Sunday, September 24, 2023


 Today Stew and I are going out to Mystery Creek (an event centre outside Hamilton), to look at caravans and motor homes.  And other stuff that's being sold out there.

My friend Susan D has a stall out there, she sells Stop Pain, a topical medication for pain relief.  Along with a few other things.

It's not like a craft fair though.  In fact, I'm not sure what will be out there aside from the caravans and motor homes.

We will find out.

I've never been to an event at Mystery Creek in all the years I've lived in the Waikato. So, it's about time I did.

ABOVE: With any luck, the weather will hold and it will be a pleasant day.

Stew has suggested we visit the Pirongia Market before we go to Mystery Creek.

We decided not to do the Pirongia Market as the stall fee is just too expensive!  It is VERY popular, but still.  I'm happy with the markets we do attend at stall holders.

We are going to make a day of it... pack us a lovely picnic lunch, take drinks and just enjoy our day.

Daylight Saving starts today.  So we end up getting up an hour earlier.   I hate Daylight Saving.  Stew reckons 'they' should just put it an hour forward and then LEAVE IT there.  

HOW do YOU feel about Daylight Saving?

ABOVE:  I thought that was really funny.

10.56 am.  We just 'did the Pirongia Market. There's actually two on here today. The regular monthly market, and the big Annual Market.

ABOVE: I found a little heart  for our bedroom wall. That was all that caught my eye.

ABOVE: Apparently it isn't as busy as it usually  is. Still plenty of people though.

We are now off to Mystery Creek. 

ABOVE:  The very first person we run into at the Caravan show was Robyn  C, and her Cockatiel Ollie.  Robyn was selling Pottery caravans, and bits 'n' bobs.  She primarily fund raises for HUHA 
NZ, an animal shelter, and Ollie is her trusty side kick.

Robyn C was the lady who instigated the FBG group in Cambridge.

ABOVE: This was the proto-type for a very new, very funky caravan.  It was AMAZING!  

ABOVE: If we were ever to purchase a caravan, it would be a ROCKWELL.  They are just awesome, I love them.

On our way home from Mystery Creek, we stopped in at Trade Depot to look at their baths.

ABOVE:  I found just the right bath there, and for half the price of the ones in the Bathroom shops in town!
This one is IT, and should be in my house after Christmas.
Can't wait!

ABOVE:  We were not tempted to buy anything at the Caravan show, except this chutney.  It's bloody delicious, and the only 'food' we tried while there.
We had our chicken and cheese buns for lunch, as a picnic.  LOL, standing at the back of our car, in the paddock at Mystery Creek.  That's still a 'picnic' isn't it?  😂😅😊

I am very happy with how our little outing went.  We were out for about 5 hours all up.  Now it's time to relax for a little while, then I might get back in the sewing room and do some more work on that Reindeer runner before dinner.

6 pm:  We just had an impromptu mini family gathering.  Griffin and Tarsh were on their way home from Auckland, and stopped in. 
Brylee and Dom,  and Steve, Bex and the boys came over to say 'Hi' to them while they were here.
Very unexpected to see Griffin and Tarsh!

Griffin just bought himself a new-to-him  ute.  A four door Ford...

ABOVE:  Griffin's new wheels.  Very nice, for a Ford!

ABOVE: Griffin was being a very typical brother, and annoying Brylee... so I grabbed his crotch...

ABOVE:  Hysterics ensued!  Poor boy, he was shocked to the core.  *snort*  

And while they were all here, it was so fun!  Then boom... they all left again.  And Stew and I are back to sitting together in the family room, watching the telly!

Time to think about some dinner I do believe.

Dinner was chicken and chutney!  OMG that chutney is even better than my usual favourite, Whitlocks Caramelised Onion.
I will certainly be buying more of that, as soon as I find a retailer here in Hamilton that sells it.
It looks like there are a few, thank goodness.

And now, it's time to say, catch ya tomorrow.

And happy to say not ONE thing tempted me at the markets or the Caravan show.  And let me assure you, there was food EVERYWHERE.


  1. HATE setting the clocks back. We don't change our clocks until November 5th. I wonder why there is a 6 weekish difference. Being dark, snowy, icy, and 30 below zero at 4:30 in the afternoon totally sucks.

    1. Remind me to never visit you over winter! I'd die in that cold!!!

  2. Those motorhome/caravan shows are dangerous... we ended up buying one!! We love it though, best decision we ever made :)

  3. Nice caravan wow a busy few days with your outings I like that bath funky….

  4. I'm glad us here in Western Australia don't have daylight saving...hate it!! We voted a adamant NO to it.

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I’ve lost track of the bath tub/hot tub plans - ?

    1. We are getting a bath in the house first, then later on a spa pool.

  6. I hope you put the chutney on the sandwiches! The bath is cool. The trailer with the big loop dee loop is awesome!

  7. Hooray. Someone else who hates daylight savings. With a passion. We go forward next weekend.

  8. Anonymous7:56 PM

    That caravan is amazing - looks like something from a sci fi show!! Our clocks go back an hour in a few weeks....makes me feel gloomy just thinking about it. Won't be long then before it's getting dark by 4.30pm :(
    Tracy,Cornwall, Uk

  9. Kiwionholidays10:27 PM

    Last try for today fab post again today Chris

  10. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Love those caravans and I even got my other half to read about them on your blog.Bit too expensive for us when I converted the prices to pound sterling.We have a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz caravan and just love it.You can also lift up the beds as they are on gas struts and store stuff underneath.I hate daylight saving time as I suffer with SAD and it upsets my sleep patterns.Here in the UK the clocks go forward by one hour at the end of March and back and hour at the end of October.Wendy in the UK.

  11. You are goofy! Glad you had a fun family day! Good to see the Kiddos again, even though they aren't exactly kiddos anymore!


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