Saturday, September 23, 2023

# 12 DONE

 Late last night I finished Mr R on a Roof:

ABOVE:  I think he's rather lovely.  I enjoyed doing him, maybe not the 25 lights!

This morning Stew is out giving a talk to The Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Association - Waikato.

There will be interpreters, so they can follow what he is saying.   He will be out for at least 2 - 3 hours.

So while he's out I will lay out the next Reindeer Runner.

Once he is home we might go for a walk, not sure yet as the weather is a bit iffy, with a 100% chance of rain according to the weather forecast.

We will be going out to The Base later on as well.... I am getting a jump on some Christmas Shopping.  WHOOP WHOOP!

ABOVE:  In other news, Steve 'n' Bex got a new to them car.  Their previous vehicle was written off after it got hit by another car a while ago.

Bex is going to really enjoy getting in and out of this one!  She's been using Steve's big work van for the past few weeks. Not easy to get in and out of while pregnant. 

The new car is a Mazda Premacy, so has 7 seats, handy for when they have the new baby, and a couple of grandparents in the back.  😋😊😉

Things go in threes right?
So today I ended up going up to the hospital for the third time in less than a week.
No panic... it was just a pick up and deliver home again.  Family.... I'm the taxi!

Once home, Stew took off for his work.
And I came into the sewing room to do what I'd planned to do.

ABOVE:  I'm quite happy with myself, getting his lower legs looking 'right'.  lol
I'm already thinking of my next one.... but for now, I've got heaps of stitching to get done.
Maybe a bit later, as it's lunchtime and I want a break.

Lunch today was left over lasagne and cheese scones I made to go with it.  
After lunch Stew and I went to The Base and did some shopping.
While there we ran into Sharon from Taupo, and her son Samuel.  They were in town to do some birthday shopping.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMUEL!

ABOVE: So funny, Sharon said she recognised my stripey top before me!  It was so neat to run into you both, have an awesome day.

Home again, and Stew's gone to do the weekend grocery grab and I am going to just relax for a while.

RELAX = Nana Nap!  For about two hours in fact.
Very nice it was too.

After me nap I went and did some more sewing.
It's now 6.14 pm, and I'm done for the day.

Time to wind down, and enjoy the evening with me darling.


Today was the first time we were at a mall in AGES.  Walking past the food court, which was packed to the gunnels with people... and I had no desire to buy or eat anything there.  NOT ONE THING APPEALED TO ME.  Quite a novel feeling.


  1. Those reindeer are so cute ... wish I lived close enough, as I'd buy those and some wonky houses. Very nice car ... we love having seats for 7 in our suv.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Another happy runner that will fly off the shelf!! I Love the new vehicle, it is very stylish. Ky Girl

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Clever woman you are 🙌 quiet day here me body is still in a sad state 😅 rain isn't far away FFS! Hope all is well with the family member GM 💙💙

  4. That reminds me..... Last year we saw Culture Club (you know Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamelion) - and our seats were in line with the sign language interpreter. Kind of fun seeing Boy George in Sign!

  5. Wow you're so clever ... i love that runner the best. Wow... he is tall!!

  6. I'm not a fan of food courts. Just been to Westport for a family funeral I'm shattered. Stay night with mum as she is also very tired and don't need her having fall or asthma attack etc.


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