Sunday, February 05, 2023


 Yesterday a dear friend of mine from Cambridge recommended we try a local Indian Restaurant, which is literally a 5 minute drive away from our home.

I was sceptical that any other Indian Restaurant could be as good as the one we frequent in Cambridge.

I was WRONG!

ABOVE:  Royale Indian at Davies Corner.... amazing!

Their food was delicious.

ABOVE:  We shared a meat platter for an Entree, then Stew had Chicken Tikka Masala, which he loved.  And I  had the Butter Chicken, which was just as good as the Cambridge Restaurant's.

I was very surprised that it was so good!

I couldn't finish my butter chicken, so Stew came to the rescue and had quite a bit of mine.

We ended up bringing some food home.  Lunch is sorted.  😋😊

Now we don't have to travel over to Cambridge for a lovely Indian meal any more.  

Again, Thank You Christine for suggesting it.

Side story, when we arrived at the restaurant,  a very drunk man came into the restaurant and proceeded to sit down with a small group of people near us.

He was not very nice, and kept asking them inappropriate questions, then he grabbed the man's beer off their table!  Just as quickly, the man grabbed it back.  That lead to the drunk man getting a bit more offensive.

The staff in the restaurant tried to persuade him to leave, but he wasn't having it.  So they rang the police.  Before the police arrived, the drunk guy up and left.  He knew that police had been called.

Entertainment as well as good food!

ABOVE: The last of our peaches.  And they are so delicious.  Nothing like store bought ones, ours were much tastier.

ABOVE:  How cute is our Marley?  Just adorable.

She often sleeps like that.  😂😉😊

We  have no firm plans for our day.  If it's stinkin hot we might just spend a lot of time in the pool.

A lazy day me thinks.

7 am:  and I was standing outside the medical centre, waiting to get in!
Extreme piddling event going on.... with pain!
First ever UTI in my life.
It's not nice.
There's blood, so can't be ignored.
I was the only person there, so was seen by the Doctor straight away.
I am now on antibiotics for a week.
Here's hoping they kick in fast, this need to pee every minute isn't fun.
Nor is the tummy ache or the BURN!   The BURN is probably the worst bit.

Now waiting for a chemist to open so I can get me pills.

Heading down to The Chemist Warehouse in 20 minutes.

DEE:  Even here in Hamilton you usually have to wait hours to see a Doctor without an appointment, or book to see your doctor and have to wait two weeks.  Stew is right now waiting 2 weeks to see our doctor for a check up!

KJ:  Yep.  I had 'warning signs' a few days ago but didn't realise that's what was about to happen!  NOW I know what it was all about. lol  But not funny.

I tried to have a nap after we got home from the chemist, but nope.  Just too early in the day for a nap.  Maybe I'll try again this afternoon.  Not had much sleep for the past three nights now.  Super, super tired.

4.08 pm:  And I'm having a good, productive day if nothing else!
I am sewing the details onto the Wonky Houses:

ABOVE: I'm now onto my 3rd one out of 5.
There's heaps more involved in these runners compared to the Kiwiana ones.
I ran outta black thread so had to nip down to Spotlight mid afternoon.
I'm thinking of stopping soon as I feel groggy.

Thankfully, the two pills I've already taken have started to kick in, me last piddle burnt a bit less.
The Dr didn't give me anything other than antibiotics.  Maybe I should have gotten some Ural too.... but too late now.  Things should be much better by tomorrow.

I still have to take a week's worth of medication, and I will cos fuck, I don't want that infection to come back again!   So, so awful.
I can't imagine having it often... ya poor buggers who do get UTI's often!

Bex just came around with some Ural for me.  So I had one, it's BLOODY YUK!  But if it helps, I will drink it.
Fingers crossed I actually get a decent sleep tonight.  The past three nights I've been up and down all night long piddling.  

Time to sign off ... we are just relaxing in front of the telly till bedtime now.


  1. I'm so happy you enjoyed your meal. It's always worrying when you suggest somewhere new that the person isn't going to like it! We get the meat platter too., sometimes we get that and a curry to share. But usually we get 2 curries and take some some back liike you did. We haven't had the entertainment show before that you had, glad that he left soon.
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you recover quickly. Those type of infections aren't nice.. Take care. C xx

  2. Oh you poor thing... sounds awful. I've never had one thank god. Meal looks soooo yummmy 👍

  3. It’s nice that you found a new restaurant that you like close to home- complete with free entertainment
    Bugger about the uti. The joys of living in a small town, on a weekend I would have to wait at A &E for hours Or during the week wait a couple of weeks to see my dr

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Geez Chris you've the full deal. They do hurt. I get UTIs but there is no pain now. A lot of older people don't get pain but you can tell by odour, disorientation, etc. I hope the drugs work quickly. I drink cranberry juice by the litter when I get one. Helps me. Hugs. Kj

  5. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi doesn't sound good...maybe get some Ural sachets as well , that stops the stinging...Peta

  6. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Oh boy, I hope they gave you the Azo (I think that is what it is called) to numb that area so it doesn't hurt any longer. Good luck with it all. XO Ky Girl

  7. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I have had many UTI’s. And horrible pain and bleeding with it. Haven’t had one for a few years now but always have a packet of antibiotics on hand and start taking them the minute I sense it coming on. The medication usually is very effective quickly. Good luck Chris. Marie, Melbourne

  8. Hugs. I hope the meds work quickly for you. Not fun.

  9. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a UTI pro! I get them rather frequently. The antibiotics start working FAST. It will probably be a LOT better by tonight (after 2 pills). My most memorable UTI was driving home from Canada to Minnesota. About 6 hours. Peeing every 15 minutes or so without warning! I piddled in nearly all of my clothes in mky luggage. I piddled down the hallways of gas sations because I couldn't make it. I piddled on the side of the road numerous times. I was terrified going through the border in case I peed on the border patrol folks! And imagine! I "think " i could have gone to a pharmacy there and got antibiotics without a doctor or prescription. Not the case in the USA so I never even concidered it. I got another UTI in Costa Rica - I was able to walk into a pharmacist there, no need for doctor. Thank goodness!

  10. Anonymous1:03 PM

    As someone who has never had a UTI before you certainly hit the jackpot! A little plain yoghurt down below to stop any side effects from the antibiotics, URAL for the acid (stinging). I keep Ural in and take it (with water) at the first signs of a UTI. Fortunately I have never had blood or pain but hate UTIs anyway. In older people (happened a couple of times with my Mum) they can cause neurological symptoms and be mistaken for early onset dementia (cleared up with intravenous antibiotics). I bet you won't wait to see how it progresses if you should get another one. Audrey

  11. Ouch. Hope the drugs kick in soon. They are not fun.

  12. Years ago I had constant cystitis (UTI). In the end I was put on a lose dose antibiotic to take every day. OMG, the pain of it I remember well. It's been years now since I've had it but just so you know you can walk into any pharmacy and get the antibiotics for it over the counter. You sign your name etc but because it is such an acute thing it's good you don't have to wait for a doctor's visit.

  13. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I takes 24 hours for antibiotics to kick in..but the Ural reduces the symptoms immediately ....Peta

  14. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Get some Ural from the chemist (no need for a prescription), and drink cranberry juice. UTI's are no fun!

  15. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Oh crikey Chris, glad you got yourself to the doctor! I have had quite a few UTIs and when I first got them in my mid 20s I didn't realise I had one that kept going for months, because I assumed it would settle down eventually. In reality, the symptoms should clear up completely, and if they don't you need to go back to the doctor and make sure you have the right antibiotics. In my 20s and again in my 30s I had a bad one that got into my kidneys, and I now have to be really vigilant as I have scarring on my left kidney caused by the kidney infection in my 20s (I ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics). They tell me now to go straight to doc/A&E with symptoms because the scarring increases my risk of permanent damage if it goes to my kidneys. Yuk. They make you feel so shit, but you don't even realise sometimes when you are running around getting stuff done! Good luck and be vigilant about your recovery! Hugs xxx

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Just realised my comment was anonymous - that was me, Penny!


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