Wednesday, February 08, 2023


 After a long time considering it, and deciding NOT to do it, I've changed my mind.

ABOVE:  Can you guess what I'm going to do?  

I will be going out this morning to get some paint brushes and rollers.  I never seem to keep my brushes or rollers clean enough to use again.

Luckily new ones are not expensive.

I might not be doing much on that project today though, I still need to finish my runners first.

But at least I've made the decision to do the painting of.... ?

And I shall leave you to ponder that, while I go and get me supplies.  

Then come home and get on with the Runners.

1.30 pm:  Well again, I've been rather busy today.

I decided to put off going shopping for painting supplies until I can do several things while out.
Like grocery shop, and get more backing fabrics and black fabric for cats.
That might happen tomorrow.

ABOVE:  I won't make you wait!
I'm going to paint our kitchen cupboards white.  Right now they are a soft apricot/salmon pinky colour.
Once I'm finished they will be white.

ABOVE:  I've been sewing all day.  I have two Wonky House Runners completely finished.  I hope to get the other three done by the end of the day.

I'm trying to stay out of the kitchen, cos I am constantly thinking about FOOOOOOOOD.

Why, when you decide to work really hard on losing weight, all you can think about is bloody food?

ABOVE: And there you have it, 5 new Wonky House Runners.  They probably took 4 days, working on and off, and taking a couple of days 'off' to spend with Stew.  They are such a lot of work.  Glad I won't have to make any more for a while.

Now I can move on to Cat Runners, which are much easier.

It's now 3.15 pm.  Time to put me feet up and just relax for a little while.

And then... I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Put me feet up?  Yeah right.
I went right back into me sewing room and made a start on getting the backing fabrics ready for Cat Runners.
I have 7 backings done, and have drawn out the cats onto the Steam A Seam, ready to fuse onto the black fabric tomorrow.
I found some black fabric, but don't know if I'll have enough or not till tomorrow.

It's now 7 pm and I really am done for the day.

Stew is home.  My feet ARE up and I'm not moving again until I gotta pee, or go to bed!


  1. Painting the kitchen cupboards ?

  2. Anonymous7:44 AM

    A painting of a water scene? Sea, pond, creek? An anchor? You can tell where my brain is. Ha Ky Girl

  3. Ha are like the news. Stay tuned for the full story.

  4. I should remember this when they laid the flooring or carpet I can’t remember which you weren’t happy with something in that area BUT for the life of me I can’t remember

  5. Anonymous2:08 PM

    You have guts to paint your cabinets white. I know you will do a wonderful job because that is how you and your projects roll. I can't wait to see them all finished. It will look so pretty. Although, I really like the color they are now. Ky Girl

  6. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Sometimes I chew gum if I'm feeling very peckish

  7. Love the Wonky House runners.

  8. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Yes, I love the runners too, fabulous ! Peta

  9. Again incredibly talented Chris.


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