Thursday, September 28, 2023


 For the past 9 weeks our son Steve has been totally off all his medications for his Pancolitis and Crohn's Disease.

His health has declined considerably as a consequence.

He did this because he was being considered for a Global Clinical Trial of a new drug, specifically for his type of conditions.

He's had several tests over the past few weeks, to determine his current state, without being on any medication:   (bloods, chest x-rays, colonoscopy, inflammation levels etc).

Yesterday he finally went to the hospital and was given the first two injections of the new drug.

IF he is on the new drug!  He could also be on a PLACEBO.  Remember, this is a Clinical Trial. They need some of the people on the trial to take the Placebo!

I hope like hell Steve isn't one of them.

IF he is, and his health declines further, they will automatically put him on the new drug.

So... it's a wait and see game now.  BIG fingers crossed he is on the new drug, and he improves hugely over the next few weeks.  I will update on him as time passes.

Back to today.  I'm getting on our treadmill for 35 minutes this morning, and the cross trainer for 5-10 minutes.  Then I will be straight into the sewing room to finish off the latest Reindeer Runner.

At some point during the day I am going to the supermarket to get a couple of things to tide us over for a week or so.  Just meat, fruit, wraps and so on.

OH and I might even visit Bower Bird (fabric shop) to get some more threads.  I looked at what they had at Spotlight yesterday,  and they didn't have what I needed there.  Hopefully Bower Bird does.

10.48 am:  And it's been a very slow start today.  I have done some housework, got myself presentable and had 'brunch'. 
I woke up hungry, which isn't normal for me.
So anyway, I listened to me belly and had my wrap for brunch instead of lunch.

ABOVE:  The weather is bloody awful.  Yet the sun is shining right now.  I say now, cos it won't last.
There's so much water on top of the pool cover I'm having to syphon it off every couple of days.  It's wonderful seeing our maple tree with leaves again, it gives us some privacy again.
The trees we planted last summer are growing well and should fill the other gaps soon.

I'm now pondering if I go out now, or later on this afternoon?

Well I went out.  To Spotlight, Bower Bird, David's Emporium and Sewing Machine World.
Two and a half hours later, and I have the threads I needed, plus one tiny piece of fabric for Reindeer muzzles.   
I couldn't find any fabric for the Reindeer's legs and arms, so will be going to Ribbon Rose on Saturday ... they are bound to have what I need.

ABOVE:  Three different shops, three differing types of threads.  $235 later.  This is the hidden cost of sewing using the applique technique, you use a lot of threads.  I bet the average person doesn't even give a thought to the cost of threads!

ABOVE:  I had a very proud moment or two parking today!  I never usually even attempt Parallel parking, cos I really, really suck at it.  But I thought, well the gap is BIG.... so I did it.
And it worked!  I didn't make a boo boo at all.
YES it's a little car/big gap, but normally I'd not even try.  I'd drive miles to find an easy spot to park rather than attempt it.   I think that's like the second time in 5 years I've parallel parked.
I need a medal.  

Right  ...  I'm home and ready to finally start sewing for the day.   And it's 1.40 pm.
Something tells me I will be sewing into the evening tonight.

ABOVE:  4.19 pm, and there you have number 16 Reindeer Runner.  And phew, I'm about ready for a break.
I think I'll not start number 17 today.
I might just be a lazy tart and do nothing else all day!
Stew is due home soon, and he will be off to the pub.  I'm almost tempted to join him.....

BUT I didn't.  I dropped Stew at the pub and spent a couple of hours visiting Steve and Bex, until Stew wanted to be picked up.

We are now home and yeah, not gunna be doing much now.  Bedtime in 3 hours.  TV till then.

Just over 3 weeks to go.  I really am missing some things now.  Worst when I see someone eating a takeaway... or I drive past a Subway.  *sniff*
This challenge has been easy some days, and hard on others.
I wonder if I'll ever do it again?



  1. Good luck to Steve, I hope he is on the drug & it helps immensely 😊

  2. Praying for Steve that he is on the actual drugs and that the drugs help and heal him.

  3. Good luck little bro, i really really hope things health wise improve for you xx

  4. I'm wishing Steve the best and hope that he is indeed on the new drug... and hopefully it works for him.

  5. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I wonder if small, regular meals would be a better option for you?

  6. Wishing all the best for Steve. I know it is hard for you seeing him go through so much.

  7. All the very best to Steve, hope this trial helps his health problems.
    And yay to the parallel parking effort today 👍

  8. Here’s hoping for the medication and a vast improvement for Steve and Bex.

  9. Good luck to Steve. Keep strong on your challenge.

  10. Hope Steve is on the drug and his health improves because of it. Good for you girl, avoiding all the temptations. Love the runner. We have showers today.

  11. Yes thread, needles, fabric etc. Cuts into your profit big time!

  12. Hope Steve is getting the drug ... he's got have been miserable while he was off everything. I try to avoid parallel parking too, as my depth perception has never been very good. Good on you for getting it done!

  13. Subway? That would be my LAST takeaways pick. Mainly because I can make a sandwich at home. I like McDonalds and TacoBell and other naughtier foods that I don;t tend to make at home. But.... I DO like their meatball sub.
    Sorry for the lack of comments lately - I was traveling.
    I'm intrigued by Steve's Medical trial. Is it a 50/50 chance? I hope he gets success, like you said, his health is already declining - I don't suppose he wants it to get WORSE !


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