Thursday, December 12, 2013


As promised, here are a 'few' photos of the pups darling little faces, and a few extra thrown in for luck:

ABOVE:  Paisley checking out her Travelling Case.  She and the other puppies can play in it from now on... that way it's not unfamiliar to Paisley when she flies down to Wellington next week!  
So, there ya go... lots to look at.

Telecom?  Well I got a phone call yesterday from Telecom, suggesting I might like to change my homeline/Broadband Plan.
Seems the Plan we are on is from the Ark, and we could be saving money by switching to one of their current Plans.
So... after checking it out on the computer, I'm going down to Telecom, at the local Mall, to see what's on offer.
From what we could see, we can save about $40 a month.  Not a lot, but every bit helps I suppose.  
On my way home I shall be stopping at our local Hospice Shop to see what's new in. Once I get home, Bex is going out to have a look in the local Hospice Shop too.

REALLY? !!!  I went down to the Telecom Shop in the mall... and asked them to show me what plans were the best for our Broadband/Landline, and said I would change over to the best plan right now.

The bloke said I COULDN'T change our plan in the shop, I had to go home and do it online or by phone.
WTF???   I'm standing in a Telecom Shop, and they won't do it there? 
I was totally gobsmacked to be honest.

Needless to say, I came home and did it online.  Still fuming that I went down there for NOTHING.  Arseholes.  Why didn't the b***h tell me that when she was talking to me yesterday?  Grrrr.

At the Hospice shop I found a darling little handpainted plate and a necklace for me.

ABOVE:  there is the pretty little plate, and the necklace.  I love both of them.  

I'm now off to wash me hair ... cos Stew and I are out tonight for his work Christmas Dinner.
I'm taking the train into the city to meet up with Stew this afternoon.

ABOVE:  the kid playing outside under the shade... and talking with the puppies too.
We have 'puppy side' and 'kid side' lawns at the moment.  Works for us.

Time.... for lunch.

So.  I'm racing around like a blue-arsed fly... trying to get me hair done (f**k it's a mess), face on, clothes on... ready to dash out the door with Griffin for his Dr's appointment, then drop him home, catch a bus to the train station, catch said train... and me phone rings.

IT'S ANNE from Australia.  Reminding me that Griffin's Dr's appointment is TODAY.  Ha aha ha!!!  I remembered Anne!

Now I am actually going out the door...

Our night out started very well... I got to the train station and tried to buy a ticket from the ticket machine, but it kept spitting me money back at me!  So I got on the train and asked the Conductor to sell me a ticket. 

And he said he couldn't as Conductors don't do that anymore!  So, my trip was free!  I felt a bit weird not paying, the the Conductor told me not to worry as it happens ALL THE TIME!!!  The ticket machines run out of change frequently, and once they can't give change, they give you your money back!
NOVEL idea that is.

Anyway, moving on.  I met up with Stew and we went down to Mission Bay to meet up with his work cronies.

Dinner was lovely.  So was the dessert.  So was the company.
But... it was too hot.  And too noisy.  I could hardly hear what everyone was saying.  I dislike that about noisy places.  I sit there smiling and nodding my head... and gawd knows if I should actually be saying 'No!'.  *shaking me head*
But I fake it... and hope no one notices that I actually can't hear them at all!

We left relatively early, bearing in mind everyone had work the next day.  I was exhausted coming out of the restaurant... maybe just from the heat inside, and the rich food.  I know as I sit here right now my tummy is churning.

And strangely, I didn't actually eat a huge amount at all.  And no alcohol either.  I'm a cheap date!

End of Day: it has been a lovely day in all.  Looking forward to tomorrow, when I might just get up, see the kids off to work, then go back to bed for a sleep in! (that's another novel idea!)
nite nite


  1. Hi Chris , anyone who buys your home grown ,home bred puppies are very lucky people . What better than to look at your blog and see them grow from bundles of fluff to family orientated lovable .
    I posted you crochet samples 2 weeks ago , I hope they are not lost , if you don't receive them I will send again.

  2. All those puppy photos are gorgeous just gorgegous, love the necklace people and phone selling they shit me off at the best of times........

  3. Write & complain to Telecom and ask to be compensated for your time water going into the store. You never know they might give you a bit of a credit on our account.

    I am going to miss the puppy pics.

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Beautiful pictures of Paisley with her little tongue hanging out and her fluffy bum. Yep I would be emailing the contact centre telling them what happened They should have gone online in the shop and helped you there. Mary H

  5. Oh the puppies are perfect-sized right now. Just adorable!! I like your idea of puppy and kid sides to the lawn. I am guessing eagle eyes are out there so no puppies disappear all the way to... well I guess for you it would be the North Pole. :)

  6. Have an awesome night out.

  7. OMG Paisley is a cutie.. what a big tongue. Have fun tonight.

  8. I know what you mean about noisy places, I struggle to hear when there is heaps of background noise or lots of people talking at once. Add excess heat & I am like you & just want out. Hope the food was nice :-)

  9. Waiting on your FRIDAY post, from a Thursday-er.

  10. Arg I hate when I can't hear like that. It's so frustrating but always happens to me in places like that too.

  11. Lovely necklace, brings out the colour of your eyes... Gonna miss those puppy pics when they leave you!


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