Tuesday, February 07, 2023


As Monday was a public holiday, it's only a 4 day week for Stew and many others.

Then, it will be a while till the next public holidays (Easter).   So I'm thinking the next long weekend away for us should be in about 3 weeks.

Hmmm... trying to think of somewhere to go that we haven't been before.  AND somewhere that will be nice and interesting to visit.

Any ideas people?

Today I am heading back into the sewing room to sew Wonky House Runners.  

And really, that is about all I have on my agenda!

Well... apart from boring housework.  That never stops.  And the houseplants need watering... it's amazing I'm remembering to do that!

Have a nice day.

1.28 pm:  And as you can tell, I've been awol.... busy!

ABOVE:  And there we have 5 Wonky House 
Runners with the finer details stitched.

After I've had me lunch I will get back to them and iron, add backing fabrics and make binding to put on them.

And I'll possibly get them all done in a couple of days.
Yaaaa.... I'm over houses!  I have stitched around 22 freakin' houses.

I'm looking forward to the Cat runners next.

4.10 pm:  And... after lunch my batteries died.  I literally had no energy to do another damn thing.
So I just sat here in me lounge chair and did nothing.

Most unlike me when I'm in the middle of a project.  But I don't care.  I'm so tired I just need to rest.  
The piddle situation is similar to yesterday, still not 100% better.  But certainly better than Sunday.

I have Card Night in Cambridge tonight, so I'll just chill out here until I need to sort out a plate to take, then go once Stew gets home.
I'm picking Bex up on me way cos she's coming too.

9.42 pm: I'm home after attending Card Night in Cambridge.  We had an enjoyable evening, a few laughs.  Nice to be mixing with freinds.
Now, it's Coronation Street then bed.


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I love my wonky house runner. And I love the cat runners! xx Colleen

  2. Vickie3:52 PM

    Super cute!

  3. Anonymous4:07 PM

    I just love the material you are using for the sky. Especially with the quilting/zigzagging lines. Have you used this same material for the sky in the past? I forget. ;-) Ky Girl

  4. I've not used that fabric before. I seem to use all sorts every time I do them, they are never the same.

    1. Anonymous3:56 AM

      Thanks for the reply, that material makes for an awesome sky. Have a good day!


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