Wednesday, May 25, 2022


 I got a phone call (actually twice now) from HRV Hamilton... wanting to make an appointment to change the filters in our HRV system.

I'm like, why the hell would we get you people to do it?

Last time your technician came, he was half way up the stepladder carrying the new filter and dropped it on our concrete garage floor!  Then he proceeded to lug it into the ceiling, and just sit up there in our ceiling for over half an hour, with the new (damaged) filter, but didn't fit it!

He just sat there making the odd noise now and then, then he left!  And sent us the bill for fitting it... which was grossly exaggerated on time spent here too.

I asked Steve to go up into the ceiling shortly after to check on the filter, cos I watched the guy drop it on the floor, and he discovered the new filter just sitting in the ceiling.  Not installed in the HRV filtration box at all.

So we had to get them back and have another NEW one fitted.  I think the guy who tried to rip us off got fired.

But anyway.  WHY would we get them to do it now?

Nope.  Not gunna happen.

In other news.... remember being told to tie your shoe laces up before you trip over them as a kid?

Well fuck me days.... you CAN, and I DID.  Face planted straight into (luckily) the couch in me sewing room yesterday afternoon!

Never thought it could actually happen.  😂😅😆😖

Today I'm heading over to Cambridge to attend the funeral of my friend Anna.

I'm NOT looking forward to that at all.  Her death rocked me, losing someone so young and unexpectedly does that.  I've had time to think on it a lot, and I know there was nothing I could have done to change her course.  But it's still so very sad.

At least I will be among lots of friends for the funeral.

I will probably be back on here after I get home from Cambridge.

ABOVE:  keeping myself busy this morning.  I made that blue and white curtain for privacy.  It's not flash, but it will do.
The burgundy one already there is just too heavy and long to use daily.
And I plan on keeping the blue/white one closed all the time.
It's so good to be back in the studio, even though the garage was perfectly fine too.

ABOVE:  I made matching doilies for the bathrooms.... I just love how the family toilet net with flowery bottom came out.  And the blue/green one for our ensuite is darling too.

It is quite cool today.  I've tried on several options for today's funeral.  I thought I was going with some dress pants, a white t-shirt and a black long jacket.  But have changed my mind.
Now I'm wearing a black dress with colour all along the bottom, black leggings and the long black jacket.
It's nice to have options, but now I have too many!  Seriously tried on half me damn wardbrobe!

Right.  Back to pottering around the house.

I got a PM in the middle of the night from my sister in law.  Her dearest, closest friend in the entire world has been battling ovarian cancer which had spread throughout her body.  Khady just wanted me to know the end was near, and she was hoping to get Allie home from the hospital so she could die at home.

I'm at my friend Anna's funeral, and I get a message.  Allie just died.  

That was hard to take, while still holding it together at the funeral for Anna.

I left as soon as I decently could, I needed to come home and just sit a while. 
I will ring Khady soon and see if she needs anything.

Stew and I had not seen Allie in a long time, but considered her a good friend.  We spent some lovely weekends at her property at Bethells Beach when the kids were little.  
She was  a kind, loving and very talented woman.  Renown in New Zealand for her art.

She is a huge loss.

Well it's been a long, stressful day.  Lots of sadness.

And with that said, I'm off to bed soon.  I am so damn tired.

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  1. Steve can probably change the HRV filter himself, I believe a lot of people do buy generic filters & install them for a fraction of what HRV charge.


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