  I hope he has a wonderful life with his family... and what a lovely Christmas present he will be!  I can't imagine anything more lovely to wake up to.  I hope he doesn't cry all night and make Stephanie wonder what the hell she was thinking when she bought him!

Jasper has gone... and I just LOVED the two big male members of his family who picked him up!
Really nice blokes... they had a laugh at me and my over protective speach!  lol  AND Niki laughed when I handed him Puppy's blanket!  He asked me if I was gunna cry?  Cheeky shit, I think I slapped him!  WHOOPS.

I felt really happy handing over our little man to them.  I feel 100% positive he is going to love his forever family.

End of Day:  I thought  I would be in tears but I'm not.  I'm just so pleased that he's going with such fun people.   ALL our puppies have gone to lovely, lovely families.
Time to sit and wait for Mike & Joyce now.
nite nite


  1. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great one!

  2. I am making Ambrosia for the first time after having seen it on your blog. Was going to go with a simple, berry/marshmallow combintation.......any hints or recipe would be appreciated.

  3. Beautiful photos of Jasper, poor Grandad lol poor Dante MY Samuel he followed Grandad everywhere too and cried too we miss Grandad very much he passed away 18/8/2003 his birthday is 28th Dec, we find this time of year well I do) very hard!!! Hmmmm your Ambrosia gaws now I want some....

  4. Have a lovely family Christmas We have our Spanish family with us so it will be lovely.
    Happy healthy 2014

  5. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Aww bye Jasper Hope you have a long and happy life with you forever family MaryH

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  7. I just made Ambrosia too. Been so busy lately, battling shops and supermarket but if its not done now then tough. Grandbabies will be happy. We are having our xmas day on boxing day. I don't mind because I get the kids for the whole day and not just a couple of hours when they have to go and see the other grandies.

    Glad you are happy, and enjoy tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas chick. Have a wonderful day. xxx

    Lotsa love to you and your family.

  8. Gahhhhh... breed her every other week if the vet says it's ok. Whose pet is it, anyway?? :/

    I saw your video on youtube and I just love it. I know you are making many families happy this Christmas. :)

  9. Ah I can imagine that seeing the puppies leave to their new homes is quite bitter sweet for you. At least you know that you gave them a very happy and healthy start on their lives and have sent them to loving homes.

    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family. I am sure you will have so much fun watching the kids and grandkids open their presents tomorrow and I hope there are a few nice gifts for you too.


  10. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Goodbye Jasper you were my fav, because i love the name lol.

    Merry christmas to you Chris and your beautiful family near and far.

  11. all the little video is so cute!


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