Monday, February 27, 2023


 I've shown you how well I'm doing with my weight loss for a while now.

But now I want to show you the other person in this house who's doing very well too...

ABOVE:  Stew has also been working hard to get healthier.

He started working on himself around October 2022, and has now lost 9 kilos.  He is feeling really good and is working towards losing another 6 or so kilos.  I am certain he will do it too.

I think I inspired him, well I hope I did.  😂😊😅

So today is weigh in day for me again.  I weigh in this evening.  If I stay the same I'll be damn happy.

I can honestly say I've not been as good as I could this past week, and certainly not yesterday.  I had several club sandwiches and two cakes.

Stupid?  Nope not really.  Sometimes you just have to have what you want, cos if ya don't, you will just blow it all the time.

It's not about denial, it's about knowing what you are doing, and being honest about it.

And then not looking backwards, but forwards.  Doing what you need to, to mitigate any damage.

I have done that.  And I will work harder this week.

I'm probably gunna go for a walk this morning, before the rain comes back.  Then do some housework before some sewing.

A 'normal' sorta day ...

12 noon:  And I did indeed go for a walk... around the Base shopping centre for 40 minutes.  It sure beats the boring streets on me own.

I re-joined The Fat Bottomed Girls walking group in Cambridge for another year.  Primarily to keep up with the social side of it, and not lose contact with all the lovely ladies I met there.  But to walk?  Nah, probably won't be doing much of that over there. 
For a start, I don't want to do early morning walks.  The day walks end up being too hot or rained off, and the evening walks are TOO DAMN FAST.  
So yeah, walking around my home streets is my choice now.

I've been doing housework since I got home from the Mall.  And now I'm gunna stop and have some lunch.  Just something light today, I don't want to bog myself down with a larger meal at lunchtime, bearing in mind I've got weigh in tonight.
I got on the scales here at home this morning.
Looks OK... might be a very small loss.

7.26 pm:  Pfffft!   I got a result I really wasn't expecting tonight.
DOWN 1.1 kgs.
I must be doing something right.

Now, cooking our dinner.  And looking forward to it as all I've had today is crackers, ham 'n' cheese.  I usually have that for dinner, not lunch.
I'm bloody hungry now.

It will be a quiet evening for us old farts. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Looking good Stew!

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I wondered if Stew was dropping pounds as well, glad to see he is. You all keep up the good work. Your body and knees etc will thank you for all of the sacrifices as you start aging. We must do what we can to keep ourselves upright and moving. Knees working properly and complete motion on our arms is a must. Ky Girl

  3. Well done. This is a lifelong thing so okay to eat what. you want on rare occasions.

  4. Well done on your loss Chris.

  5. Fantastic loss Chris

  6. Anonymous8:55 PM


  7. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Well done !!!! Anne Palmy

  8. Another grand result on the scales Chris

  9. Wow that’s fantastic mate you and Stew are both looking fabulous.

  10. Looking good Stew 👍
    Awesome weigh in Chris, well done 👏

  11. Great job on the weight loss for both of you. Wish I knew your secret, just looking at food makes me gain. Not as active as maybe I should be, that could be the problem.

  12. Well done Chris and Stew. Keep up the good work. Seems as though you are having one weird summer weather wise.


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